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Feb 12 2020, 20:41:22 Faustian Pact - Outojen Tornien Varjoissa (2020)
If theres one thing Finland is excellent in: Synth layered Black Metal
(2) infiltrator, Occultas,
Dec 27 2019, 13:59:24 Blasphemy - Desecration Of Belo Horizonte - Live In Brazilian Ritual Fifth Attack [live] (2019)
They really should focus finally on a new record. Honestly who wants Blasphemy in thousand live recordings and thousand compilation recordings and Promo tapes? Its the same fucking songs since 1993. Talking about resting on laurels...
(2) infiltrator, vosmidesijatye,
Nov 21 2019, 11:32:22 Wolvencrown - Of Bark And Ash (2019)
Wolves don't bark.
Thanks anyway
(1) Winterkalte,
Oct 22 2019, 15:00:59 Mayhem - Daemon (2019)
It's the best since DMDS imho. Sure it's not a "masterpiece". It's a Mayhem album that is the most closest to DMDS without straight up copying that album. What do you want more? It does have a very distinct individual sound. The basslines are very DMDS'ish.

This is an album that sounds exactly like the album that should've been released after DMDS. And thats a good thing.
(7) Extreme Brutal, infiltrator, NecroButcher, Razorbladeswaltz, Reverend, vosmidesijatye, wolverine,
Oct 19 2019, 09:18:52 Teitanblood - The Baneful Choir (2019)
One of the most consistent bands ever.. With each Album they deliver what they do best. It's rarely that you hear a band which you can say "All albums are equally great", i think teitanblood is such a bad. Their new album is one hell of a maelstrom again.
(4) babanguida, infiltrator, wolverine, Фо,
Oct 2 2019, 15:55:26 Avathar - Bûrgulu Kû-Ghâra (2019)
I didn't like the last Summoning album, maybe this is better ?!
(1) kimkayoung,
Sep 19 2019, 18:30:43 Borknagar - True North (2019)
ЦИТАТА(dalek @ Sep 19 2019, 18:11:53) *
Будет не красиво - будет готишно, ну а готишно это не прогрессивно.

As someone who listens a lot of goth music, i feel the need to defend this music genre...theres nothing gothic about female vocals. Listen to bands like Horror Vacui, She past away and Ash Code... excellent postpunk/darkwave. No female vocals.
(1) Old Vyaine,
Apr 27 2019, 01:01:46 Gardsghastr - Slit Throat Requiem (2019)
This album is just insane. Between Vargrav new Record and this...it's hard to choose the best symphonic BM in 2019
(1) Evjenne,
Mar 27 2019, 15:10:49 Possessed - No More Room In Hell [single] (2019)
Sounds like they were never gone at all.
(2) Shadowman, slack,
Feb 28 2019, 12:09:22 Phobonoid - La Caduta Di Phobos (2019)
Does this sound like old Aborym?
(1) featb,
Dec 26 2018, 22:25:43 Guðveiki - Vængför (2018)
Why is iceland that much inspired by Deathspell Omega if it comes to Black Metal ? Can't they do a different style for once...
(1) rickzammuto,
Dec 24 2018, 03:05:49 Venom - Storm The Gates (2018)
Dark Night of the Soul is a fucking great song. You listen that shit while driving a car
(3) babanguida, biroutios, Фо,
Dec 20 2018, 12:02:39 Satyricon - Intermezzo II [ep] (1999)
reupload please
(2) hushmail, PIOJANK,
Dec 11 2018, 13:18:20 Das Magier - Лес Чёрных Теней [demo] (2015)
ЦИТАТА(Kwaad @ Dec 11 2018, 11:47:42) *
там суффикс -chen, показатель среднего рода.
Es hiesse "das Magierchen", denke ich, oder?

No :D Magierchen does not exist.. it would be "Die Magierin". Usually "chen" at the end of words is used as a belittlement, but you can't put it on all words. For Magier there is no belittlement. But you can say Jungchen (little boy) for example. But thats a really german thing to say, where i live, in Austria, we don't use that (we usually use a more harder language of german, by sound and by grammar). For example in austrian german people use "-erl " for an belittlement, which i think sounds pretty stupid but also more harsh. So "Das Mädchen" in austrian would be "Das Mäderl" then. You can say both, everyone will understand and they teach you in school Mädchen but a lot of ...well patriotic and older perople are used to say "Mäderl". Can be combined with a lot of things... Hunderl (little dog), Katzerl (little cat), Handerl (little hands) and so on.. Its the same in german with "-chen" :D
(1) Kwaad,
Dec 11 2018, 10:58:12 Das Magier - Лес Чёрных Теней [demo] (2015)
ЦИТАТА(randyhermit @ Dec 11 2018, 10:53:52) *
What about "das Mädchen"?

Das Mädchen is used if you talk about not a specific person. Like with animals...like if someone on the streets wants money from you and you just go by and someone asks you what happaned and you answer "das mädchen wanted money". So yeah i forgot to add that. Even for german speakers it's hard to tell WHY specific Nomen have the article they have. There is not really a logic behind it i guess...one of those things you learn by default if you grow up with a language. Lot of languages have rules like that, it kinda sucks. I learned Arabic, Turkish and Babylonian on university and they have a ton of these fucking "by default" rules...very hard.

@craP_cillA Ich bin Ösi :D
(2) randyhermit, Vardlokkur,
Dec 10 2018, 22:42:48 Das Magier - Лес Чёрных Теней [demo] (2015)
Thats a big fail....i'm native german speaker and the article is wrong in the name. You can only say "Der Magier". Or if you want to use it as a female you say "Die Magierin"...there is no "Das" Magier. Das is used for lifeless objects and some specific Nomen in german language. Der and Die for Persons.

Kinda funny
(6) andivi, Infidel, Krosis, Kwaad, Vardlokkur, vosmidesijatye,
Dec 10 2018, 06:54:01 Sigh - Hangman's Hymn (2007)
From web 320kbps

(3) CelticSPB, HviteGuden, nikolay81,
Dec 3 2018, 02:38:33 Baptism - Grim Arts Of Melancholy (2008)

from the web
(2) cist, thenecromancer,
Dec 1 2018, 20:45:01 Whoredom Rife - Nid: Hymner Av Hat (2018)
It's a good album but i have to say that all the Nidrosian Bands are all kinda without much heights or lows. Like Mare and One Tail one Head as well, the songs sound pretty similar. they sound good, the riffs are good and all...but theres nothing SPECIAL in the music (like Mare and OTOH as well). I don't kow ..i'm not dissapointed or anything. It's just hard to say "This album is special".
(1) Darkwood,
Nov 26 2018, 15:59:05 Svartidauði - Revelations Of The Red Sword (2018)
Much better than DSO, period
(1) tormoz,
Nov 25 2018, 11:08:11 Graveland - Świt Stalowych Ostrzy (2018)
I liked Graveland when he was singing about Carpathian Forests and played Black Metal. After when he starts using Mjöllnir Hammer as Anal Plugs and give blowjobs to Odin i stopped listen to him. 6.gif 21.gif
(1) ingram,
Nov 22 2018, 13:05:25 Spearhead - Pacifism Is Cowardice (2018)
I like piece. Must be a shit life constantly living among bombs and terrorists :/
(3) marilin, metala, Samaritianin,
Nov 9 2018, 09:31:00 Clandestine Blaze - Tranquility Of Death (2018)
Never been a big fan of that band...and also the new album sounds pretty boring to me.
(2) babanguida, wolverine,
Nov 8 2018, 13:34:41 Lucifer's Child - The Order (2018)
This album is really fucking good. Greece really is the epicentre of great black metal nowadays
(2) aesteticvice, judaz,
Oct 22 2018, 14:55:48 Kriegsmaschine - Apocalypticists (2018)
I'm a bit dissapointed. The Album is not bad but there is no "outburst" in the songs. It all sounds like it is a build-up to a very aggressive and heavy part. But that part never comes.

So yeah...its more like Black Metal you turn on when you're in half-sleep. Thenthe atmosphere draws you good in. But if you wanna listen total war and fast aggressive riffs...this album is not for you. This is a very calm album without any real heights or lows in the song structure department. Which is fine..but it's for a special mood.
(1) babanguida,

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