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Posted by: 0x13 Jan 22 2009, 08:16:31

Black Metal
Lyrical Theme(s):
Satan, Evil
Brazil (São Paulo, São Paulo)
Formed In:
Current line-up:
Lord Mephyr - Vocals (Templum, Vulturine, Cruor Cultum, Mythological Cold Towers)
Shammash - Guitar (Templum, Mythological Cold Towers, Guehenom, Nechrist (Bra))
Hamon - Drums (Mythological Cold Towers, Crux Caelifera, Vulturine, Templum, Miasthenia, Crucial, Gorghon, Pentacrostic, Cruor Cultum)
Former/Past Member(s):
Prosathanus - Guitar
Thorngreen - Bass (Templum, Berzabum)
Flagellum - Guitar (Pentacrostic, Mythological Cold Towers, Crucial, Crux Caelifera)
Akbal - Acoustic Guitar (Templum)
Gran Duke Ahriman - Vocals
Marquis Forneus - Bass
Vlad D' Hades - Guitar (Miasthenia, Crux Caelifera, Vulturine, As Vampiric Shades and Belial Winds, Denied Redemption, Skiltron N.V.101, Florestas Negras)
Daemon Bass (Vulturine, Pactum (Bra))

Spell Forest - Rehearsal [demo] - 1998

Official site:

Posted by: andrey010577 Aug 13 2011, 16:28:22

все ссылки на альбомах не рабочие включая 2009,может перезальет кто?

Posted by: voldemar13 Mar 31 2012, 14:25:38

А почему нет и ?

Posted by: thenecromancer Dec 29 2017, 21:05:50

To be added in the discography above, in the first post:

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