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Jun 23 2013, 12:58:59 Squash Bowels - Grindcoholism (2013)
Good old SQUASH BOWEL muSICK right here !!!
(2) DarkHorde, Zonked,
Mar 23 2011, 22:33:50 Assaulter - Boundless! (2011)
QUOTE(BibleBasher @ Mar 23 2011, 19:59:45) *
... but not for the leechers here, i only post crap links here to get downloads

So you're trying to be another iNET "hero" a.k.a. aXXo ??? 15.gif
Well... as his approach to share (illegally) latest movies in watchable quality and small download size with effect on sound and audio quality I completely understand, but your way of 'dumb' thinking... I just don't get it hmm.gif If you addressing the whole METAL AREA community as 'leechers' than tell me: WHAT THE F@#K DOES IT MAKE YOU TO BE PART OF THIS COMMUNITY ???!!!
You completely missing the most important point about this PORTAL. This is for extreme music (it's even in the logo) minded people to inform, discuss and share between each other and not to make enough money per download clicks to afford to pay for Premium Account, which without a doubt definitely sounds like you... Grow up, for f@#k sake !!!
(2) danilenish, Geo_log,
Mar 23 2011, 21:45:29 Ribspreader - The Van Murders (2011)
This is a MUST for everyone !!! 9.gif 9.gif 9.gif
(1) vosmidesijatye,
May 24 2010, 12:57:56 October Falls - A Collapse Of Faith (2010)
Sample preview:
(2) getmetal, yuratroll,
Apr 1 2010, 17:00:42 Hour Of Penance - Paradogma (2010)
MediaFire mirror

(9) BRUTAL06, burn235, CaptianGoreGrind, Darkthrone85, ElfinQueen, ripper33, souldeathtoxic, Terry, tim47,
Jan 22 2010, 14:50:46 Mastabah - Quintessence Of Evil (2010)
(1) Machine Head,
Jan 22 2010, 10:03:40 Divine Eve - Vengeful And Obstinate [ep] (2010)
(1) Orgasmik,
Nov 30 2009, 13:44:39 Never - Back To The Front (2009)
Finally someone has filled the greed of many for this release !
metaler.gif This piece is purely fantastic release. metaler.gif
Well played, great aragments, full of dynamic and energy.
pray.gif THX for posting ! pray.gif
(1) Tino,
Nov 28 2009, 12:09:11 Huldrefolk - Morbide Elite (2009)
true_black.gif arrrggghhh.... ! true_black.gif
I`ve been waiting for this quite some time.
Excellent sound, grimm as hell.
THX for the share !

For those who's looking for large front cover:
(3) eule, Schavuyt, StabWound,
Nov 26 2009, 09:33:03 Lie in Ruins - Swallowed By The Void (2009)
WO... This stuff is f@#king heavy. Death Metal of the 90`s ... 25.gif
Excellent stuff ! THX for posting, much appreciated !

(6) infiltrator, jagdpanzer, Leofink, MetalAlex, Sunbeam, vosmidesijatye,
Nov 23 2009, 11:30:52 Eclipse - Grind, Suffer, Dreams (2009)
PREVIEW on Metal Scrap Prods.

Oct 17 2009, 12:48:57 Depravity - Litanies For The World To Suffer (2009)
The preview on MySpace quite catch my attention, so I`ll give it a spin...
THX Metadeat ! Great Post !
pray.gif THX for the share ! pray.gif

Here`s larger front cover if someone is looking for one:

(2) metadeat, StabWound,
Oct 8 2009, 15:38:19 Embalmer - Promo [demo] (2009)

*Artist: Embalmer
*Album: Promo [demo]
*Year: 2009
*Genre: Death Metal/Grindcore
*Country: United States
*Format: mp3@CBR256kbps
*Size: 8MB

01. Hollowed Out Corpse 02:12
02. Invitation To A Slaughter 02:01
Total playing time: 4:13

[more=Extended info]Little taste of what we can expect on their next full-length album "The Apocalypric Bloodshower" which is (hopefully) gonna be released the following year 2010.[/more]

(2) garretje, sludgemastic,
Oct 8 2009, 15:29:44 Greg(o)rian - Dormancy Of Our Omniscient Masters [demo] (2009)

*Artist: Greg(o)rian
*Album: Dormancy Of Our Omniscient Masters [demo]
*Year: 2009
*Genre: Atmospheric Stoner/Drone/Doom Metal
*Country: United Kingdom
*Format: mp3@VBR256kbps
*Size: 82MB

01. Utter Condemnation 13:35
02. War On The Sky 08:11
03. Seagoat 21:28
Total playing time: 43:14

[more=Extended info]
Essex Doom metalers GREG(O)RIAN have released debut full length demo " Dormancy Of Our Omniscient Masters" which contain 43 minutes of Lo-Fi, atmospheric, sludge drone doom metal influenced by bands such as My Dying Bride, Jesu, Sleep, and Sunn O).
Produced and mixed by Jack Bowcher at The White Room Rainham 1/2/2009

(6) anderson55, drbutcher, garretje, Koscheyushka, murayne, SenorMoreno,
Oct 8 2009, 09:57:29 Go-Zen - 1st Demo [demo] (2009)

*Artist: Go-Zen
*Album: 1st Demo [demo]
*Year: 2009
*Genre: Goregrind
*Country: Japan
*Format: mp3@CBR192kbps
*Size: 3MB

01. If You Have A Will 00:49
02. Kotona Orgy 01:38
Total playing time: 2:27

[more=Extended info]
Excellent Goregrind-blast from school-band in Japan !!!
This is a MUST for all gore-grind-fans of bands such as JIG-AI and so on...

Short Band-Bio from MySpace:
"In March 2009, GO-ZEN was formed in Hakuou School, Japan.
GO-ZEN started activities with be impressed by JIG-AI & Ito Shizuka.
I wish GO-ZEN's goregrinding scum will vomit you!"

Package including: 2 songs, "goregrind" CD-R cover, M3U+PLS playlists, Band´s Logos, NFO file, SFV Checksum.

Enjoy !!!

(4) Akdkk, garretje, ILVAR, maxx,
Oct 3 2009, 12:33:00 God Dethroned - Poison Fog [studio clip] (2009)

*Performer: God Dethroned
*Title: Poison Fog
*Type: Studio Clip
*Album: Passiondale
*Year: 2009
*Genre: Death/Black Metal
*Country: Netherlands

*Audio: aac@1411kbps
*Video: h.264@1616kbps
*Resolution: 640x480
*Size: 76MB
*Length: 00:06:20

(15) -=Lion=-, aa144aa, chon, Dorint, KVRT, LUCASDEATH, mastercutor, Noctis, nsmetalhead, Paradayz, skipirich, smysl, vov7609, Wyler, Нигилист,
Oct 3 2009, 11:30:15 Endorthyn - Lost Songs Of Nature [demo] (2009)

*Artist: Endorthyn
*Album: Lost Songs Of Nature [demo]
*Year: 2009
*Genre: Folk/Black/Death Metal
*Country: Spain
*Format: mp3@CBR192kbps
*Size: 32MB

01. Norwegian Recall (Instrumental) 02:15
02. Wave Wings 03:47
03. Little Viking 05:36
04. WarSong ( Instrumental ) 03:14
05. Broken Dreams 05:26
Total playing time: 20:18

[more=Extended info]

Endorthyn has it's beginnings at the split up of the band Everfrost. Because of several professional and personal reasons most of the members left the band near to begin the upcoming 2009 year to give rise to another kind of musical project more personal, keeping the Viking and Folkish essence that marked old Everfrost's songs but focused in a new kind of musical spirit, more striking and with shimmering Nature sparks, a music style near to the Celtic but centering it's meaning not in it's melodies but in Nature cults. So, the band decided to forge it's new name, stronger than before and with lot of passion.

P.S: Before someone start rumor about style/genre of this band I have to state that overall sound is held in Black/Death Metal vein but with implemented Celtic Folk essence.

Package Including: 5 Songs, Full Booklet, Band Logos, M3U+PLS playlists, NFO, SFV Checksum.

(9) antontayfun, Cartman223, garretje, infiltrator, Old Vyaine, SnaP, talismanFS, v.v.m, Vidsyn,
Oct 2 2009, 13:50:50 Samhain - Tajemství duše (2008)

*Artist: Samhain
*Album: Tajemství duše
*Year: 2008
*Genre: Melodic Heavy Metal
*Country: Czech Republic
*Format: mp3@VBR256kbps
*Size: 43MB

01. Dve Duse 06:33
02. Mesicni Svit 06:01
03. Hrdina 04:34
04. Valka Svetu 05:51
Total playing time: 22:59

Preview 1

(5) eyehategod, garretje, HMHamster, infiltrator, v.v.m,
Oct 2 2009, 12:49:31 Evarest - Promo 2008 [demo] (2008)

*Artist: Evarest
*Album: Promo 2008 [demo]
*Year: 2008
*Genre: Heavy/Speed Metal
*Country: Czech Republic
*Format: mp3@VBR256kbps
*Size: 41MB

01. Searching For Lost Times 05:27
02. Hero´s Fate 06:09
03. For Gaddamned Love 05:22
04. River Of The Dead 04:46
Total playing time: 21:44

(1) satanas189,
Oct 2 2009, 11:50:54 Total Agony - The Fifth Vision Of Promésea (2009)

*Artist: Total Agony
*Album: The Fifth Vision Of Promésea
*Year: 2009
*Genre: Death/Thrash Metal
*Country: France
*Format: mp3@CBR192kbps
*Size: 111MB

01. Search Another Day 01:42
02. Relentless 04:51
03. Being God 04:34
04. Last Leaf 07:30
05. Violenstated 04:05
06. Enhanced Underground Images 05:21
07. Hydrophobia 06:15
08. Cursed For Life 06:31
09. Intoxicated Memory 06:17
10. Visions Of Promésea 06:11
11. Forgotten End 06:46
12. Rebirth Of Isolation 05:15
13. The End Day 05:44
Total playing time: 1:11:02

[more=Extended info]Recorded in December 2008 and January 2009, released on May 4th 2009. Different than previous album "Erased" with more heavy and melodic parts and with some electro-dark influences.

Package Including: 13 tracks, Full Booklet, Band´s Logos and photo, M3U + PLS playlists, NFO info, Folder & Icon files, SFV Checksum[/more]

(6) Andrew, dm_372761, garretje, Guns, infiltrator, Vidsyn,
Oct 1 2009, 16:35:53 Thirst Of Revenge - The Beginning Of The End [demo] (2009)
(1) infiltrator,
Oct 1 2009, 14:05:33 Thirst Of Revenge - The Beginning Of The End [demo] (2009)

*Artist: Thirst Of Revenge
*Album: The Beginning Of The End [demo]
*Year: 2009
*Genre: Death Metal
*Country: Spain
*Format: mp3@CBR320kbps
*Size: 14MB

01. Lethal Species 03:14
02. Psycho Torture 02:53
Total playing time: 6:07

[more=Extended info]Solo-project of HUMAN MINCER ex-vocalist Carlos Mejias Cañete

THIRST OF REVENGE stems from the mind of Carlos Mejias Cañete,some years ago. Initially thought of as "Cerebral Torture", his original name changed by similar bands. Returned in 2006 after leaving his former band, which was 7 years (Human Mincer, as vocalist of it), Carlos fully focused on the project, to represent a musical all the concerns that ran on his head. After a break of several months for reasons personal and professional, the material for his debut album is finally finished.
"...after several days of recording in December 2008 in Madrid vrs studies, and a mixture of hard work the end result is that you are listening, I hope it is of your liking. The complete material will be released in August this year 2009. I am currently composing new songs for possible concerts with musicians from outside the project, stay tuned."
Carlos - Thirst Of Revenge.[/more]

(5) C7X, garretje, infiltrator, satanist666, Vehement,
Sep 19 2009, 10:52:38 Temple Of Sin - Ohm (2008)

*Artist: Temple Of Sin
*Album: Ohm
*Year: 2008
*Genre: Heavy/Power Metal
*Country: Brazil
*Format: mp3@CBR320kbps
*Size: 98MB

01. Lady Sin 04:44
02. Fight For Your Dreams 04:34
03. Knockout 03:32
04. Ohm 04:49
05. Holy Child 04:43
06. Intro (Sunset) 00:39
07. Sunset 04:27
08. Intro (Temple Of Lies) 01:58
09. Temple Of Lies 04:41
10. Satori 04:43
11. Intro (Auringonlasku) 00:39
12. Auringonlasku 06:06
Total playing time: 45:35

[more=Extended info]Unreleased Full-Length debut album

Recorded, mixed and mastered at Creative Sound Studios, Sao Paulo by Ricardo Nagata, (2008). All keyboards recorded by Joost Van den Broek from After Forever at his home studio in Netherlands and premixed at the Gate Studios in Germany by Philip Colodetti. Guest Appearance: Guitar Solo on song "Ohm" by Cede Dupont ( Symphorce ).

All Guitars, Bass and Backing Vocals by Timo Kaarkoski
Lead Vocals by Ricky Wychovaniec
Drums and additional Bass by Thiago Antunes

Legal / Free Download[/more]

(7) AHBAnep, Butterflyman, garretje, jek718875, Olrak, v.v.m, vir2al,
Sep 10 2009, 16:38:47 Black Sun Aeon - A Song For My Weakness [studio clip] (2009)

*Performer: Black Sun Aeon
*Title: A Song For My Weakness
*Type: Studio Clip
*Album: Darkness Walks Besides Me
*Year: 2009
*Genre: Melodic Death/Doom Metal
*Country: Finland

*Audio: mp3@320kbps
*Video: h.264@2589kbps
*Resolution: 540x360
*Size: 102MB
*Length: 00:04:47

(10) -=Lion=-, 322992335, Asderr, Bloodn Lord, Fearon, libertine, mastercutor, Menel, Molotov, Paradayz,
Sep 10 2009, 16:23:35 Brutal Truth - Sugar Daddy [studio clip] (2009)

*Performer: Brutal Truth
*Title: Sugar Daddy
*Type: Studio Clip
*Album: Evolution Through Revolution
*Year: 2009
*Genre: Grindcore/Death Metal
*Country: United States

*Audio: mp3@256kbps
*Video: divx@1972kbps
*Resolution: 540x360
*Size: 81MB
*Length: 00:05:00

(12) chill, cynik, eyehategod, garml2, KVRT, mastercutor, NewBorn007, old-provokator, Pafnutey, Paradayz, Persian Gorgrinder, Skinless,

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