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Dec 23 2008, 10:00:20 Torture Division - Our Infernal Torture(III) [demo] (2008)
(8) bigdaddy, garretje, hammer, HMHamster, Indamage, ThrashGirl, vov7609, Wolftribes,
Nov 22 2008, 02:59:34 Horde Casket - Landscape Of Cadavers (2008)

*Artist: Horde Casket
*Album: Landscape Of Cadavers
*Year: 2008
*Genre: Brutal Death Metal
*Country: United States
*Format: mp3@CBR192kbps
*Size: 34MB

01.Cerebral Dissection
02.Back Country Meth Massacre
03.Grotesque Contents
04.Violent Domination
05.House Of The Repulsive Mortifying
06.Repository Necrotic Inception
07.Order Of The Tyrant
Total playing time: 24:00

(15) aa144aa, andreikun, Brutal, demether, fear13, Fetus_In_Fetu, garretje, infiltrator, Korsakov, Lanceatum, satanist666, sperminator, StabWound, staralex, Wolftribes,
Nov 20 2008, 07:24:38 Human Mincer - Degradation Paradox (2008) (9) andreikun, Disfigurator, garretje, infiltrator, KakoDaemon, METAzraeL, Rotten Goat, Sarcis, StabWound,
Nov 4 2008, 17:45:07 Leng Tch'e & Fuck The Facts - Split [split] (2008)

*Artist: Leng Tch'e & Fuck The Facts
*Album: Split [split]
*Year: 2008
*Genre: Grindcore | Death/Grind
*Country: Belgium | Canada
*Format: mp3@VBR209kbps
*Size: 34MB

01. Leng Tch'e - Misleading Innuendos ( 2:39)
02. Leng Tch'e - Redemption Meltdown ( 2:30)
03. Leng Tch'e - The Hand That Strangles ( 2:19)
04. Leng Tch'e - Black Holes ( 4:15)
05. Fuck The Facts - Like Yesterday ( 1:11)
06. Fuck The Facts - Self-Traitor ( 1:33)
07. Fuck The Facts - Everyone Is Robbing The Dead ( 2:00)
08. Fuck The Facts - Slave ( 1:07)
09. Fuck The Facts - Charlatan ( 1:39)
10. Fuck The Facts - My Failures (Just Like Yesterday) ( 2:57)
Total playing time: 22:10

[more=Extended info]Awesome split by two of the best grind bands around, Leng Tch'e from Belgium and Fuck The Facts from Canada. You can also buy this on limited color vinyl.[/more]

(16) Caliph Vathek, chill, DarkHolocaust, garretje, HMHamster, infernusgate, Korsakov, Lanceatum, lio2zero, Paul Zver, Representer, satanist666, Thasis, Wolfera, zarthost, Нигилист,
Nov 3 2008, 23:22:45 Necropsy & Eskaton & Paranoia & Faeces & Unborn Suffer - 5 Way Split [split] (2008)
(4) garretje, satanist666, StabWound, Wolftribes,
Nov 2 2008, 16:53:46 Intestinal Disgorge - Sociopath (2008) (3) garretje, Metalazo, StabWound,
Oct 30 2008, 18:57:25 Desecration - Forensix (2008)

*Artist: Desecration
*Album: Forensix
*Year: 2008
*Genre: Death Metal
*Country: United Kingdom
*Format: mp3@CBR320kbps
*Size: 67MB

1. The Committal
2. Cremains
3. Formaldehigh
4. Overdose
5. Silent Beneath Science
6. Dissecting the Departed
7. Deep Freeze
8. Sadosexual Suicide
9. Aim, Fire, Kill
10. Bonesaw
11. Heatsplit
Total playing time: 29:32

(24) aa144aa, Agressor, Andrew, anvic, asphyx5, Deada, garretje, HMHamster, igore2911, Leofink, MaelstromxXx, MarcoMR, marduk76, Metalazo, MMMMM, SnaP, StabWound, terricide, thate_topa, toxic_revenger, varlam4, Vladimir, vov7609, Луч,
Oct 20 2008, 17:32:09 Dead Infection - Corpses Of The Universe [ep] (2008)

*Artist: Dead Infection
*Album: Corpses Of The Universe [ep]
*Year: 2008
*Genre: Goregrind
*Country: Poland
*Format: mp3@VBR295kbps
*Size: 42MB

1. Alpinist
2. Saponification
3. Brain Hero
4. Attractive But Deformed
5. Corpses of The Universe
6. Too Scratched
7. Peritonitis
8. Burglary
Total playing time: 19:31

[more=Extended info]All brand new material from Poland's cult kings of goregrind madness![/more]

(21) Brutal, deathtroll, Doooomed, garretje, GLEN BENTON, Graf Grishnak, GROBOMASTER, HMHamster, Johnix, Leofink, MarcoMR, maxx, mizantrophist, SevIron, sludgemastic, SnaP, spazm, sperminator, StabWound, varlam4, wgs73,
Oct 18 2008, 17:27:39 Human Filleted - Packaged Human Meat (2005)

*Artist: Human Filleted
*Album: Packaged Human Meat
*Year: 2005
*Genre: Death Metal
*Country: United States
*Format: mp3@CBR320kbps
*Size: 59MB

01. Spontaneous Internal Combustion 04:28
02. Partial Decapitation 04:16
03. Headless 03:59
04. Remembering How She Bled 04:29
05. The Horrors 04:03
06. Intestinal Regurgitation 03:57
Total playing time: 25:12

[more=Extended info]Ultra Sick Brutal Death Metal from the USA. This is their very rare never
before released 2005 recording.[/more]

(7) andreikun, Doooomed, Fetus_In_Fetu, Metalazo, Rotten_Corpse, satanist666, Vladimir,
Oct 18 2008, 17:19:33 Archaeon - Vanitas [ep] (2008)

*Artist: Archaeon
*Album: Vanitas [ep]
*Year: 2008
*Genre: Death Metal
*Country: United States
*Format: mp3@CBR320kbps
*Size: 45MB

01. Memento Mori... 02:38
02. Amaranthine Fugue 03:46
03. Esurient Fount (The Risen Nephilim) 06:07
04. Insidious Reign 05:49
Total playing time: 18:20

[more=Extended info]Debut CD of this Brutal Tech. Death Metal from the USA. For fans of
Goratory, Terminally Your Aborted Ghost, Dysentery....[/more]

(7) garretje, HMHamster, Metalazo, satanist666, skepticist, sperminator, terricide,
Oct 17 2008, 16:43:46 His Name In Vain - All Must End (2007)

*Artist: His Name In Vain
*Album: All Must End
*Year: 2007
*Genre: Death Metal
*Country: United States
*Format: mp3@CBR320kbps
*Size: 130MB

1. The Human Herd
2. Driven Insane
3. Defeat and Defile
4. Unraveling Allegiance
5. Chant Thy Hatred
6. Slain by Darkness
7. Of Disgust and Hate
8. Avatar of Sin
9. The Peace of Extinction
Total playing time: 55:28

(6) anvic, beast666, MarcoMR, Metalazo, SnaP, Vladimir,
Oct 13 2008, 15:40:53 Hybrid Viscery - Regression (2008)

*Artist: Hybrid Viscery
*Album: Regression
*Year: 2008
*Genre: Brutal Death Metal/Grindcore
*Country: Belgium
*Format: mp3@CBR320kbps
*Size: 49MB

1. Hono, Respect & Fistfucking
2. Titen Monster
3. Hoomicide
4. Crash Burns
5. White Chicks Black Dicks
6. God Has A Name: Triplet
7. Gerontophily
8. Grinding Hardcore Attack
9. Old Anal Dejection
10. Pussyburger
11. We Are The Redneck Grinder
12. Blast Academy
13. Speculum Killer
14. Grid (Grid cover)
15. Regression
16. Mc Gillis King Of Bastard
17. Narcotic
18. Bachelor Party Massacre
19. Manufacturing Of...
Total playing time: 17:05

(15) aa144aa, andreikun, BRUTAL06, Cephalic, garretje, HMHamster, infiltrator, Korsakov, Leofink, Leolomb, Metalazo, satanist666, StabWound, theAleXX, Луч,
Oct 11 2008, 14:04:17 Toxic Holocaust & Bludwulf - Speed N' Spikes Vol. I [split] (2008) (3) HMHamster, rol416, Wolftribes,
Oct 8 2008, 10:37:23 Panic Disorder - Choir Of Horror [ep] (2008)

*Artist: Panic Disorder
*Album: Choir Of Horror [ep]
*Year: 2008
*Genre: Brutal Death
*Country: Indonesia
*Format: mp3@CBR300kbps
*Size: 38MB

01. Choir Of Horror 04:53
02. Doktrin Penghancur 04:23
03. Hancurkan Sang Matahari 04:30
04. Disciple (Slayer Cover) 03:35
Total playing time: 17:21

[more=Extended info]Brand new 2008 MCD of Sick Brutal Death Metal from Indonesia influenced
by bands like Cannibal Corpse, Suffocation, Morbid Angel,Dying Fetus but
also apreciate bands like Dream Theater,Pantera,Black Sabbath,Napalm
Death,Slayer and more...[/more]

(8) Banderas_spb, Brutal, garretje, infiltrator, Korsakov, onward, sperminator, StabWound,
Sep 29 2008, 17:45:41 Apocalyptic Visions - Leave None Living (2008)

*Artist: Apocalyptic Visions
*Album: Leave None Living
*Year: 2008
*Genre: Death Metal
*Country: United States
*Format: mp3@CBR246kbps
*Size: 94MB

1. Leave None Living 05:19
2. All Shall Fall 04:02
3. Move and Appear 04:16
4. Destruction Ritual 04:24
5. Warship 02:54
6. Abyssal Plains 01:12
7. Eight Arms 02:23
8. Enemy 00:59
9. Extinction Level Event 00:52
10. Erase the Earth 01:02
11. Tearing Heaven Out of the Sky 06:18
12. Magnificent Descent to the Infernal Chambers of Hell 01:21
13. Ceratathoa Imbricita 03:46
14. Tambores De Guerra 04:04
15. Parasite Rex 03:37
16. I Want You Dead 02:49
17. Funeral Furnace 03:02
Total playing time: 52:20

[more=Extended info]Though the track-listing on the back of the album lists only seventeen tracks,
there are in fact nineteen.
The eighteenth is pure silence while the nineteenth is somewhat of a "hidden
track". It is an untitled orchestral piece composed entirely by War (Sam Cuadra)
in the scale of Hungarian Minor, a musical scale rarely used outside of Eastern

Produced by Apocalyptic Visions
Recorded by Mike Froedge at Open Sky Studio
Mixed by Jeff Tomei at Cock Of The Walk
Mastered by Mark Dannells
Artwork by Sammi Shredd[/more]

(24) andreikun, anvic, aorta2, Brutal, C7X, Deroth, Doomed, garretje, Guns, HA7tur, hammer, hondoh666, Korsakov, KVRT, MarcoMR, Maria, MMMMM, Paul Zver, skepticist, SnaP, UliseXDeath, Vincent, wanderer73, zhol,
Sep 27 2008, 16:57:52 Daemusinem - Diabolical Carnage (2008)

*Artist: Daemusinem
*Album: Diabolical Carnage
*Year: 2008
*Genre: Death Metal
*Country: Italy
*Format: mp3@CBR320kbps
*Size: 79MB

01. Judgement 03:54
02. Final Mass Suicide 04:08
03. Diabolical Carnage 02:38
04. The Trial Of Christ 03:35
05. Evolution 04:22
06. Satan Strikes Again 03:21
07. Deep Red 03:51
08. Inquisition 03:39
09. Dark Sanctuary 04:01
Total playing time: 33:29

[more=Extended info]Artist Daemusinem
Album Diabolical Carnage
Label Vrykoblast
Year 2008
Style Death Metal
Quality Lame/320CBR/44.1kHz/J.Stereo
Source CDDA
Type Album
Date 09-27-2008

Infernal blasting Death Metal from Italy.. 8 tracks of Dark and Brutal
Death Black Metal which influenced by Vormitory, Marduk, Deicide...Highly
anticipated Vrykoblast release for year 2008...[/more]

(20) -Xul-, aesteticvice, Andrew, Defunct, Deroth, garretje, hondoh666, johnbutoff, Korsakov, Lord Of The Siths, MarcoMR, MMMMM, nospeedlimit, ojozefko, satanist666, skepticist, Tino, varlam4, wrath082, zaqxsw,
Sep 26 2008, 15:53:34 Incinerate - Anatomize (2008)

*Artist: Incinerate
*Album: Anatomize
*Year: 2008
*Genre: Brutal/Technical Death Metal
*Country: United States
*Format: mp3@CBR275kbps
*Size: 72MB

01. Continuum 00:28
02. Emissary 04:51
03. Depravity 03:45
04. Inherited 01:40
05. Infantiphagia 03:59
06. Harvest 03:02
07. Exsanguinate 04:16
08. Ascendant 03:46
09. Anathema 05:08
10. Infecting The Crypts (Suffocation Cover) 04:54
Total playing time: 35:49

[more=Extended info]320CBR[/more]

(30) Acolyte192, aesteticvice, anvic, Ash_1980, Ballisargon, Brutal, ddx1, Deroth, FeM0N, garretje, Indamage, infiltrator, Korsakov, Leofink, MaelstromxXx, MARVEL HERO, metala, MMMMM, myasis, samokot, satanist666, staralex, uN90D1y, varlam4, Visyal, Vombat, wormXeaten, wrath082, Wyler, Луч,
Sep 17 2008, 15:39:57 Being Killed - Kill Yourself (2008)

*Artist: Being Killed
*Album: Kill Yourself
*Year: 2008
*Genre: Brutal Death
*Country: United States
*Format: mp3@CBR320kbps
*Size: 71MB

01. When The Dead Obliterate The Living 04:19
02. Baphomet Made With Bloody Parts 03:48
03. Desecrate My Remains 04:27
04. Apocalypse Begun... 05:20
05. Indulging In The Nocturnal Feast 03:53
06. Demonstrate Supremacy 03:02
07. Kill Yourself 05:26
Total playing time: 30:15

[more=Extended info]Artist Being Killed
Album Kill Yourself
Label Comatose Music
Year 2008
Style Death Metal
Quality Lame/320CBR/44.1kHz/J.Stereo
Source CDDA
Type Album
Date 09-17-2008

Being Killed is a three piece combination of sickness hailing from San
Diego,CA.Sickening Brutal Death Metal perfomrmed with relentless fury and
plenty of Flesh Shredding Riffs.Flawless Drumming by Dave Astor (Cattle
Decapitation/Pathology) with Inhuman Guttural Vocals Courtesy of Levi
Fuselier (Disgorge).
Disturbing artwork by Mike Hrubovcak at Visual Darkness.[/more]

(17) aa144aa, andreikun, Brutal, C7X, Fetus_In_Fetu, garretje, hammer, hondoh666, Korsakov, Metalazo, MMMMM, Rotten_Corpse, satanas189, SilentNidhogg, Slava, sperminator, thate_topa,
Sep 16 2008, 13:02:35 Banishment - Cleansing The Infirm (2008)

*Artist: Banishment
*Album: Cleansing The Infirm
*Year: 2008
*Genre: Brutal Death Metal
*Country: United States
*Format: mp3@CBR319kbps
*Size: 79MB

01. Maelstorm Of Restless Indignation 01:02
02. Adverse Offering From The Supreme 03:53
03. Translucent Birth Of Iniquity 04:32
04. Obscure Benevolence 03:44
05. Shroud Of Infamy 04:00
06. An Inimical Figure 03:36
07. Detriment 04:42
08. Cleansing The Infirm 03:37
09. Scourge Under Empyreal Treachery 04:47
Total playing time: 33:53

[more=Extended info]Artist Banishment
Album Cleansing The Infirm
Label Lacerated Enemy
Year 2008
Style Death Metal
Quality Lame/320CBR/44.1kHz/J.Stereo
Source CDDA
Type Album
Date 09-16-2008

Debuting on Czech Republic death metal label Lacerated Enemy Records Los
Angeles, California based technical death metal combo Banishment present
a demonic, more controlled and dark take on the genre. Unlike their peers
in Deeds Of Flesh, Disgorge, Mortal Decay or Vile, Banishment concentrate
on playing catchy, memorable material whereas many of its contemporaries
go for directionless brutality or mindless technicality. Banishment
refrains from constantly blasting and the well placed midpaced sections
are actually dark and evil sounding. Although there are no slithering
leads/solos to be found on this record both guitarists Jorge Banda and
Billy Clapp interplay well with each other; trading riffs, licks and
harmonies providing an unconventional sense of melody. Vocalist Imer
Arnautowitch isn't nearly as indecipherable and gurgly as most of his
California counterparts. As a result of these facets "Cleansing the
Infirm" is much more of a so-called old school death metal record than it
is a modern one. The doomy instrumental ‘An Inimical Figure' provides the
album with a gloomy atmosphere, notably absent on most releases of this
kind. The production is okay and quite similar to Disgorge's "Consuming
the Forsaken". The artwork provided by the ever popular Par Olofsson
(Condemned, Disavowed, Human Filetted) gives the "Cleansing the Infirm"
album an air of professionality usually reserved for bigger labels. This
is certainly a great change of pace compared to what California usually
offers in underground death metal.[/more]

(20) banished, Bitchkiller, Brutal, demether, garretje, HMHamster, infiltrator, MarcoMR, Maria, Metalazo, MMMMM, myasis, onfirm, onward, Rotten_Corpse, samokot, sperminator, vonleeb, Wyler, Луч,
Sep 16 2008, 11:24:04 Deformed Slut - Cadaveric Carcass [demo] (2008)

*Artist: Deformed Slut
*Album: Cadaveric Carcass [demo]
*Year: 2008
*Genre: Brutal Death
*Country: Brazil
*Format: mp3@CBR280kbps
*Size: 18MB

1. Rotten Mutilated Devoured
2. Gun of Annihilation
3. Cadaveric Carcass
Total playing time: 8:48


[more=Extended info]320CBR[/more]

(3) Death84, HMHamster, Korsakov,
Sep 13 2008, 17:59:30 Trimegisto - Subterranean Streams (2008)

*Artist: Trimegisto
*Album: Subterranean Streams
*Year: 2008
*Genre: Death Metal
*Country: Chile
*Format: mp3@CBR320kbps
*Size: 90MB

01. Flying With Imhotep 02:48
02. Let Not The Flame Die Out! 04:10
03. Outsider 04:27
04. Spurning The Partriarcs From The Underworld 05:02
05. Never Christ - Always Dead 03:04
06. Out Of The Eons 06:04
07. Bloodless Escene 04:28
08. R.O.L.D.O.R. Eye 05:43
09. Credulos Worms 03:33
Total playing time: 39:19

[more=Extended info]Debut CD of Sick Death Metal from Chile. Brutal, dark and sinister Death
-Metal in the vein of Incantation, Immolation or Melektaus.

Vor acht Jahren haben sich Ex-Mitglieder von DOMINUS XUL, MELEKTAUS und
SHEOLGEENNA in Chile zum TRIMEGISTO-Haufen zusammengerauft. Nach einem
Demo und einer Live-DVD steht mit "Subterranean Streams" nun das Debüt
des Quartetts an. Geboten wird hektischer Death Metal, der in eine –
abgesehen vom künstlichen Drumsound – fast schon schwarzmetallisch
anmutende Produktion gepackt wurde. Diese offenbart einen ziemlich
gruseligen Gitarrensound und könnte etwas mehr Druck vertragen – hier
müssen die Chilenen bei ihrem Zweitwerk soundtechnisch definitiv noch
Punkte gut machen.

Musikalisch geben sich TRIMEGISTO mal primitiv, mal rhythmisch
vertrackter. Einige Gitarrensoli wirken etwas allzu willkürlich
eingestreut, ein Manko, an welchem nicht nur "Spurning The Patriarcs From
The Underworld" zu knabbern hat. Hier und da lassen sich Parallelen zu
IMMOLATION ausmachen, allerdings scheppern TRIMEGISTO (noch) in anderen
Niveauwelten umher als die New Yorker Vorbilder. Die Bilanz für
"Subterranean Streams" weist zwar einige starke Momente auf (etwa in
"R.O.I.D.O.R. Eye"), wirklich überzeugende Death Metal-Rohkost klingt
aber anders.

Album Subterranean Streams
Label Obscure Domain Productions
Year 2008
Style Death Metal
Quality Lame/320CBR/44.1kHz/J.Stereo
Source CDDA
Type Album
Date 09-13-2008[/more]

(16) aesteticvice, andreikun, anvic, Deroth, garretje, hondoh666, korovakaska, kutran, Metalazo, satanas189, satanist666, sperminator, TeamatSE, terra666, Tino, varlam4,
Sep 13 2008, 17:52:25 Abhorred Despiser - Was Raped (2008)

*Artist: Abhorred Despiser
*Album: Was Raped
*Year: 2008
*Genre: Brutal Death Metal
*Country: Indonesia
*Format: mp3@CBR302kbps
*Size: 45MB

01. Indonesia Sekarat 04:06
02. Membusuk 02:27
03. Tiga Jari 02:07
04. Halluciantion Sex 02:25
05. Was Raped 02:31
06. Meak Soak 02:39
07. Abhorred 01:22
08. Life After Death 02:01
09. Outro 00:46
Total playing time: 20:24

[more=Extended info]Debut CD of Ultra Sick Brutal Blasting Guttural Death Metal from
Recorded in 2002, Released 2008 under Brute Productions

Artist Abhorred Despiser
Album Was Raped
Label n/a
Year 2003
Style Death Metal
Quality Lame/320CBR/44.1kHz/J.Stereo
Source CDDA
Type Album
Date 09-13-2008[/more]

(13) -Xul-, Bitchkiller, deather555, garretje, hondoh666, jagdpanzer, Metalazo, onward, Paatddal, sperminator, varlam4, wormXeaten, Wyler,
Aug 28 2008, 18:45:15 Devast - Art Of Extermination (2008)

*Artist: Devast
*Album: Art Of Extermination
*Year: 2008
*Genre: Brutal Death Metal
*Country: Algeria
*Format: mp3@CBR272kbps
*Size: 47MB

1. Fidel Sacrifice
2. 7 Days Of Blood
3. Barbaric Hellstorm
4. Cruel Desteny
5. Inhumman Atrocity part I
6. Ligitime Massacre
7. Deluge Of Hate
8. Inhumman Atrocity part II
Total playing time: 23:38

(24) -Xul-, andreikun, anvic, Defunct, Deroth, emogirl, Fetus_In_Fetu, garretje, HMHamster, infiltrator, marduk76, Metalazo, MMMMM, Nerevar, Representer, Requiescat, Rotten_Corpse, Slava, Sombreius, StabWound, varlam4, Vincent, Wolftribes, Wyler,
Aug 22 2008, 17:57:00 Parasitic Extirpation - Knee Deep In Disease [ep] (2008)

*Artist: Parasitic Extirpation
*Album: Knee Deep In Disease [ep]
*Year: 2008
*Genre: Brutal Death Metal
*Country: United States
*Format: mp3@CBR318kbps
*Size: 23MB

01. Suspended Cognition 02:29
02. Echoes Of Brutality 02:56
03. Stabwound Symmetry 02:43
04. Etude In B Minor 01:47
Total playing time: 9:55

[more=Extended info]Debut release of Ultra Sick Ultra Brutal Guttural Death Metal from the USA.[/more]

(13) Akdkk, artscald, Brutal, C7X, Fetus_In_Fetu, garretje, hondoh666, Indamage, Korsakov, Leolomb, MarcoMR, sinister11, skipirich,
Jul 22 2008, 19:54:39 Disfigured - Blistering Of The Mouth (2008)

*Artist: Disfigured
*Album: Blistering Of The Mouth
*Year: 2008
*Genre: Brutal Death Metal
*Country: U.S.A.
*Format: mp3@CBR320kbps
*Size: 67MB

01. Satan's Cum 02:43
02. Survival Of The Dead 03:26
03. Herpes Face 02:28
04. Defleshed In Acid 03:09
05. Mortician's Madness 01:37
06. Eternal Flames 04:11
07. Chopped In Half 03:01
08. Blistering Of The Mouth 02:16
09. Cyanide Suicide 02:20
10. Circumsised And Sodomized 03:02
Total playing time: 28:13

From San Marcos, TX, Disfigured is a very hard working band and been
active for quite some time in the Texas underground death metal scene.
With plenty of groove and a solid foundation of death metal brutality
both past and present.

(21) aa144aa, Adskij, AngelSlayerSoul, Bitchkiller, Brutal, Fire_crow, garretje, infiltrator, June, K-61082, KVRT, Leolomb, Metalazo, Persian Gorgrinder, Sonnekonige, StabWound, terra666, Thunderstorm, Typhoid, yurick, Луч,

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