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Metal Area - Extreme Music Portal _ Lossless _ Chaos Magic - Desert Rose [ep] (2020)

Posted by: Necrokilldozer May 8 2020, 16:36:15

*Artist: Chaos Magic
*Album: Desert Rose [ep]
*Year: 2020
*Genre: Symphonic Metal
*Country: International
*Format: flac
*Size: 131MB

1. Desert Rose (Sting cover) 04:37
2. Accident of Birth (Bruce Dickinson cover) 04:49
3. Ashes to Ashes (Faith No More cover) 03:23
4. Ordinary World (Duran Duran cover) 05:08
Total playing time: 17:57

Extended info
Line - up:
Caterina Nix - Vocals (female) (Aghonya, Caterina Nix)
Carlos Hernández - Drums (Caterina Nix, ex-Inquisicion)
Nasson - Guitars, Vocals (additional), Piano, Keyboards, Bass (Nasson, Rising Angël, Caterina Nix, ex-Inferis, ex-Resilience)
Mario Torres - Guitars (Caterina Nix)

Zaher Zorgati - Vocals (track 1) (Myrath, ex-Pirania, ex-Introspection)
Mike Terrana - Drums (track 1) (Avalanch, Empire, Kreyson, Razorback, The Ferrymen, Vision Divine, Zillion, Roland Grapow, ex-Hanover, ex-Zillion, Beau Nasty, Taboo Voodoo, Terrana, ex-Artension, ex-Axel Rudi Pell, ex-Downhell, ex-Emir Hot, ex-Masterplan, ex-Not Fragile, ex-Rage, ex-Squealer, ex-Tarja, ex-Tony MacAlpine, ex-Yngwie Malmsteen, ex-Gamma Ray (live), ex-Iron Mask (live), ex-Damir Simic Shime, ex-John West, ex-Metalium, ex-Savage Circus, ex-Tony Hernando (live), ex-Hardline, ex-Mike Terrana)

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