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История благодарностей участнику Oldskulthrasher ::: Спасибо сказали: 51 раз(а)
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May 3 2018, 18:59:09 Ghostblood - Honey, I Raised The Dead (2018)
Весело как! metaler.gif
(1) Samaritianin,
Dec 19 2016, 10:22:58 Azotador - Enganche Al Grinche [ep] (2016)
По ходу кактусами обожрались.
(1) Genuine Thrashiac,
Dec 15 2015, 15:34:04 Confrontation - Aggregat 4 (2015)
Примитифф и нудятина. Шибко на любителя.
(1) Metalass,
Aug 15 2015, 12:53:32 Ripper - Wasteland (2014)
А ниче так панк'н'ролл! Весело строгают
(1) slack,
May 1 2015, 10:23:04 Riptorn - Total Ripoff [ep] (2014)
(1) Genuine Thrashiac,
Apr 19 2015, 13:12:15 Metalepsia - Sindrome De Demencia (2014)
(1) Genuine Thrashiac,
Feb 18 2015, 13:35:11 The Conjuring - Reign In Terror [ep] (2013)
Slayer инфлоенс
(3) Genuine Thrashiac, HELLTRAIN, metalboll,
Feb 1 2015, 22:27:32 Fabulous Desaster - Chaos. Torture. Terror. Violence [demo] (2014)
(2) Genuine Thrashiac, wgs73,
Jan 27 2015, 17:08:24 Deathbreed - New World Order (2015)
Core... мимо эти новоделы....
(2) AHBAnep, andreikun,
Aug 24 2014, 14:02:43 Fuck N' Drink - Maniacs Of Rock N' Roll [demo] (2013)
(2) Leolomb, neoatheist,
Aug 24 2014, 12:07:47 Ripper - Raising The Corpse (2014)
Оч классный олдскул. Понравилось!
(2) troll_swamp, vosmidesijatye,
Jul 24 2014, 21:08:42 Rage Nucléaire - Black Storm Of Violence (2014)
The band is fronted by ex-Cryptopsy vocalist Lord Worm.
(1) gena,
May 17 2014, 17:42:18 P.T.O.M.A - Shit Into Existence (2014)
(1) Genuine Thrashiac,
May 14 2014, 16:35:48 Necrodeath - The 7 Deadly Sins (2014)
QUOTE(vosmidesijatye @ 14th May 2014 - 17:25:47) *
Это офуенно. Раньше не знал о них. Забираю.

Да как можно не знать... а еще со стажем типа smile1.gif gop_spb.gif Культовые итальянцы
(2) Evilded, w00t,
Dec 29 2013, 19:24:53 Minsk Security - Reign Of Iniquity (2011)

Download 2 albums for free smile3.gif
(2) avkruchinin, Genuine Thrashiac,
Nov 2 2013, 13:47:51 Axeslasher - Anthology Of Terror, Vol.1 [ep] (2013)
Аблога класс а вот музыка - модерн thrash/death. Не мое.
(1) 4ereppaha,
Aug 13 2013, 17:00:54 Immension - The Enemy Within [ep] (2013)
Конкретно мелодик модерн подкоренный.
(1) Genuine Thrashiac,
Jul 26 2013, 11:25:02 Gorguts - Colored Sands (2013)
Олдскула не ждите, кто любит настоящих старых Горгутов. Этот альбом для техно-дет-сладжеров-дрон-пост-металлеров. Я разочарован так как ждал материал под старину. 6.gif
(2) Alex5, infiltrator,
May 1 2013, 18:16:53 The Storyteller - Dark Legacy (2013)
QUOTE(zYkL0n @ Apr 27 2013, 21:44:23) *
yea the plotn08 group is becoming really annoying. they tag their releases as "all exclusive"... what a joke site. all they do is record spotify premium streams via sound card. as DDT noted, their releases look like real 320 but they're not. in fact they sound more like a webrip than a CD rip. the problem is, the average user doesn't know anything about quality, and the technical aspect of bitrates, encodings and the likes. all they see is 320 and they believe it's the real deal. the first rip appearing on the internet is usually the one kept. only very few people care to download the same album twice (or even more often in order to improve quality). that's why it's important to properly tag music uploads. and this goes out to GetMetal too. I just recently managed to shed light on their tagging mystery. 320 on GM means iTunes matched or iTunes purchased files transcoded to 320kbps mp3, while true CD rips are labeled as such. good job you cheap ass cheaters. but some sites just don't have the balls to inform their users that upload X or Y is only a web recording, source rip or webrip. like, "look we are the best. we have the new Metallica 2 months before the initial release date and in 320. we don't care if it's only a transcoded webrip. it's 320 so fuck it, we can put 320 and fool people. noone in the god damn universe needs an album 2 months before it hits stores but hey, we love to ruin the music scene" and I could go on and on.

what I'm trying to say is, stop ripping everything for the sole purpose of releasing. you want hits, clicks, page impressions and downloads for your site? then provide quality uploads! if you don't have the money to buy the music you like, no matter if it's physical or digital, then you cannot have it. simple as that. what happened to the good old days when VBR scene releases were the ne plus ultra. I hate to spend most of my time downloading from crappy hosts (lol @ 50kb/s from uploaded, rapidgator, cloudzer for an album of 100MB and more), then perform spectral analysis to find out it's just another webrip. I wouldn't went through all this if it was labeled as webrip in the first place. and most importantly, stop converting everything to 320kbps mp3. 320 isn't as superior as you sites make want people to believe it is. instead provide the original bitrate/file format. when your source is iTunes m4a then friggin upload those. I can teach a monkey to transcode m4a to mp3. you don't have to do it for me.

Totally agree. People with cheap piece of plastic speakers for 10$ or earpiece wont notice quality. For me the standard is VBR 0 and scene releases ony with true VBR. It's hellfucking annoying to download stuff twice then real scene release appears. I care about quality.I know about spectrograms and I worked with audio programs a lot.
99% of necroscum's releases are iTunes TRANSCODES. For preview it's OK and he's doing great job. BUT PLEASE TAG CORRECTLY - 320 TRANSCODE Sometimes he uploads re-tagged scene releases and removes real nfo file. Shame.
(2) Militia, Night,
Apr 16 2013, 14:49:45 My Funeral - Thrash Destruction (2013) (1) 4ereppaha,
Jan 29 2013, 14:09:52 Stonedirt - Inherited Fever (2012)

Free album download even in FLAC.


Ссылки следует скрывать тегом
(3) avkruchinin, jerrytodd, Tino,
Jan 24 2013, 17:59:54 Infant Death - Demo [demo] (2013)
(1) Genuine Thrashiac,
Dec 8 2012, 17:00:25 Symphony Of Gunfire - Symphony Of Gunfire (2011)
(1) Genuine Thrashiac,
Nov 19 2012, 19:19:30 Sofisticator - Camping The Vein (2012)
Запись не ахти или транскод/конверт. Шипение как при очень низких битрейтах (~96 kbps)
(1) Genuine Thrashiac,
Nov 19 2012, 16:06:07 Vicious Attack - Blade Of The Reaper [ep] (2009)
(1) Diflock,

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