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Jun 10 2019, 05:09:29 Альбом 2009 года в жанре technical / progressive death. Тур1
Pestilence “Resurrection Macabre” 2
Serdce “The Alchemy Of Harmony” 2
Expulsion "Wasteworld" 2
Beheaded Zombie “Stastie Dlia Vseh” 2
The Chasm “Farseeing The Paranormal Abysm” 2
Gnostic "Engineering The Rule" 1
Suffocation “Blood Oath” 2
Nile "Those Whom The Gods Detest" 1
Gorod "Process Of A New Decline" 2
Never "Back To The Front" 1
Ulcerate “Everything Is Fire” 1
Mindwork "Into the Swirl" 1
Cebtaurus-A "Side Effects Expected" 1
(1) Язва,
May 19 2019, 09:59:14 Nocturnus A.D. - Paradox (2019)
Absolutely brilliant, nearly as breath-taking as "The Key"; there's no thrash here under any from, this is a smattering slab of technical/progressive death metal mastery, a must-listen.

Wow, just when you've thought that Possessed's comeback opus may as well be the album of the year, comes this unexpected album to make everyone think twice about this year's greatest works...
(8) Beazth, Foneg, infiltrator, raattent, Samaritianin, StabWound, troll_swamp, Vladimir102,
Apr 20 2019, 12:45:19 Альбом 2018 года в жанре technical / progressive death. Финал
Sadist Spellbound

Садисты + Хичкок; самая уникальная комбинация, что можно больше сказать... Я грустный что о красивой "Rebecca" забыли, но музыка очень хорошая, атмосферный прогресивный металл с интересным, неожиданным ходом... дет металлом не так много етоть раз.
(3) Ghostb, infiltrator, mirotvorets,
Apr 4 2019, 10:23:14 Океан Мессиобожателей на Невском, или Голосовалка за лучший альбом 2018 года
Voivod “The Wake”
Riot V “Armor Of Light”
Azusa “Heavy Yoke”
Necrodeath “The Age Of Dead Christ”
Pestilence “Hadeon”
Horrendous "Idol"
Blitzkrieg “Judge Not!"”
Solstice “White Horse Hill”
Insania.11 “D’orrore”
Sacral Rage “Beyond Celestial Echoes”
Unorthodox “Maze Of Existence”
Agony Face “Evolving Discharges”
Dysmorphic “An Illusive Progress”
Impellitteri “The Nature Of The Beast”
Eldritch “Cracksleep”
Sadist “Spellbound”
Dee Snider “For The Love Of Metal”
Manticora “To Kill To Live To Kill”
Fifth Angel “The Third Secret”
In The Woods “Cease The Day”
(2) avkruchinin, infiltrator,
Apr 2 2019, 12:57:29 Альбом 2018 года в жанре technical / progressive death. Тур2
Dysmorphic - An Illusive Progress 2
Gorod — Æthra 1
Pestilence — Hadeon 2
Sadist — Spellbound 2
Unreal Overflows - Latent 1
Will 'O' Wisp — Mot 1
(2) infiltrator, Язва,
Mar 20 2019, 14:00:05 Сатурналии (Антипопсовая голосовалка) Часть 10 - 2015-2017, финал
Barren Earth "On Lonely Towers"

Hail Spirit Noir "Mayhem In Blue"
(3) Exorcist, Illogicist, Whitefish,
Mar 19 2019, 14:24:55 Immortal Cringe - I Sea [demo] (1999)
This is way more than just a dress rehearsal for the brilliant full-length; schizoid frantic thrash/death ala Atheist's "Piece of Time" and Hellwitch's first. Expect some fabulous virtuoso guitar work with classical overtones
(1) Proteus_666,
Mar 19 2019, 14:22:38 Immortal Cringe - Undying Fear (2001)
This is one of the finest underground gems ever released on US soil; classic technical thrash at its absolute best, rivalling nearly every second from masterpieces like Sieges Even's "Life Cycle" and Deathrow's "Deception Ignored".
(1) Proteus_666,
Mar 12 2019, 13:20:59 Альбом 2018 года в жанре technical / progressive death. Тур1
Pestilence “Hadeon” +2
Horrendous "Idol" +2
Sanity Obscure “Codex Incognitus” +1
Conveyor “An Incarnated Abstraction” +1
Exlimitir “It Weighed Itself In Silver” +2
Insania.11 “D’orrore” +2
Unorthodox “Maze Of Existence” +1
Agony Face “Evolving Discharges” +1
Thoren “Gwarth I” +2
Unreal Overflows “Latent” +1
Dysmorphic “An Illusive Progress” +2
Sadist “Sellbound” +1
Cosmic Atrophy “The Void Engineers” +1
Rapture "Paroxysm of Hatred" +1
(2) infiltrator, Язва,
Mar 11 2019, 14:19:39 Continuum - Designed Obsolescence (2019)
very close to the debut; acrobatic technical death with plenty of virtuoso musicianship. Nothing new but done with professionalism and even a bit of inspiration
(1) Язва,
Mar 2 2019, 06:57:46 Arcane Ritual - Witch-Heart (2019)
There's NO thrash here under any form; this is power/doom with atmospheric gothic overtones not far from mid-period The Gathering; strong similarity in the vocal department, too
(1) krotovich,
Feb 22 2019, 04:05:20 Left Hand Solution - Though The Mourning Woods (2019)
that's definitely a pleasant surprise; I really liked the band's earlier efforts, this melancholic gothic, non-rushed approach they had to the doom metal genre... hopefully they have followed up on it here
(1) Samaritianin,
Feb 14 2019, 19:45:08 Aftermath - There Is Something Wrong (2019)
Well, there is nothing wrong with this album although it's quite a mixed bag. A few, but just a few, tracks are a direct take on the thrashcore style from their early demos; most of the material, though, flirts with the progressive thrash/metal roster, but don't expect anything serious and labyrinthine ala "Eyes of Tomorrow": this is trippy psychedelic stuff that has a lot more in common with more recent Voivod. Definitely on the positive side if we exclude two nonsensical music-less cuts ("A Handful of Dynamite", the closing "Expulsion") which presence may get on someone's nerves.
(1) aesteticvice,
Feb 9 2019, 11:03:32 Альбом 2010 года в жанре technical / progressive death. Финал
грандиозное возвращение мастеров; что больше можно сказать... мистер Shaefer и мистер Flynn чудодеи какие то; урок по современное техно-дет ass-kicking они дали. Интересно, что энтузиазм очень сильный был здесь; как молодежи они играли, везде старались по крайней мере достичь высота "Unquestionable Presence".
(1) Deze,
Feb 9 2019, 06:40:51 Сатурналии (Антипопсовая голосовалка) Часть 9 - 2012-2014, финал
Officium Triste "Mors Viri"
Anacrusis "Dancing With The Past"
(1) vam1972,
Feb 8 2019, 10:51:42 Drottnar - Monolith (2019)
QUOTE(judaz @ Feb 8 2019, 08:01:44) *
Если так, то надо слушать в обязательном порядке.

Является как более сложная версия етого альбома, для меня. Хороший материал, только не
так лабиринтныйм получился, по сравнению с предходным.
(1) judaz,
Feb 7 2019, 19:03:46 Drottnar - Monolith (2019)
a strange, avant-garde form of the good old black; an interesting diverse listen which is still miles away from the intricate genius of the band's first two, especially the colossal "Stratum". Reminds me of a more complex version of Satyricon's "Age of Nero"
(1) judaz,
Jan 20 2019, 15:51:52 Сатурналии (Антипопсовая голосовалка) Часть 9 - 2012-2014, тур 2
A Forest of Stars - A Shadowplay For Yesterdays -1
After Oblivion - Stamina +2
Arkaik - Metamorphignition +1
Barren Earth - The Devil's Resolve
Exumer - Fire & Damnation +1
Khors - Мудрість століть (Wisdom of Centuries)
Malignancy - Eugenics+1
Mgla - With Hearts Toward None
Sophicide - Perdition Of The Sublime +1
Unreal Overflows - False Welfare +2

Avatarium - Avatarium +2
Caladan Brood - Echoes Of Battle +1
Defeated Sanity - Passages Into Deformity +1
Gris - A l'Ame Enflammee, l'Ame Constellee... -1
In Vain - Ænigma
Jungle Rot - Terror Regime
Officium Triste - Mors Viri
Unhuman - Unhuman +1
Witherscape - The Inheritance

Anacrusis (a.k.a. Kenn Nardi) - Dancing With The Past +3
Beyond Creation - Earthborn Evolution +1
Doom:VS - Earthless -1
Mekong Delta - In A Mirror Darkly +2
Serdce - Timelessness +2
Гробовая Доска - По Душу Пьяницы -1

(1) Mplast,
Jan 18 2019, 10:14:24 Legion Of The Damned - Slaves Of The Shadow Realm (2019)
absolute old school thrash masterpiece! Almost beating their previous act, Occult's masterpiece "Elegy for the Weak"...
(1) aesteticvice,
Jan 16 2019, 15:04:28 Альбом 2010 года в жанре technical / progressive death. Тур1
Atheist “Jupiter” 2
Sadist “Season In Silence” 2
Chryseis "Planet Dead" 2
An Infinite Dream Sequence “The Series Of Reveries Subsides” 1
Embryonic Devourment “Vivid Interpretations Of The Void” 2
Stigmatized “Whispers Of The Dead” 1
Killem "Reflections Of Decline" 1
Banisher "Slaughterhouse" 1
Pestifer "Age Of Disgrace" 2
Funeral Speech "E Tenebris" 1
(1) Язва,
Dec 22 2018, 17:45:08 Contrarian - Their Worm Never Dies (2019)
Another very interesting complex, entangled puzzle produced by the guys; quite similar to the preceding album, technical/progressive death metal with great melodic sweeps; not as aggressive this time, with less frequent fast-paced moments
(1) StabWound,
Dec 22 2018, 08:06:11 Итальянская школа техно-дэта
There's this very interesting band, Goldenseed; they're more in the wider progressive metal scope, but the debut "Creatures of the Sea" is a very weird eccentric, extreme blend of styles with death metal leading the pack. Highly recommended for fans of the unorthodox and the left-hand-path in music

More recently appeared acts like Agony Face, Warmblood, and the already split-up Murder Therapy (now Nero di Marte) should also be added to the list.
(1) Genuine Thrashiac,
Dec 17 2018, 16:46:48 Etherial Grief - Handful Of Grief [demo] (1994)
excellent progressive/technical thrash/death, quite similar to Sadist's debut "Above the Light", only more thrash-fixated and not so focused on atmosphere. Very good dynamic stuff although the vocals are really bad harsh shouty, with a not very pleasant hardcore timbre.
(2) Ghostb, SyncestrA,
Dec 13 2018, 03:08:18 Power Of Pussy - Alternative Space (2017)
Pussy has enormous power, no doubt about that... Long Live Pussy!
(1) Hellraizer,
Dec 8 2018, 09:43:52 Metal Church - Damned If You Do (2018)
A fairly decent album, truth be told; definitely better than the last one although one will be too naive to expect masterpieces along the lines of "Blessing in Disguise" or "The Human Factor" to appear later.
(1) Ghostb,

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