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Yesterday, 18:14:02 Новости Black-направления
After their first lash from the devil's tail that came out of nowhere, DUIVEL is now releasing their first full-blown attack upon this world. An audial vomit orchestra, straight from the mouth of Satan, "Tirades uit de Hel" brings you hateful black metal from the days of yore. Prepare to be scorched by purgatory fires and trampled by sulphuric hooves! There is no saviour, only demise! Pure uncompromising black metal hell from The Netherlands, this is a fresh nail in God's coffin. Oh, rejoice, vermin of the shadows!


(3) acerbus, Occultas, thenecromancer,
Apr 3 2020, 22:37:26 Новости Black-направления
Yxxan - Satanic Fortification Overbalance

Behind this Swedish bestial War Metal band there is a woman called Morbid Aggressor. 25.gif

(1) thenecromancer,
Apr 3 2020, 21:52:30 Новости Black-направления
QUOTE(babanguida @ Apr 3 2020, 22:48:08) *
чудесный 1488.gif

Once they were better when they were playing pure Black Metal. smile3.gif

But here is something more brutal bye.gif

(3) babanguida, biroutios, suseka,
Apr 3 2020, 21:45:58 Новости Black-направления
(3) Lux, thenecromancer, yuratroll,
Apr 2 2020, 21:08:54 Новости Black-направления
A new project of Paul Waggener. Black/Speed Metal Lord Furious:

(2) babanguida, thenecromancer,
Apr 2 2020, 21:02:48 Blood Incantation - Hidden History Of The Human Race (2019)
Just another Technical Death Metal band. Interesting concept, but nothing special. Good, but overrated at the same time.
(1) babanguida,
Apr 2 2020, 19:20:14 Новости Black-направления
QUOTE(babanguida @ Apr 2 2020, 19:49:46) *
Thank you, seen it. This is post BM now... 21.gif

Try some Black/Death here then. smile3.gif

Taken from "Under the Deathsign" full-length.

(1) babanguida,
Apr 1 2020, 22:45:37 Новости Black-направления
Taken from "Poison of Being" full-length.

(1) Occultas,
Mar 31 2020, 19:06:26 Новости Folk/Pagan/Viking
Another track from upcoming split album Perunwit/Kraina Ziemi

(1) biroutios,
Mar 29 2020, 21:32:18 Новости Death Metal направления
Taken from "Putridarium" full-length.

(1) Leshiy666,
Mar 29 2020, 14:22:36 Liar Of Golgotha - The Seventh Winter [ep] (1994)
QUOTE(Mauriciosatan @ Mar 29 2020, 15:16:50) *
Reup please

The link posted by frostdomain is still active. smile3.gif
(1) Mauriciosatan,
Mar 29 2020, 09:40:37 Новости Folk/Pagan/Viking
After many years of silence we come back!
"Tragna Sward" is a promo single for the upcoming album "Roots" - a split by Perunwit and Kraina Ziemi, released by Werewolf Promotion


(1) biroutios,
Mar 28 2020, 22:38:07 Beyond - Fatal Power Of Death (2013)
Fantastic! Very aggressive massacre and amazing riffs. One of the very best Death Metal albums ever recorded. 9.gif 9.gif 9.gif
(2) babanguida, Leshiy666,
Mar 28 2020, 20:33:15 Новости Death Metal направления
Taken from "Let The Earth Tremble" full-length.

(2) THROWER666, troll_swamp,
Mar 28 2020, 19:18:10 Kreator - 666 - World Divided [single] (2020)
QUOTE(babanguida @ Mar 28 2020, 15:21:34) *
To me bands like Warbringer and Revocation for instance are not better.

Not pure Thrash, but Nifelheim, Gehennah, Vomitor, Witchmaster are better. Some may call them ''retro-Thrash''. bye.gif
Bloodthirst is good. From bigger just Thrash Metal bands there are Exumer and Destruction isn't as bad as Kreator.
(2) babanguida, infiltrator,
Mar 28 2020, 12:13:34 Kreator - 666 - World Divided [single] (2020)
QUOTE(babanguida @ Mar 28 2020, 11:16:51) *
A very long time ago yes. And it's only getting worse and worse...

Yes, these are symptoms of being a famous band. Unfortunately most of old and big Thrash Metal bands became worse long time ago.
(1) babanguida,
Mar 28 2020, 10:16:54 Kreator - 666 - World Divided [single] (2020)
Kreator... 21.gif Once Kreator was a great band... 21.gif But it was long time ago...
(3) babanguida, infiltrator, Shadowman,
Mar 27 2020, 21:53:49 Stargazer - A Merging To The Boundless (2014)
Sounds very original. Great band! 9.gif
(1) babanguida,
Mar 27 2020, 00:00:27 Новости Black-направления
From Finland comes a brand new alliance who creates their musical Black Art under the name of BYTHOS! Bythos has made a pact with the infamous Terratur Possessions and will bring forth their debut album bearing the title "The Womb of Zero" to be released 24.04.2020.

Musically Bythos combines cold melodies and versatile riffs, creating rich and numinous landscapes which encounters powerful and vicious liturgies. The music supports the lyrical theme of the songs well, and the moods range from oppressive despair to ecstatic praise of the Dark Gods. The theme of the album is an interdimentional view of the underworld and its deities, emphasising strongly on the spiritual evolution to liberate the imprisoned powers, and make one with the outer Darkness. The resetting of the Divine plans through Destruction and rise above limitations of Life. Beauty in Destruction, Destruction in Beauty. A sonic interpretation of what once was and our constant path of Devolution towards the Luciferian dawn.

Bythos is:
M.S. Vocals (Behexen Official)
M.L. Guitars/Bass (Behexen Official)
L.R. Drums (Horna Official)

(5) HviteGuden, infiltrator, Occultas, rimfrost, sabr,
Mar 26 2020, 20:01:44 Perdition Temple - Sacraments Of Descension (2020)
QUOTE(babanguida @ Mar 26 2020, 19:21:27) *
Wake up mate, this band exists for a while now. bye.gif
It's Gene Palubicki's project, so yes it can be related to Angelcorpse as he is Angelcorpse in a way.

That's right. The spirit of Angelcorpse is hearable here. Excellent! 9.gif
(2) babanguida, infiltrator,
Mar 25 2020, 23:48:32 Новости Black-направления
Interview with Michael Berberian (Season of Mist): http://www.bardomethodology.com/articles/2...mist-interview/
(3) babanguida, infiltrator, technoboy69,
Mar 25 2020, 23:38:26 Новости Heavy/Power металла
Interesting band for fans of Heavy/Stoner Metal and Hard Rock:

(1) Ingvar,
Mar 25 2020, 23:32:55 Новости Death Metal направления
'The Ancient Ritual of Death' release date - March 6th, 2020.

IRON BONEHEAD PRODUCTIONS is proud to present BEAST OF REVELATION's striking debut album, The Ancient Ritual of Death, on CD and vinyl LP formats.

Although a brand-new entity in name, BEAST OF REVELATION are a power-trio comprising a vast wealth of experience: drummer Bob Bagchus (HELLEHOND, Infidel Reich, ex-Asphyx, Grand Supreme Blood Court, Soulburn et. al.), guitarist/bassist A.J. van Drenth (Temple, Throne, ex-Beyond Belief), and Incantation's John McEntee on vocals. The band's first public recording, The Ancient Ritual of Death says everything it needs to in its title: this is crushingly heavy doom-death from the netherworld. A seemingly simple formula but one that takes a certain type of mastery to harness, BEAST OF REVELATION quickly proceed to s-l-o-w-l-y fucking CRUSH the listener with their merciless 'n' morbid doom metal devastation. Theirs is a patient pulse, and each wave of unremitting heaviness washes over the listener with a forlorn filth that's familiar yet utterly addicting all the same.

Naturally, references can be made to the members' past and present bands, but that's only because each of these BEASTs OF REVELATION have had such a significant hand in shaping the death metal underground the past 30-plus years. Here, at last joined in The Ancient Ritual of Death, shall we find the sweet succor of the grave. Likewise masterful cover artwork courtesy of Manuel Tinnemans only makes that embrace all the more doomed.

A.J. van Drenth - guitars, bass, backing vocals
John McEntee - vocals
Bob Bagchus - drums

- All music & lyrics: A.J. van Drenth
- Lyrics "The Ancient Ritual of Death": van Drenth/ McEntee
- Drums recorded at Tom Meijer Studio, Enschede
- Mix & mastering: J.B. van der Wal
- Cover artwork by Manuel Tinnemans/Comaworx
- Band logo by Roberto Toderico
- Guest leads: Eric Daniels, Robbie Woning


(4) babanguida, Leshiy666, Occultas, troll_swamp,
Mar 25 2020, 16:46:18 Dark Fury - Flooded Lands (2019)
This is the true and extreme underground. One of the best albums of Dark Fury and one of the best released in 2019. true_black.gif
(4) babanguida, infiltrator, thenecromancer, vosmidesijatye,
Mar 25 2020, 16:42:08 Новости Black-направления
Maxi single promoting the upcoming album "I, SHAMAN".

(2) infiltrator, yuratroll,

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