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Yesterday, 16:52:47 Blaze Of Perdition - The Harrowing Of Hearts (2020)
QUOTE(Der_Hexer @ Feb 20 2020, 15:57:54) *
Blaze Of Perdition всегда были музыкой коммерческого разлива и особой ценности для поклонников Блэк Метала не представляли. На этом же альбоме они еще и очень "смягчились". Короче очередная отметка по скатыванию в мэйнстрим-продукт для тинейджеров и великовозрастных детей пройден

Blaze of Perdition became famous just with the previous album ''Conscious Darkness'' and then unfortunately signed to mainstream Metal Blade Records. 22.gif I agree that they softened. Their early releases such as split with Pseudogod, first two albums and split with Devathorn were great and underground. Maybe they weren't very original, but kinda unique anyway. Even ''Near Death Revelations'' which is a good album was softer than ''Towards the Blaze of Perdition'' and ''The Hierophant'', so I prefer their early orthodox/religious Black Metal period. But you are right that teenagers who are into Metal Blade or Nuclear Blast bands need soft music. 1488.gif
(1) Der_Hexer,
Feb 19 2020, 21:51:19 Grifteskymfning - Svart Materia (2020)
QUOTE(Sacrim @ Feb 19 2020, 18:59:20) *
Не, там музню делает Swartadauþuz (Azelisassath, Bekëth Nexëhmü, Demonomantic, Digerdöden, Gnipahålan, Greve, Musmahhu, Muvitium, Mystik, Summum, Trolldom, Urkaos) и ещё пара типов!

Not Swartadauþuz, but Sir N. (Acerbitas, Draug, Grav, Hädanfärd, Helgedom, Reverorum ib Malacht, Svartrit, Vanskapt, ex-Kaos Sacramentum, ex-Ektoplasma, ex-Dödfödd). Certainly they both release many things.
(2) infiltrator, pestpogrom,
Feb 18 2020, 23:01:33 Новости Black-направления
QUOTE(babanguida @ Feb 18 2020, 22:27:22) *
Best news of the year.

Abhomine, Blasphamagoatachrist, Revenge and even Witches Hammer. This year belongs to War Metal! 9.gif
(2) babanguida, biroutios,
Feb 17 2020, 23:10:07 Today Needed (1) thenecromancer,
Feb 17 2020, 22:43:10 Hate - Auric Gates Of Veles (2019)
QUOTE(babanguida @ Feb 17 2020, 20:38:38) *
Uninteresting and flat.

This band is far from excellence. Just mediocre. Some early releases were good though.
(1) babanguida,
Feb 17 2020, 22:41:23 Новости Black-направления
(4) babanguida, Daale, DarkHorde, infiltrator,
Feb 16 2020, 18:10:16 Kreator - London Apocalypticon - Live At The Roundhouse [live] (2020)
QUOTE(babanguida @ Feb 16 2020, 18:05:25) *
London can breathe, this band is dead since at least a good couple of decades.

Since ''Coma of Souls'' at least. Three decades this year.
(3) babanguida, biroutios, infiltrator,
Feb 15 2020, 22:54:52 Annihilator - Ballistic, Sadistic (2020)
Подборка альбомов вышедших в Январе 2020 года. Среди них: Sepultura, Rage, Annihilator, Apocalyptica и др.

(1) babanguida,
Feb 14 2020, 22:39:11 Blaze Of Perdition - The Harrowing Of Hearts (2020)
I was waiting for this album and can't say it's a disappointment. When Blaze of Perdition signed to Metal Blade Records it was a big surprise, but also uncertainty about their direction in music. But ''The Harrowing of Hearts'' sounds like a continuation of ''Conscious Darkness'', that means Black Metal heavily influenced by Occult and Gothic Rock, but even more ''progressive'' than previous album. There were some changes in their lineup before this album, so their music had to change a bit. New members whio joined Blaze of Perdition: M.R. and DQ come from more avantgarde bands like In Twilight's Embrace and Mord'A'Stigmata, so I'm sure it had an impact on the music of the band. Generally speaking it's a good album, but not my favourite.
(2) ANGELUSARCHDAEMON1979, babanguida,
Feb 14 2020, 14:37:35 Ozzy Osbourne - Ordinary Man (2020)
QUOTE(biroutios @ Feb 14 2020, 14:20:11) *
Nothing really old school in this.

Many old musicians and bands are usually far from what they were recording in their best days.
(1) babanguida,
Feb 12 2020, 22:40:25 Новости Thrash Metal направления
Official lyric video for "Night Of The Witch" from TESTAMENT's "Titans Of Creation," out on April 3rd, 2020 via Nuclear Blast

(2) Emm Human, Samaritianin,
Feb 11 2020, 22:05:48 Dakhma - Hamkar Atonement (2018)
It's interesting to hear Zoroastrians playing Black/Death Metal and praising Zoroastrian rituals, especially those connected with death. Great album in the vein of Teitanblood and Vassafor. 9.gif
(1) babanguida,
Feb 8 2020, 18:25:29 Svart Crown - Wolves Among The Ashes (2020)
Too bad they have changed their style and became too polite with their sound here... There are a few good moments, but in general it's forgettable album.
(2) babanguida, biroutios,
Feb 8 2020, 16:08:04 Новости Death Metal направления
All new single "Bride Of Satan" by Vulcano. Taken from their upcoming new album Eye In Hell to be released on Mighty Music in March 2020.

(4) babanguida, Bzth, infiltrator, troll_swamp,
Feb 7 2020, 21:41:39 Misþyrming - Algleymi (2019)
QUOTE(babanguida @ Feb 7 2020, 20:28:08) *
A bit boring and under the rest of Noevdia for sure in terms of quality. Not a top.

In case of Misþyrming you can't expect the brutality of Teitanblood, Antaeus or Katharsis. It's still very high quality Black Metal, but maybe Misþyrming doesn't fit in NoEvDia that much. This band seems to not be into Satanism, but it's for sure one of the leading bands from Iceland. A different band, but still interesting.
(1) biroutios,
Feb 6 2020, 22:16:52 Death Worship - End Times [ep] (2019)
New albums of Blasphamagoatachrist and Revenge are really great news this year. It's always very intersting to read an interview with Ryan Förster and any other person connected with Satanic Skinheads. 9.gif
Ross Bay Cult Eternal! true_black.gif
(1) LazarShadow,
Feb 5 2020, 22:33:09 Sapientia - Through The First Sphere Of Saturnus (2012)
Interesting band. Very good. 9.gif
(1) babanguida,
Feb 3 2020, 14:42:29 Dawn Ray'd - Behold Sedition Plainsong (2019)
QUOTE(Borderline1991 @ Feb 2 2020, 12:55:46) *
Do not insult a band that isn't insulting you.
If their attitudes insult you, move on to listen to something that suits you. Grow up.
This band would have good reasons to make jokes about limited elitists, the big computer satanists. But they aren't doing that. Instead, they are doing what they love, respect and are passionate about. Just like grown men should.
And by the way, this last November they held a concert here in Zagreb, I went and saw them live. They kicked ass. It was a powerful live show with so much energy and honesty and attitude. More hate and frustration inside their music than in half of those corpse painted puppies who call themselves black metal.
Because it's honesty and not propaganda.
I will always rather worship a band who does what they are passionate about, doesn't get much from it all but still does it from the soul, than bands which get everything and more from this, but are just devil's victims who don't even understand what they yell about and just do it for the "fame", girls and money. For the ego. As if big ego ever helped an intelligent being.

There is no insultiing here. But yeah, nowadays we must be very careful, because it's so easy to hurt almost everyone. 1488.gif
Call limited elitists a joke. Maybe sometimes they are, but aren't most of them more passionate about Black Metal than anarchist puppets touring here and there? Not only underground bands are passionate about this music. There are well-known bands as well, but some of them are even called ''Nazis'' by the same branch of anarchists. Isn't it iridiculous and even more pathetic when Antifa butthurts lead to cancel gigs of some even well-known bands? Soviet censorship at it best.
(1) biroutios,
Feb 1 2020, 23:25:45 Tudor - 1553-1991 [best of/compilation] (2005)
Czech bands are usually a bit funny. At least some of them. It's the same with Tudor, but it's a very good band which could be a classic if they only got attention like their compatriots from Master's Hammer and Root. Pentagrams, Antichrist, Exorcisms, Death in Black/Thrash way in Czech language. For maniacs only. 20.gif
(1) Rodin,
Feb 1 2020, 23:13:21 Dawn Ray'd - Behold Sedition Plainsong (2019)
''Anarchist Black Metal'' 1488.gif
(2) babanguida, biroutios,
Feb 1 2020, 22:51:32 Katharsis - Kruzifixxion (2003)
QUOTE(FullofHate @ Nov 21 2018, 21:15:47) *
В некотором роде более бесчеловечный, ибо противоестественен человеческой природе. Без обид, но ты вот, например, найдешь себе бабу и продолжишь человеческий род парой очаровательных детишек. А он нет. Настоящий antihuman-antilife и вся такая петрушка.


Katharsis was an outstanding band. Always reminding about early Darkthrone while being one of the best bands signed to NoEvDia. This album is great and they've got even better with ''VVorldVVithoutEnd'' and ''Fourth Reich''. Unfortunately Drakh became a total idiot, so Katharsis isn't active anymore. 21.gif
(1) Rodin,
Feb 1 2020, 20:18:44 Новости Black-направления
from the album "Wrath Of Wraths", out on March 27th.

(2) babanguida, Occultas,
Jan 31 2020, 11:45:36 Sepultura - Quadra (2020)
QUOTE(babanguida @ Jan 30 2020, 19:57:53) *
To me Arise was their last very good album.

After 1991 it's totally uninteresting band.
(3) babanguida, infiltrator, mardak666,
Jan 28 2020, 20:04:35 Today Needed
Carcass - Flesh Ripping Sonic Torment [demo] (1987) <--- reuploaded by thenecromancer (thanks!)
Carcass - Symphonies Of Sickness [demo] (1988) <--- reuploaded by thenecromancer (thanks!)
Carcass - The Peel Sessions [ep] (1989) <--- reuploaded by Borderline1991 (thanks!)
Adem - Time Of Madness (1988) <--- reuploaded by Borderline1991 (thanks!)
Adem - Golgotha (1989) <--- reuploaded by Borderline1991 (thanks!)
(1) thenecromancer,
Jan 28 2020, 16:05:17 Новости Black-направления
(6) babanguida, Beazth, Daale, Infidel, infiltrator, Occultas,

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