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Apr 18 2007, 19:42:23 Legion Of Doom & Stutthof - Brotherhood Of Drakkonian Royal Blood [split] (2007)

*Artist: Legion Of Doom & Stutthof
*Album: Brotherhood of Drakkonian Royal Blood [split]
*Year: 2007
*Genre: Black Metal
*Country: Greece
*Format: mp3@VBR
*Size: 65 Мб.

Legion of Doom
1.Unholy Lord
2.The Infernal Legions
3.Ishtar... Queen Of The Battle
4.Cursing Ritual
5.The Mystery Of Unholy Flesh
6.Beyond The Forest Of Infernal Devastation
7.Battles From Beyond
8.An Ode To Thee Ancient Great Goddess
9.And Cosmos From Ashes To Dust
10.Left Hand Path... The Art Of Sorcery
Total playing time: 42:19

Download from ifolder.ru *Legion Of Doom/Stutthof - Brotherhood of Drakkonian Royal Blood [split] (2007)* by SABRAX
Download from rapidshare.com *Legion Of Doom/Stutthof - Brotherhood of Drakkonian Royal Blood [split] (2007)* by SABRAX
(7) Anhra Mainyu, artscald, ddarkthrone, Lanceatum, RUSP73, Saretth, yuratroll,
Apr 17 2007, 18:09:27 Viatrophy - Chronicles [ep] (2007)

*Artist: Viatrophy
*Album: Chronicles [ep]
*Year: 2007
*Genre: Death Metal/Metalcore
*Country: United Kingdom
*Format: mp3@320
*Size: 55 Мб.

1.In The Hope Of Something Safe
3.Draining What Remains
4.Force Of Destruction
5.Plague Of The Elected
Total playing time: 25:42

Download from ifolder.ru *Viatrophy - Chronicles [ep] (2007)* by SABRAX
Download from rapidshare.com *Viatrophy - Chronicles [ep] (2007)* by SABRAX
(1) Acolyte192,
Apr 13 2007, 09:08:33 Atoll Nerat - Art Of Ancient Seers (2001)
QUOTE(Searcher @ Apr 6 2007, 01:28:30) *
на ифолдере файл удален 17.gif

(3) -=Lion=-, dimmannius, macchipazzi,
Apr 12 2007, 17:32:39 Symawrath - Scaena I : Incestuous Overture In The Crystal Auditorium (2000)

*Artist: Symawrath
*Album: Scaena I : Incestuous Overture In The Crystal Auditorium
*Year: 2000
*Genre: Symphonic Black Metal
*Country: Spain
*Format: mp3@192
*Size: 69 Мб.

1.Onyric Conspiracy
2.Misanthropic Criminal In The Ivory Scorpion
3.Masquerotica In Crescendo (Woman, Godess, Perverse...)
4.Clandestine Laberinthic Bizarre
5.Vampirical Lascivious Passion (new version)
6.Hierarchical Whore's Charm (Phantasmagorical Aphrodisiac)
7.My Epigraph's Horror
Total playing time: 50:00

This album has been uploaded by request of Azazel(a)

Download from ifolder.ru *Symawrath - Scaena I : Incestuous Overture In The Crystal Auditorium (2000)* by SABRAX
Download from rapidshare.com *Symawrath - Scaena I : Incestuous Overture In The Crystal Auditorium (2000)* by SABRAX
(5) BlackDjek, graham, Kasper969, qorguddbs36, yuratroll,
Apr 5 2007, 05:39:30 Arkhon Infaustus - Hell Injection (2001)

*Artist: Arkhon Infaustus
*Album: Hell Injection
*Year: 2001
*Genre: Black/Death Metal
*Country: France
*Format: mp3@256
*Size: 78 Мб.

1.Brethren Of Flesh
2.Domination Xtasy
3.Dead Cunt Maniac
4.The Ominous Circle
5.The Silent Voices Of Perversion
6.The Whorehouse Coven
7.Hokus Demons
8.The Black Succubus` Whores (Nuclear Version 6.66)
9.Ineffable Hell Commander
Total playing time: 43:53

This album has been uploaded by request of Shaithan(a)

Download from ifolder.ru *Arkhon Infaustus - Hell Injection (2001)* by SABRAX
Download from rapidshare.com *Arkhon Infaustus - Hell Injection (2001)* by SABRAX
(11) andreikun, AngelSlayerSoul, Ballisargon, Brann, ddarkthrone, dimmannius, LordSancho666, RUSP73, satanist666, varg-38ru, whoregore,
Apr 3 2007, 17:18:09 Ufych Sormeer - Anthem To The Glory Of The Great Octagon (2001)
ЦИТАТА(yural @ Apr 3 2007, 04:41 PM) *
А где бы превью из этого альбома послушать? А то на майспейсе у них только новые песни, и играют они сейчас совсем не симфо блэк.

Если нравится Bal-Sagoth качай не пожалеешь, а превью в виде трека http://ifolder.ru/1566281
(1) Rodriga,
Apr 3 2007, 11:58:50 Ufych Sormeer - Anthem To The Glory Of The Great Octagon (2001)

*Artist: Ufych Sormeer
*Album: Anthem to the Glory Of The Great Octagon
*Year: 2001
*Genre: Symphonic Black Metal
*Country: France
*Format: mp3@192
*Size: 49 Мб.

1.The Bells Of The Nebulous Limbo Vomit Their Prophecy
2.Summoning The Fiend From The Temple Of The Howling Priestess
3.Crowned As The New Weilder Of The Holy Blade
4.In The Undivided Reign Of The Horde Enslaving The Northern Lands
5.The Funeral Song Of The Demonsword Resounds Beyond The Ice Veiled Caves
6.Round The Banner Of The Heart Sovereign
7.The Great Battle Of Kalugan Vale
8.The Triumph Of The Tentacular Chaos Is Sealed By The Blood Of The Sorcerer
9.Anthem To The Glory Of The Great Octagon
Total playing time: 34:57

(6) dad, dorn1, finndrummer, Ivan2, kim666, norfin,
Apr 3 2007, 09:56:49 Otargos - Kinetic Zero (2007)

*Artist: Otargos
*Album: Kinetic Zero
*Year: 2007
*Genre: Black Metal
*Country: France
*Format: mp3@VBR
*Size: 79 Мб.

2.Open The Circular Infinite
3.Kinetic Zero
5.Crystallinzing Nuclear Aurora
6.1e 1740.7-2942
7.Spheres Of The Anticosmic
9.Stygian Metamorphosis
10.Time Quanteon
Total playing time: 43:35

(16) Ballisargon, ghaaran, kim666, macchipazzi, nsmetalhead, RUSP73, satanist666, serg1349, Sophus, transmario, umnaxtet, uranium235, varg-38ru, varlam4, vov7609, Wormtongue,
Apr 3 2007, 07:02:35 Kronos - The Hellenic Terror (2007)

*Artist: Kronos
*Album: The Hellenic Terror
*Year: 2007
*Genre: Brutal Death Metal
*Country: France
*Format: mp3@VBR
*Size: 87 Мб.

1.The Road Of Salvation
2.Bringers Of Disorder
3....Until The End Of Time
4.Suffocate The Ignorant
5.A Huge Cataclysm
6.Tricephalic Hellkeeper
7.Divine Vengeance (Petrifying Beauty, Part 1)
8.The Murderous Reflection (Petrifying Beauty, Part 2)
9.Ouranian Cyclops
10.Maze Of Oblivion
Total playing time: 40:07

(19) aa144aa, antonovivan, atazir, burn235, dad, Fetus_In_Fetu, Finnestra, gazman, lawronchik, Mersik, metala, metaljan, samokot, SAPOGi, SmashedFace, SurFacinG, Tankard, xska, Язва,
Mar 23 2007, 09:47:26 Dead Syndicate - The Carrion Creed (2007)

*Artist: Dead Syndicate
*Album: The Carrion Creed
*Year: 2007
*Genre: Death Metal
*Country: United States of America
*Format: mp3@VBR
*Size: 79 Мб.

1.Plague Of All Plagues
2.Kampstoff Lost (Agent H)
3.Weeping On The Shores Of Lucrine Lake
4.Whore Of Babylon
6.Kill Like A God
7.I, Pilate
8.Dead Syndicate
9.The Carrion Creed
10.Beast Nero
Total playing time: 45:45

Download from ifolder.ru *Dead Syndicate - The Carrion Creed (2007)* by SABRAX
Download from rapidshare.com *Dead Syndicate - The Carrion Creed (2007)* by SABRAX
(1) SnaP,
Mar 23 2007, 09:04:00 Sarpanitum - Despoilment Of Origin (2007)

*Artist: Sarpanitum
*Album: Despoilment Of Origin
*Year: 2007
*Genre: Death Metal
*Country: United Kingdom
*Format: mp3@VBR
*Size: 60 Мб.

1.Seducing The Phallus Throne
2.Halls Of Decadence
3.Ascending The Divine
4.Provocation Of An Eternal Odium
5.Dusk Over Assyria
6.Cur Defilement
7.Dawn Of Enthrallment
8.Despoilment Of Origin
Total playing time: 35:20

Download from ifolder.ru *Sarpanitum - Despoilment Of Origin (2007)* by SABRAX
Download from rapidshare.com *Sarpanitum - Despoilment Of Origin (2007)* by SABRAX
(11) anvic, artscald, C7X, desekrator, hanyrin, MMMMM, samokot, Stringer, Tino, varlam4, Луч,
Mar 23 2007, 08:47:53 Rose Funeral - Crucify.kill.rot. (2007)

*Artist: Rose Funeral
*Album: Crucify.Kill.Rot.
*Year: 2007
*Genre: Death Metal /Thrash /Hardcore
*Country: United States Of America
*Format: mp3@VBR
*Size: 55 Мб.

2.God's Hideous Creation
3.Sledge Hammer Face Lift
4.The Well
5.Intereo Diu
6.Dawning The Resurrection
7.State Of Decay
8.Eternal Regret
9.Under A Godless Sky
10.Buried Amongst The Flames
Total playing time: 35:30

Мощный, злой! Наверно ближе к Benighted(France) Посоветуйте что-нибудь подобное!

Download from ifolder.ru *Rose Funeral - Crucify.Kill.Rot. (2007)* by SABRAX
Download from rapidshare.com *Rose Funeral - Crucify.Kill.Rot. (2007)* by SABRAX
(4) anvic, artscald, gorlum22, whitewolf6613,
Mar 23 2007, 08:34:30 Acephalous - Divine Purity (2007)

*Artist: Acephalous
*Album: Divine Purity
*Year: 2007
*Genre: Black/Death Metal
*Country: Belgium
*Format: mp3@VBR
*Size: 65 Мб.

1.Another Dawn, Another Death
2.Bloodfull Moon
3.Divine Purity
4.Red Of Children's Blood
5.Magalomanious Killing
6.Pure Damnation
7.Tears Of Blood
8.Into The Abyss (Instrumental)
9.The Last Black Rose
Total playing time: 41:20

Достаточно мелодичный, местами с ускорениями Блэк/Дэт.

Download from ifolder.ru *Acephalous - Divine Purity (2007)* by SABRAX
Download from rapidshare.com *Acephalous - Divine Purity (2007)* by SABRAX
(2) chu, zhol,
Mar 7 2007, 18:28:12 Lust Of Decay - Kingdom Of Corpses (2004)

*Artist: Lust Of Decay
*Album: Kingdom Of Corpses
*Year: 2004
*Genre: Brutal Death Metal/Grind
*Country: United States Of America (North Carolina)
*Format: mp3@192
*Size: 50 Мб.

1.Arachnid Anal Infestation
2.Cranial Incubation
3.Septic Tank Abortion
4.Crustacean Masturbation
5.Predatory Instincts
6.Lunatic Of God's Creation (Deicide cover)
7.Cognitive Decimation
8.Kingdom Of Corpses
9.Twelve Gauge Intercourse
10.Oral Asphyxiation
Total playing time: 34:55

(5) Acolyte192, hammer, infiltrator, Music Fan, varlam4,
Mar 7 2007, 15:57:31 Prophecy - Our Domain (2002)

*Artist: Prophecy
*Album: Our Domain
*Year: 2002
*Genre: Death Metal
*Country: United States Of America
*Format: mp3@VBR
*Size: 67 Мб.

1.Our Domain
2.Tortured By Deceit
3.Destined To Fall
4.Inevitable Fate
5.All You Can Fuck And Eat
6.Gurgling Menstrual Phlegm
7.Beaten, Broken And Butchered
8.Keep It Fuckin` Brutal
9.Questions Never Answered
10.The Shit
Total playing time: 47:21

(6) andreikun, artscald, jollo, liiva, satanist666, Tino,
Mar 7 2007, 07:54:26 Chthonic - 9th Empyrean (2000)

*Artist: Chthonic
*Album: 9th Empyrean
*Year: 2000
*Genre: Melodic Black Metal
*Country: Taiwan
*Format: mp3@192
*Size: 54 Мб.

1.Breath Of Ocean
2.Mother Isle Disintegrated. Aboriginal Gods Enthroned (Chapter 2)
3.Floated Unconsciously In The Acheron
4.Summon Of China
5.Gods Souls Gathered
7.Upon The Empyrean
8.Guard The Isle Eternally
Total playing time: 38:09

(15) -l-, 0x13, anvic, EVIL DEaD, gwynnbleid, John Beak, joshua83, kim666, kolar666, neket, Rodriga, ShadMAD, sonofsabbath, varg-38ru, vasiljev_sergej,
Mar 7 2007, 06:45:04 Neoandertals - Neanderthals Were Master Butchers (2007)

*Artist: Neoandertals
*Album: Neanderthals Were Master Butchers
*Year: 2007
*Genre: Brutal Death/Grind
*Country: Estonia
*Format: mp3@256
*Size: 56 Мб.

1.Neanderthals Were Master Butchers
2.Defleshing the Cadaver Before Burial
3.Sliced By Man
4.The Mysterious Demise
5.Rebirth Of An Ancient Menace
6.Spawning Of Species
8.Neo-Neanderthals Travelling Through Consumed Continents
9.Brooding Over A Dead Breed
Total playing time: 29:38

(5) aa144aa, andreikun, Megafagg, metallicPK, satanist666,
Mar 6 2007, 21:51:35 Condemned - Desecrate The Vile (2007)

*Artist: Condemned
*Album: Desecrate The Vile
*Year: 2007
*Genre: Brutal Death Metal
*Country: United States Of America
*Format: mp3@VBR
*Size: 51 Мб.

1.Fixation On Suffering
2.Subject To Infliction
3.Descending Into Extinction
4.Impulsive Dismemberment
5.Servants Of Derangement
6.Habitual Depravity
7.Chapter Of Defilement
8.Mutilating The Inferior
9.Internally Devoured
10.Amputated Repugnance
Total playing time: 32:17

(10) aa144aa, andreikun, CaptianGoreGrind, les, Pitonudote, satanist666, Slava, Tino, Trynar, varlam4,
Mar 6 2007, 21:17:04 Obtained Enslavement - Centuries Of Sorrow (1994)

*Artist: Obtained Enslavement
*Album: Centuries Of Sorrow
*Year: 1994
*Genre: Symphonic Black Metal
*Country: Norway
*Format: mp3@192
*Size: 52 Мб.

1.Desecration Of My Souls
2.As I Slowly Fade
3.Dark Holiness
6.Haze Of Knowledge
7.Centuries Of Sorrow
Total playing time: 37:29

(11) awersed, Blакаgir, kolar666, KVRT, nick-4ever, Planewalker, Tino, underdog, vov7609, xska, zhol,
Mar 6 2007, 20:49:41 Misery Index - Hang Em High [ep] (2007)

*Artist: Misery Index
*Album: Hang Em High [ep]
*Year: 2007
*Genre: Death/Grind
*Country: United States Of America
*Format: mp3@VBR
*Size: 15 Мб.

1.Hang Em High
2.Scene And Not Heard
3.Love It Or Leave It
4.Discordia (Acoustic)
Total playing time: 07:00

Limited to 800 copies (500 black, 300 green)

(13) Ballisargon, dimmannius, Hellder, Mersik, Mist13Signifier, Rotten_Corpse, samokot, SilverLady, Skogvaktar, Trist, whoregore, yurick, ДэтТ,
Mar 5 2007, 16:07:29 Accursed & Ankrismah & Ancientblood & The One - Split Of Darkness [split] (2004)

*Artist: Accursed | Ankrismah | Ancientblood | The One
*Album: Split Of Darkness [split]
*Year: 2004
*Genre: Black Metal | Black Metal | Black Metal | Black Metal
*Country: United States | France | Brazil | Greece
*Format: mp3@VBR200kbps
*Size: 57MB

1.La Crue D'Acheron
4.Dive In The Abyss
5.For Satan Himself
6.Drenched By The Unholy Blood
Accursed (US):
7.Forever Following The Forgotten Paths Of Darkness And Evil
8.Black Rain
9.Visions Of Apocalypse
The One:
11.Alcoholic Armageddon
Total playing time: 40:36

(10) Arashi, artscald, foreverisforgotten, Forrrrest, ghaaran, gratsim, Lord Of The Siths, RUSP73, satanist666, varlam4,
Mar 3 2007, 21:47:53 Turulver - Nap Felõl (2006)

*Artist: Turulver
*Album: Nap Felõl
*Year: 2006
*Genre: Melodic Black Metal
*Country: Hungary
*Format: mp3@VBR
*Size: 89 Мб.

1....Ki йrtьnk messze ment...
2.Mindensйg szуnoklat
4.Nap Felõl
5.Farewell rite
6.954 - The invasion
7.Haditanбcs (Йnek a kurucz korbуl)
Total playing time: 48:03

Сори за плейлист!

(2) blackwraith, ssv,
Mar 3 2007, 21:35:11 Broken Hope - Grotesque Blessings (1999)

*Artist: Broken Hope
*Album: Grotesque Blessings
*Year: 1999
*Genre: Death Metal
*Country: United States (Chicago, Illinois)
*Format: mp3@192 кбит/с
*Size: 55 Мб

1. Wolf Among Sheep 04:47
2. Chemically Castrated 03:21
3. Necro-Fellatio 04:33
4. Christ Consumed 05:46
5. War-Maggot 04:47
6. Earth Burner 03:02
7. Internal Inferno 03:46
8. Razor Cunt 04:27
9. Hate Machine 04:26
Total playing time: 38:55

(5) Brutal, dm_372761, Persian Gorgrinder, thate_topa, Tino,
Mar 3 2007, 21:30:07 Mors In Tabula - Blemish (2006)

*Artist: Mors In Tabula
*Album: Blemish
*Year: 2006
*Genre: Industrial Black/Death Metal
*Country: Greece
*Format: mp3@VBR
*Size: 62 Мб.

1.Into The Maze
2.Passion Immured
4.Mk Ultra
5.Behold The Sin
6.The Void
8.Netter Khertet
9.Eye Of The Abyss
10.Sirens Call
Total playing time: 37:48

(3) Saretth, vov7609, yuratroll,
Feb 28 2007, 15:27:21 In-Quest - Epileptic (2004)

*Artist: In-quest
*Album: Epileptic
*Year: 2004
*Genre: Death Metal
*Country: Belgium
*Format: mp3@VBR192kbps
*Size: 77MB

1.Neurofractal Bypass
2.The Imminence Of Disposition
3.Reverberating Human Callousness
4.Deprivation Synapse
5.Retrospected Void
6.In For The Kill (Pro-Pain cover)
9.Placid Vortex
Total playing time: 42:40

(5) artscald, satanist666, Stringer, tombdemon, Vincent,

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