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Aug 1 2020, 22:40:34 Новости Black-направления
"The Song ‘Ride the Final Tide’ shows a more aggressive side to the band and did not fit the album they are currently working on. Consider this a treat/threat while you wait for the upcoming fullenght. The 7"EP also includes a cover of Manes -‘Maanens Natt’, a band that always meant a lot for the local scene here, and who’s been close conspirators for over three decades."

(4) Daale, infiltrator, rimfrost, thenecromancer,
Aug 1 2020, 18:47:16 Новости Black-направления
QUOTE(babanguida @ Aug 1 2020, 12:53:01) *

They have released a new album recently. Bart is trying too hard to convince more hamsters with their crap. 1488.gif
(3) babanguida, biroutios, infiltrator,
Aug 1 2020, 15:38:23 Yxxan - Satanic Fortification Overbalance [demo] (2020)
QUOTE(biroutios @ Aug 1 2020, 15:25:08) *
Everything is becoming politically correct.

So true... Cultural marxism and political correctness are being pushed everywhere these days.

QUOTE(biroutios @ Aug 1 2020, 15:25:08) *
Even VK is now more politically correct than youtube. 1488.gif

Social media. 1488.gif

Not to mention Metal music. 21.gif
(1) biroutios,
Aug 1 2020, 14:01:49 Yxxan - Satanic Fortification Overbalance [demo] (2020)
QUOTE(El_Chibo @ Aug 1 2020, 13:19:20) *
LOL just download your free music and go on with your life...

Poor you. 1488.gif
I would like to see your reaction if the band was politically incorrect. smile3.gif
(1) babanguida,
Jul 31 2020, 22:25:45 Новости Black-направления
"Corridors inside a glacier" is taken from the upcoming album "Hadal, due for release on August 28th.

(3) Daale, infiltrator, sabr,
Jul 31 2020, 14:10:44 Yxxan - Satanic Fortification Overbalance [demo] (2020)
QUOTE(Mutilated @ Jul 30 2020, 22:56:08) *
On her facebook she compares right-wing voters to ISIS....
Aisté Skog is her name on FB. Most things are in Swedish though.

And as i mentioned earlier, the 4th track is just pure feminist propaganda. "Kärnfamilj" is the Swedish word for Mother/Father/Kid. The "standard" family.
Something extreme feminists fight against. The lyrics are about "nuking/destroying that kind of family".
I could explain it so much better in Swedish, but hopefully you understand.

Not here to start a political debate, just wanted to share who she is, thats all.

TLDR. I would never be able to support her work.

EDIT: I just checked what sites the "likes" on facebook.

Cultural Marxism
"The Left Party" (Swedish left/commie party)
Feminist initiative (Swedish feminist party)

Ok, i'm done now smile1.gif

Thanks for informing about it. bye.gif

I didn't expect such Black/Death Metal band from NWN! can be leftist, but unfortunately it's true. She openly supports cultural marxism on her Facebook.
Sweden is a marxist state, so it's a rare thing when people from there don't support leftist bullshit. 21.gif

There are many of those antifas in metal music these days...
(2) biroutios, Mutilated,
Jul 30 2020, 22:40:58 Imperial Triumphant - Alphaville (2020)
Good album, but not outstanding.
Probably will be forgotten soon. hmm.gif
(3) babanguida, biroutios, infiltrator,
Jul 30 2020, 19:58:43 Yxxan - Satanic Fortification Overbalance [demo] (2020)
QUOTE(Daale @ Jul 30 2020, 20:48:26) *
I disagree with this point of view. I'm for freedom of speech. No matter, left, right and etc. And I think that everyone deserves a tribune for their opinion.

Maybe you believe in democracy and freedom of speech, but on the other hand political correctness is a form of censorship and it's a weapon used by leftists...
Good point is that she doesn't mix her views with music. I didn't see her Facebook, so I can't confirm if it's true anyway.
(1) 909090,
Jul 30 2020, 16:17:02 Новости Black-направления
"Ostatnia Gwiazda" - track premiere off the 2020 second full length album "Morbus Animus"


(5) acerbus, Daale, garmonbozia, gena, infiltrator,
Jul 29 2020, 22:46:47 Deathspell Omega - The Synarchy Of Molten Bones (2016)
QUOTE(Razorbladeswaltz @ Aug 6 2017, 15:36:48) *
дикая хреновина...после стольких шедевров. жуть, мля.

No way!

Previous albums were masterpieces, indeed, but this one is excellent too.
Some of their releases need more time to appreciate them, but they are always worth it.
Deathspell Omega is one of the greatest bands ever! pray.gif
(1) babanguida,
Jul 29 2020, 22:35:42 Новости Black-направления (2) Daale, infiltrator,
Jul 26 2020, 20:58:10 Новости Black-направления
(2) infiltrator, Occultas,
Jul 26 2020, 17:23:53 Necrófago - Brutal Mutilation [compilation] (2011)
QUOTE(titorrante @ Jul 26 2020, 17:45:33) *
Link Death

(2) Borderline1991, thenecromancer,
Jul 26 2020, 17:19:54 Новости Folk/Pagan/Viking
QUOTE(babanguida @ Jul 26 2020, 13:28:05) *

Genghis Khan metal. 1488.gif
(1) babanguida,
Jul 25 2020, 15:25:32 Новости Black-направления
Goatpenis - Torrid Screaming Trumpet from new album Decapitation Philosophy.

releases December 21, 2020

(7) acerbus, babanguida, biroutios, infiltrator, Moonshtook, Occultas, thenecromancer,
Jul 25 2020, 10:48:26 Новости Black-направления
Novae Militiae - Elevated to Him from new album Topheth.

releases September 15, 2020

(2) babanguida, infiltrator,
Jul 23 2020, 20:57:14 Bedsore - Hypnagogic Hallucinations (2020)
QUOTE(babanguida @ Jul 23 2020, 20:40:53) *
Like 80% of 20buckspine releases. Bands supposed to have personnality and to be original, which is not wrong in a way but the stuff is most of the time not consistent and doesn't stand the test of time.
This label hooked a large metal hipsters community that is ready to throw them money for mediocre releases.
The power of Marketing. bye.gif

Hamsters always follow trendy and mediocre releases. Almost nothing has changed since 90s in this case. 1488.gif
But marketing is more powerful now and there are even more and more mediocre bands. 21.gif
(4) babanguida, Ghostb, infiltrator, vosmidesijatye,
Jul 23 2020, 20:35:58 Gaerea - Limbo (2020)
QUOTE(babanguida @ Jul 22 2020, 21:23:00) *
This may be good, but it's clearly overrated.

Maybe. It starts good, but then become a bit boring. Mediocre release...
(1) babanguida,
Jul 23 2020, 19:48:34 Revenge - Strike.Smother.Dehumanize (2020)
QUOTE(vosmidesijatye @ Jul 19 2020, 23:27:44) *
Though I don't like their music the only fact of existence of this brutal stuff make me glad. They prove that metal in its initial primevil form is definitely not for melohamsters 15.gif

Yeah, Revenge lacks nice melodies. 15.gif Hamsters dislike War Metal for this reason. It's not a nice melo music. 25.gif
You should like them. bye.gif One of the greatest bands.
(1) vosmidesijatye,
Jul 22 2020, 19:54:03 Новости Black-направления
QUOTE(vosmidesijatye @ Jul 21 2020, 23:46:03) *
Mate there's a special topic for BM views only Интервью in case you didn't know.

Thanks, but this topic is almost dead. Here is much better. And interviews are news directly from the bands. bye.gif

QUOTE(vosmidesijatye @ Jul 22 2020, 20:41:08) *
It's a mystery for me why hamsters still worship this. 1488.gif

This overhyped shit is still trendy. 1488.gif
(2) babanguida, infiltrator,
Jul 21 2020, 22:17:51 Новости Black-направления (2) infiltrator, NOMIDIMON,
Jul 21 2020, 19:49:23 Vothana - Biệt Động Quân/Commando (2020)
Uninteresting band. First album was a bit better though...
Just raw, lo-fi Black Metal. There are thousands of similar bands and many of them are better than Vothana.
(1) babanguida,
Jul 21 2020, 19:41:29 Новости Black-направления
QUOTE(Daale @ Jul 21 2020, 11:43:29) *
Просто напомню, что новый релиз Armagedda хорош 1488.gif

Oчень хорошо. bye.gif

Old Isengard too. Waiting for the new album. 9.gif
(2) Daale, infiltrator,
Jul 20 2020, 21:40:19 Новости Black-направления
QUOTE(Фо @ Jul 20 2020, 22:30:53) *
У мене до тебе є питання - а кажи мене, шановний пане, а як ви розумиєте таки слова, як мотлохи та кердик? 13.gif

I don't know what кердик is, but it doesn't matter if I understand the context of your story.
Translator doesn't work very well. 1488.gif
(3) infiltrator, Paatddal, Фо,
Jul 20 2020, 21:07:58 Новости Black-направления
QUOTE(Фо @ Jul 20 2020, 21:59:35) *
В бытность, в годах так в начале двухтысячных, один мой знакомый держал, типа, рок-магазин.
И время от времени, раз в пол-года, вероятно, наведовалсь к нему тётка.
Эта женщина выглядела именно, как обыкновенная такая совковая тётка.
Но, у неё с собой был какой то ворох торб, в которых содержалось масса кассет со всевозможнейшим андеграундным блеком того времени.
Где то часть из этих мотлохов у меня сохранилась, но, боюсь, им уже кердык, но отмечу, что там была масса музыки, гораздо более интересной по настроению, хотя бы, чем это унылое гoвно.
Надо к тёще съездить, завалы кассет разгрести как то. А то она ещё церкви начнёт вдруг палить, а ей нельзя - она уже старенькая.

Your stories are always very interesting and cool. 27.gif
(2) babanguida, infiltrator,

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