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Nov 25 2017, 16:32:53 Perverted Dexterity - Spiritual Awakening (2017)
Mirror please?
Mar 27 2017, 00:17:03 Vlad Tepes - Black Legions Spirits [best of/compilation] (2004)
QUOTE(thenecromancer @ Mar 26 2017, 07:48:16) *
Good to know, thank you smile3.gif
By the way, is the stuff featured on this compilation already been released on other previous releases? No unreleased stuff here...am I right??

From taking a quick glance over the song titles there seem to be no exclusive tracks to this release. I could be mistaken though since it has been a while since I listened to Vlad Tepes. You can run the song titles in question through metal archives to see if they're in the discography.

The reason there could be unique tracks floating around is because at the time Noktu from Drakkar Productions was in possession of all the masters since Vlad Tepes members trusted him at the time but things went sour with other black legions bands too.

(1) thenecromancer,
Mar 26 2017, 01:19:18 Vlad Tepes - Black Legions Spirits [best of/compilation] (2004)
QUOTE(thenecromancer @ Mar 25 2017, 22:12:16) *
This is a bootleg/unofficial release, according to Discogs:

Oh, it's definitely a bootleg, no question about it.

Most of the CD bootlegs of Vlad Tepes were a collaboration of Drakkar Productions and Goatowarex.
(2) Borderline1991, thenecromancer,
Mar 24 2017, 22:34:02 Malicious Onslaught - Rebellious Mayhem (1992)
QUOTE(sperminator @ Sep 27 2011, 22:26:50) *
Нет там никакого «брутал дэз», скорее мешанина из трэша с дэтом и околоблэковыми нагромождениями, довольно бестолковая. «Услужить и вашим, и нашим», как говорится. Результат – не понравится, скорее всего, никому! 1488.gif

I went to school with these guys and knew them in the 80s and early 90s. The drummer was in my kindergarten class. I can explain why this album sounds like a mix of two styles. This album was released by JL America who took 4 songs from the "Thrashed Black" demo which was early Slayer inspired style thrash, and took 4 songs from the demo that came after that called "Rebellious Mayhem" which was more death metal influenced.

To be truthful, these guys (the two brothers) were never death metal fans. They were only thrash metal fans who came along too late after the thrash trend was over. They tried to switch to death metal to catch the next trend but failed. When they wrote the "Brutal Gore" album they borrowed a couple tapes from a friend which included the first Suffoction album, the second Carcass album and "Harmony Corruption" from Napalm Death and that was the blueprint for "Brutal Gore", plus a touch of their old thrash style. They were clueless when it came to death metal. Unisound Records also ripped them off with "Brutal Gore". The band members had to buy their own copies of the CD from Relapse Records distribution. The one brother committed suicide. It's a very long and unfortunate story.
(4) Fenrirsson, kim666, metala, troll_swamp,
Feb 8 2017, 00:56:48 Horde From The Woods - Thousand Soul Dance [demo] (1996)
Thanks for this great find! It's a little noisy but still very good.
(1) Skog1349,
Dec 31 2016, 16:57:06 Paradise Lost - Paradise Lost 1991.04.05, Paard Van Troje, Netherlands [bootleg] (1991)
"Gothic era"(their best era in my opinion) live show, perfect and great sound!
(1) AlexStorm,
Dec 15 2016, 03:43:13 Auramoth - Hadha' Yah Amon Quasahi Vampyre [demo] (1994)
Great find! Thanks for this one!
(3) Borderline1991, Evilded, Panacea,
Nov 21 2016, 16:20:05 Count Nosferatu - Das Schwarze Order [demo] (1996)
pray.gif First time this very rare demo is on the internet! GREAT work Borderline1991!!
(1) Borderline1991,
May 9 2016, 20:31:00 Enthroned Serpent - Ancient Witchcraft [demo] (2016)
QUOTE(komhs @ May 8 2016, 20:00:37) *

*Artist: Enthroned Serpent
*Album: Ancient Witchcraft [demo]
*Year: 2016
*Genre: Black Metal
*Country: Greece http://metalarea.org/forum/style_images/flags/Greece.png
*Format: mp3@CBR192kbps
*Size: 32MB

1. The Calm Before the Storm 01:39
2. Elixir of Existence 04:47
3. Condamned 04:23
4. The Channeling 07:03
5. Ghost 04:43
Total playing time: 22:35


The link is leading me to Decomposed Existence - Flesh Corrosion, not Enthroned Serpent.
(2) infiltrator, NachtWulf,
Apr 22 2015, 00:59:45 اكوان - آتش زاده [demo] (2015)

Here's an interview with this band who is working on a new EP these days.
(2) Aphotic, thenecromancer,
Apr 22 2015, 00:57:58 Akvan - Born Ov Fire [demo] (2015)
The band is currently working on a new EP. Here's an interview.

(1) NachtWulf,
Feb 19 2015, 23:08:45 Temple Of Katharsis - In The Beginning [demo] (2014) (1) CRUNCH,
Jul 24 2013, 19:58:15 Hodur - The Majesty [demo] (1995)
Thanks but decrytion key?
(2) infiltrator, tormoz,
May 25 2013, 18:46:47 Asgard - Cachtická Pani Hrabenka Bathory [demo] (1995)
anoyone??? pray.gif pray.gif pray.gif
(1) dermarsoran,
May 19 2013, 23:40:22 Asgard - Cachtická Pani Hrabenka Bathory [demo] (1995)
can anyone please re-up?
(1) dermarsoran,
Jan 3 2013, 02:35:57 Hordes Of The Lunar Eclipse - Solstice (2012)
This vocalist sounds like Lord Typhus of Typhus and Fog. I am almost positive of it.
(1) DarkHorde,
Jun 21 2011, 17:30:13 Derkéta - Goddess Of Death [best of/compilation] (2003)
many thanx...........
(1) June,

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