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Posted by: 0x13 Jul 27 2009, 21:15:20

Death Metal
Lyrical Theme(s):
Gore, Masochism, Darkness, Death, Sickness
United States of America (Philadelphia, Pennsylvania)
Formed In:
Current line-up:
Alex Bouks - Guitar (1988-1992, 1999-2002, 2004- (Incantation, Master)
Chris Gamble - Vocals, bass (1988-1993, 2004-) (Absu (US), Blood Storm, Ancient Rites)
Jim Roe - Drums (2007-) (Incantation, Morbid Sin, WOMB, Disciples of Mockery, Engorge (US), Speed Kill Hate, Mr. Grim)
VJS - Live guitar (2009-) (Kult ov Azazel, Crimson Moon, Demoncy, Incursus, Tenebrous)
Former/Past Member(s):
Kevin Brennan (R.I.P. suicide)
No One aka Jack Gannon (Deteriorate, Cemetery Earth, Zahgurim (US), T.O.M.B., Hazarax)
Craig Pillard ( Incantation, Nocturnal Crypt, Aggressive Intent, Carnage (US), Womb, Disciples of Mockery, Methadrone, Desecrator (US), Evoken)
Henry Piotrowski
John Litchko (Necrotion, Perverseraph, Symphony of Grief, Namtaru)
John Arcvicci (R.I.P. heroin overdose)
Spencer Murphy (Face First, Crucifier (US), Decieverion, Infernal Hatred, Sacrificial Blood)
John McEntee (2007-2009) (Incantation, Mortician (US), Funerus, Revenant (US))
Jay Lawrence
Gary Gahndi
Julian Lawrence
"Big" Mike
Craig Smilowski (Rellik, Immolation, Infernal Hatred, Violemosh, Terreign, Incantation)
Ken Masteller

Goreaphobia - Promo 1994 [demo] - 1994
Goreaphobia - Return Of The Shadowlands [single] - 2001

Official site:

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Posted by: DarkHorde Oct 10 2013, 02:33:43

All releases updated

Posted by: incensestick Oct 24 2013, 01:26:22

after 2 weeks the most of the links are dead....
Any chance to reup the 2 Eps + demo? Thank you in advance!

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