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Aug 27 2019, 01:46:20 Sanity - Sinister Reflections (1998)
hard to find.
please RE-UP
(2) dermarsoran, infiltrator,
Apr 23 2019, 23:26:46 Malhavoc - July Rehearsal [bootleg] (1987)
Any demos from the "Punishments" and "Release" era would be very welcome.

Thanks for this.

There used to be a blog who used to have loads of their old 80s stuff. Unfortunately have no idea where that stuff is nowadays.
(1) Wail,
Sep 5 2013, 20:49:55 Mandroïd Of Krypton - Our Brilliant Embassies (2012)
This album is called "Our Brilliant Embassies" check on their bandcamp or metal-archives
(1) Genuine Thrashiac,
Jun 17 2013, 12:13:51 Caustic Thought - Caustic Thought (1994)
Can someone RE-UPload this one?

(1) Tino,
Mar 1 2013, 06:51:22 Various Artists - Spirit Folk Brasil [best of/compilation] (2012) (2) marilin, satanist666,
Mar 1 2013, 03:43:20 Dead God - Alone [ep] (2012)

Dudes, use a bit of the brain... the link gives an error, but it is clearly there, so if you take the "bad coding" out, you get a PERFECT working LINK:

(2) avkruchinin, muskatnuss,
Feb 20 2013, 15:38:43 Vulture - Godhead [ep] (2013)
(1) varlam4,
Feb 18 2013, 19:23:02 Attacker - Giants Of Canaan (2013)

Thank you very much nbhfy !!!
(1) nbhfy,
Feb 18 2013, 15:39:59 Hemotoxin - Between Forever...And The End (2013)
There is an easy way to "rip" Bandcamp bands without buying (which would get you mp3s in 320kbps)
Use say Internet Explorer, go to the Temporary Internet Files and get the MP3s in 128kbps which are there.

Young Kids have been working hard

Biohazard Demo 2011
Walls That Divide Demo 2011
Demo 2012 Demo 2012
Divinity in Torture EP 2012
The Shadow Over Innsmouth Single 2013
Between Forever... and the End Full-length 2013
(2) Genuine Thrashiac, Militia,
Feb 11 2013, 01:14:06 Final Prayer - The Human Atrocity (1996)

Refresh Links anyone?
(1) Tino,
Feb 5 2013, 09:51:55 Incarnator - Caeca Superstitio (2013)

More Russian Tech-Prog-Death please!!! smile3.gif
(1) Foneg,
Feb 4 2013, 07:14:59 Gunjah - Politically Correct? (1995)

SOME NEW LINKS would be appreciated...

I think they turned into rap-metal later-on
(1) Tino,
Jan 30 2013, 21:09:17 Megadeth

1994 - Youthanasia [ 28 ] [14.14%]


1985 - Killing Is My Business...And Business Is Good! [ 14 ] [7.07%]
1986 - Peace Sells...But Who's Buying? [ 24 ] [12.12%]
1988 - So Far, So Good...So What?! [ 13 ] [6.57%]

SHOCKED!!! redp.gif

Can only be kids voting... bang.gif
(1) canadaspaceman,
Jan 26 2013, 18:13:13 The Mist - Ashes To Ashes, Dust To Dust (1993)
Thanx you very much DarkHorde!


(1) DarkHorde,
Jan 26 2013, 18:08:25 The Mist

Ah, ok I get it!

Thanx DarkHorde!

Anyway, I already know the records, I have them somewhere but in low 128kbps in some CDr from stuff I downloaded a long time ago.
Ill try to take the Discography... but for now it will be cool to put "phantasmagoria" in 192kbs on my phone smile1.gif

(1) DarkHorde,
Nov 21 2010, 23:57:40 Various Artists - A Guide To Middle Eastern Black Metal (Bootleg Compilation) [best of/compilation] (2009)

thanx for effort man, lol

no complains about quality it is underground and filthy...

one complaint though...the cover art... MIDDLE-EASTERN music, with a EUROPEAN Renaissance dude on the cover-Artwork??
makes no sense.
(1) Okkultis,
Dec 15 2009, 13:40:23 Tiwanaku - Tiwanaku [demo] (2003)

Yes, Technician but its only Emo..

well, he is from latterday Nocturnus phase ...still great, but still only a bass player, not the Riff-machine space-duo

I much like Mike Brownings new band After Death, but still, they are not nearly as "out-there-in-outer-space" as Nocturnus, in technical terms.

If someone knows bands in the Nocturnus mould, please do tell. (although reaching the godz level of speed-fast and out-there weirdness is difficult)

And we all know that Nocturnus strenght was the axe-killing dual guitarz, and to a certain point the atmosphere of L.Panzer.
What are those 3 dudes doing?
Dec 2 2009, 02:18:07 After Death - Reviving The Gods [demo] (2004)
Mike Browning rulezzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
Nov 22 2009, 21:07:17 Nightfall - Nightfall [Bootleg] (2009)
Efthimis Karadimas freakin rulezzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz! metaler.gif

All of their stuff kicks ass in some way, even the latter gothic-Melodic-Death ones from "Lesbian Show" onwards

pray.gif pray.gif "Parade Into Centuries"
pray.gif pray.gif "Macabre Sunsets"
pray.gif pray.gif "Eons Aura" mcd
pray.gif pray.gif "Athenian Echoes"

if someone knows the link to "Oh Black Queen, Oh You're Mine" EP, 1993 , please do tell

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