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Metal Area - Extreme Music Portal _ Remarks And Suggestions _ Tor Web Browser and Metal Area

Posted by: Kamelot13Nightwish Jun 23 2015, 19:03:52

Why when I try to go to this site with Tor Web Browser, it says connection timed out? My internet connection is good, and there wasn't any red dots on my modem at that times of connecting to Metal Area. I've tried several times to connect to this site. Metal Area always comes up in Internet Explorer every time. Am I being blocked using Tor? Or is it just a bad web browser with some problems? Thanks.

Posted by: Vastich Jun 23 2015, 19:51:33

Use Internet Explorer and be happy smile1.gif
Honestly saying, I don't know Tor Web Browser as such

Posted by: CRUNCH Jun 23 2015, 21:17:35

Never use Internet Explorer. Use a normal browser. For anonymity install the plugin.

Posted by: Kub Jun 27 2015, 07:38:36

ЦИТАТА(Vastich @ 23rd June 2015 - 22:51:33) *
Use Internet Explorer and be happy

15.gif Лооол

Posted by: Arashi Jul 1 2015, 07:41:51

Tor is blocked here for antitroll reasons.

And tor not as anonymous as it seems . It's common security problem - people who administrate servers can track (if they want or if it's their work) all users using it and all traffic through it even it's a tor peer ;D

Posted by: nobody® Jul 1 2015, 08:17:05

I'm using Firefox at work. And there is Internet speed limit 1mbs per user. But I'm using IE for downloading from yadisk. It feels like local network with up to 30 mbs speed. Don't know why, but I am happy with that.

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