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Metal Area - Extreme Music Portal _ Requests _ Det Gamle Besatt - Inter Mundos (2017)

Posted by: kupiszcze Sep 14 2017, 14:03:14

Released in January this year and it's nowhere to be found..

Posted by: Grzechu Sep 15 2017, 16:09:36

Maybe because texts are in native language and the world loves f***ing Americanization
and hates anyone who does not succumb to it?

Anyway it was a great surprise for me smile1.gif
I've stopped tracking official and underground scene a long time ago,because everyone started to play the same.

I had some old favorite albums and that's all what I've listened to.
Thanks to you I discovered Det Gamle Besatt
and I'm in shock.
Fantastic vocals, Polish lyrics in old Roman Kostrzewski/Kat style 25.gif
I will buy Inter Mundos as soon as possible.

Of course I join to request for mp3.

Posted by: kupiszcze Oct 5 2017, 15:17:02

I am glad that I cold bring up to the Darkness this Light on the scene as my impressions are of what you mean by this.

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