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Posted by: 0x13 Aug 18 2009, 08:35:00

Black/Death Metal
Lyrical Theme(s):
Greece (Athens, Attica)
Formed In:
Current line-up:
Archfiend DevilPig - Vocals, bass, drums (Necrovorous, Serpent Noir)
Herald Of Demonic Pestilence - Guitar, backing vocals
Abomination Virginborn (Anastasis Valtsanis) - Guitar (Nuclear Winter (Grc), Dead Congregation)
Christ Molestor - Bass (Wargoat)
Nuctemeron Bestial Ravisher of the Divine Harmony - Drums, backing vocals
Former/Past Member(s):
Session drums:
Warhead (...For I See Death In Their Eyes...) (Celestial Scream, Stellar Darkness, Wampyrinacht, Sun of Nothing, Stutthof, Gauntlet's Sword, Bullethole, Crucifiction (Grc), Chaosbaphomet, Perdition Temple, Legions of Antichrist, Naer Mataron, Angelcorpse)
Additional notes:
Contact - Embrace Of Thorns Warcult - Skopelou 9, 13561 AG - Anargiri - Athens - Hellas
Archfiend DevilPig runs Chantos of Atomic Genoicide mini-zine and Kill Yourself Productions.
See also Pyrifleyethon, Putrefied Genitalia.


Official site:

Posted by: 0x13 Jan 10 2010, 10:35:40

Embrace Of Thorns & Nocturnal Vomit - Abominable Ceremonial Torment [split] - 2009 by Дюймовочка

Posted by: GloomyDeath Nov 18 2010, 20:05:12

Added by Lovecraft

Posted by: Persian Gorgrinder Nov 21 2010, 06:02:08

Embrace Of Thorns - The Inevitable Twilight Of The Judeochristian Lie [demo] - 2004 by komhs

Posted by: satanath Jan 26 2012, 20:21:23

Embrace Of Thorns & Chaosbaphomet & Wargoat & Bethor - Feast Of The Diabolical [split] - 2011 by drbutcher

Posted by: nbhfy Jan 26 2012, 20:54:47

ЦИТАТА(satanath @ Jan 26 2012, 22:21:23) *
Embrace Of Thorns & Chaosbaphomet & Wargoat & Bethor - Feast Of The Diabolical [split] - 2011 by drbutcher

Очередное спасибо,мне трудно выражаться по русский,google всё хуже переводить. Очень скоростной куратор, в турции таких нету 6.gif

Posted by: satanist666 Jan 6 2015, 12:12:26

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by: dasein9

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by: necroscum

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