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May 4 2012, 11:37:33 Новости Black-направления
ЦИТАТА(vosmidesijatye @ May 4 2012, 17:25:28) *

Откуда инфа? А кавер на катю без надрыва привычного, очень непривычно.

Первое с фейсбука, второе с сайта их пиар менеджера.
they finished at the studio a few weeks ago
SHINING’s eighth, as yet untitled, full-length album will be released in autumn of this year.

(2) infiltrator, vosmidesijatye,
May 1 2012, 17:24:25 Новости Black-направления
GOATMOON - Son of the Northwind CD single

(2) Forrrrest, hastur,
Apr 30 2012, 16:46:51 Panopticon
Раз уж тут у вас поправочки по Паноптикону пошли, то стоило бы отметить, что "On the Subject of Mortality" это вовсе не компиля, а вполне себе полноформатный альбом. Там, конечно, песни со сплитов натыканы, но музыкает его определяет именно как свой третий альбус.
(2) infiltrator, satanath,
Apr 20 2012, 10:10:42 Новости Black-направления
BEHERIT - Celebrate The Dead 12"MLP
(pressed 1000 copies, 100 in marble black)
Release date: May 3rd, 2012

The mad fiend Holocausto and his merry band of Beheriteers are at it again. The new album involves one song from the epic 2009 release Engram, and one song assembled from material prepared for that album.
1. Demon Advance 13:13
2. Celebrate The Dead 16:18

(8) acerbus, Aphrax, HA7tur, LarsIsLars, postED, RUDACHUR, Taragorm, Vrolok,
Apr 15 2012, 18:22:56 Lonesome Wyatt And The Holy Spooks - Heartsick (2011)
ЦИТАТА(The_Hound @ Apr 15 2012, 23:47:07) *
mirror, please.

Come and get this misery.
(1) The_Hound,
Apr 10 2012, 06:47:31 Новости Black-направления
Скоро выйдет новая эпишка Сотаник Вормастер, а где-то через годик полноформат.
I can now officially announce that the process for invoking the next S.W. album has begun. There are new streaks blood and an aura of rebirth circling this wolfish entity once again. Do not expect anything, repeating the same pattern is not an option. Do not ask when, it will take it's time (hopefully less than a year this time). Just await the return of true primal northern darkness and evil.
(2) infiltrator, T.H.U.L.E.,
Apr 3 2012, 13:39:59 Новости Black-направления
Карпаты планируют новый ольбом, такие дела.

Ok - let's try this again and this time I start by stating THIS IS OFFICIAL CARPATHIAN FOREST NEWS AND NOT VRANGSINN'S PERSONAL OPINION!
Dear friends. This is VRANGSINN speaking. I have some amazing news. I Had a long a very nice conversation with NATTEFROST yesterday and we are both looking very much forward to doing the concerts this upcoming autumn. Both the CARPATHIAN FOREST AT CARPATHIAN ALLIANCE METAL FESTIVAL - UKRAINE concert and the BUNKER Festival in Oslo. And we also want to do another album. The album may not be released in 2012, but at least now all the fans finally get a confirmation - CARPATHIAN FOREST is not dead!!!
(4) Chasm, fuck3r, Listad, Tular,
Apr 2 2012, 15:35:27 The Moon Mistress - Silent Voice Inside (2012)

*Artist: The Moon Mistress
*Album: Silent Voice Inside
*Year: 2012
*Genre: Stoner/Doom Metal
*Country: Russian Federation
*Format: mp3@CBR320kbps
*Size: 153MB

1. Gate One 01:00
2. Cremation Meditation 04:06
3. The Wicker Man 10:27
4. Cease To Exist 06:58
5. Invocation To Hecate 11:40
6. Gate Two 00:35
7. Samsara 05:28
8. Silent Voice Inside 16:34
9. The Moon Mistress 06:15
Total playing time: 1:03:03

[more=Extended info]Prepare your ears for about an hour of lo-fi psychedelia disturbance, boneshaking low-end vibrations oozing with filth and drug-induced trance-like meditation over the course of nine songs. Having that very primaitive edge to it the record is going to stop your higher brain activity turning the listener into the devoted disciple worshipping the might of THE MOON MISTRESS.
+300 dpi scans

(40) abob, AndreFrancis, barlenan, Beazth, Brann, Brutal, DarkFlame, doomTemplar, drbutcher, e2_81, Emhyr var Emreis, Galactus, Hroedmar, J0k3r, karharoth, killboyhead, kolar666, krmu2, KVRT, lex-reev, LioSta, marilin, Marina543, MeathookSeed, Morbvs, muskatnuss, old, RUDACHUR, SatanicPanzer, Shub, StoneTemple, SyncestrA, TNARAG, Torlof, Unkle Jonny, v.v.m, VALERY, Vertigo, Wolfera, Дерсу Узала,
Mar 31 2012, 07:35:56 Новости Black-направления
Agalloch have completed the recording of their forthcoming EP entitled “Faustian Echoes”. With acclaimed engineer Billy Anderson at the helm, the band recorded a 20 minute long conceptual and colossal track live onto two-inch tape. The recording took place at Jackpot Studio in Portland, Oregon during March 24th-25th. A release date has yet to be set, but we will keep you all updated through our official Facebook page. This EP will appear on both LP and CD.
фотки с записи.
(2) blackdoomprophecy, fuck3r,
Mar 22 2012, 16:44:34 Новости Black-направления
I Had Too Much To Dream (Last Night) у них великолепно получилась. А идею записать целый альбом старинного психодела, я так понимаю, они забросили?

Именно полноформатника в этом стиле не планировалось, зато в мае выйдет релиз Childhood's End, содержащий 16 каверов на олдскульный психодел. А эпишка Roadburn это что-то типа превью этого релиза.
1. Bracelets Of Fingers (Pretty Things)
2. Lament Of The Astral Cowboy (Curt Boettcher)
3. Can You Travel In The Dark Alone? (Gandalf )
4. Sonn There Will Be Thunder (Common People)
5.Today (Jeff Erson Airplane)
6.Street Song (13th Floor Elevators)
7. 66-5-4-3-2-1 (Troggs)
8. I Had Too Much To Dream Last Night (Electric Prunes)
9. I Can See The Light (Les Fleur De Lys)
10. The Trap (Bonniwell 's Music Machine)
11. Everybody's Been Burned (Byrds)
12. Dark Is The Bark (Left Banke)
13. Living In The Past (Chocolate Watch Band)
14. Velvet Sunsets (Music Emporium)
15. Magic Hollow (Beau Brummels)
16. Where Is Yesterday (United States Of America) [/more]
(1) Baudolino,
Feb 12 2012, 12:18:26 Kêres & IC Rex - IC Kêres [collaboration] (2007)
тонкий намек на IC Vortex?

Как-то ты это воще не к месту, тем более, что Вортекс всё-таки ICS.

И да, стоило бы отметить, что это коллаборация между IC Rex и Keres, вышедшая в 2007, и переизданная в 2011 Kuunpalvelus на CD.

А материал вполне такой обычный, от этого лейбла как-то чо то большего ожидал.
(1) killboyhead,
Jan 22 2012, 18:56:07 Nick Cave And The Bad Seeds - The Boatman's Call (1997)

*Artist: Nick Cave And The Bad Seeds
*Album: The Boatman's Call
*Year: 1997
*Genre: Alternative Rock
*Country: Australia
*Format: mp3@CBR320kbps
*Size: 116MB

1. Into My Arms 04:16
2. Lime Tree Arbour 02:56
3. People Ain't No Good 05:42
4. Brompton Oratory 04:06
5. There Is A Kingdom 04:52
6. (Are You) The One That I've Been Waiting For 04:02
7. Where Do We Go Now But Nowhere 05:46
8. West Country Girl 02:45
9. Black Hair 04:14
10. Idiot Prayer 04:21
11. Far From Me 05:33
12. Green Eyes 03:31
Total playing time: 52:04

[more=Extended info]+scans.
The album, which is entirely piano-based and a departure from the band's post-punk catalogue, remains one of the most critically acclaimed releases of Nick Cave's career.
Nick Cave – vocals, piano, organ, keyboards, vibes
Mick Harvey – electric guitar, acoustic guitar, bass, organ, vibes
Blixa Bargeld – electric guitar
Warren Ellis – violin, accordion
Jim Sclavunos – drums, melodica, bells
Conway Savage – additional piano, backing vocals
Martyn P. Casey – bass
Thomas Wydler – drums, maracas[/more]

(3) Caecus, dead can dance, ghostWhite,
Jan 5 2012, 20:20:41 Rob Coffinshaker - Dark Rollin' Skies [ep] (2011)

*Artist: Rob Coffinshaker
*Album: Dark Rollin' Skies [ep]
*Year: 2011
*Genre: Death Country
*Country: Sweden
*Format: mp3@CBR320kbps
*Size: 13MB

1. Dark Rollin' Skies 02:49
2. Stone Is Very, Very Cold 02:42
3. Henry Green 02:32
4. In The Pines 03:04
Total playing time: 11:07

[more=Extended info]Сольная эпишечка вокалиста The Coffinshakers. Тупо шедевр, ящитаю.

(9) Beazth, bka, celt1066, Emhyr var Emreis, Executor_, Haunting, Infidel, satanath, wolfland,
Dec 18 2011, 18:47:57 2011. Black Metal альбомы года
Ulver - Wars of the Roses

(1) Vertigo,
Dec 16 2011, 13:36:01 Sons Of Perdition - Psalms For The Spiritually Dead (2010)

*Artist: Sons Of Perdition
*Album: Psalms For The Spiritually Dead
*Year: 2010
*Genre: Death Country
*Country: United States
*Format: mp3@VBR242kbps
*Size: 63MB

01. Psalm of Withering 3:02
02. Psalm of Sand Creek 4:32
03. Psalm of Nod 3:21
04. Psalm of Retribution 4:10
05. Psalm of Solitude 3:01
06. Psalm of Hell 1:18
07. Psalm of Woe 2:43
08. Psalm of Eulogy 3:31
09. Psalm of Warmth 3:31
10. Psalm 138 5:15
11. Psalm of Slumber 4:54
Total playing time: 39:18

[more=Extended info]Sons of Perdition is the misshapen spawn of Zebulon Whatley and whoever else is gracious enough to submit him- or herself to his service of the LORD.

Lonesome Wyatt (vocals on "Psalm of Nod")
Dad Horse Ottn (banjo and backing vocals on "Psalm of Nod")
Dan 138 (music and backing vocals on "Psalm 138" - PFTSD)


(4) gwar, malice_iw, mevgal, Strygaldwir,
Dec 10 2011, 09:38:52 Lonesome Wyatt And The Holy Spooks - Heartsick (2011)
(1) Vertigo,
Nov 29 2011, 11:38:29 Forteresse - Crépuscule D'Octobre (2011)
Ценанул во время прогулочки, годное пилилово, поцаны исполняют по понятиям. Семплики тоже радуют.
(1) crackedbrain,
Nov 26 2011, 18:46:13 Новости Black-направления
[more="Обложа Псевдоб-га."][/more]
(6) deadland, GreatConspirator, HA7tur, hastur, infiltrator, Lord Noctua,
Nov 26 2011, 18:32:28 Burzum - From The Depths Of Darkness [compilation] (2011)
Кстати, во:
What lies ahead for Burzum?

When done promoting Fallen, I will start making a new album, and possibly start working with a compilation that will be made up of re-recorded tracks from Hvis Lyset tar oss and Filosofem (and possibly Aske).
(2) infiltrator, Vrolok,
Nov 22 2011, 12:49:26 Новости Black-направления
"With hearts toward none" CD/LP
2nd album of Mgła has been completed.
7 tracks / 44 minutes of disillusioned black metal.
Scheduled release: early 2012 through Northern Heritage (CD/LP) and Malignant Voices (CD, Poland only).
Семплик можно найти тут.
(20) alzus, Aphrax, Black Cat, Chasm, CultMetalSerge, Forrrrest, fuck3r, HA7tur, infiltrator, istukan, Morbvs, Naastmorkh, nsmetalhead, rimfrost, RUDACHUR, T.H.U.L.E., Torlof, Urfeuer, Vertigo, Vorax,
Nov 13 2011, 08:58:42 Lonesome Wyatt And The Holy Spooks - Heartsick (2011)

*Artist: Lonesome Wyatt And The Holy Spooks
*Album: Heartsick
*Year: 2011
*Genre: Dark Folk/Death Country
*Country: United States
*Format: mp3@CBR320kbps
*Size: 86MB

1. All I See Are Bones 3:51
2. Long, Long Ago 3:11
3. In the Gloaming 2:57
4. Feast of Fear 3:07
5. Going Crazy 2:51
6. Never Coming Home 3:45
7. Grotesquerie 1:06
8. There Is Nothing 2:31
9. I Wonder 4:47
10. My Cold Heart 3:10
11. One of the Wolves 2:36
12. Painful Goodbyes 5:16
Total playing time: 39:08

[more=Extended info]Lonesome Wyatt and the Holy Spooks take a grim musical detour from the raw meanness of Those Poor Bastards to construct 12 mournful songs of loneliness, sorrow and decay. It features ukulele, keyboard, piano, the occasional guitar, and soft gloomy vocals.[/more]

(14) bka, dead can dance, garretje, InFestus, Leolomb, Mirddin, murayne, neoatheist, SatanicPanzer, spazm, ssv, StoneTemple, Sylvi, Wolfera,
Nov 12 2011, 19:22:34 Новости Black-направления
Тащем-та, семплы всех песен с новой Бурзумокомпиляшки.
(3) assoass, Brann, infiltrator,
Nov 6 2011, 12:07:10 Pensées Nocturnes - Ceci Est De La Musique (2011)
Then where did this thing come from?

From official site. Well, I think that Vaerohn just post that album there to trick and troll fans in some really strange way. Can't give any other explanation.
(1) BBQ,
Nov 6 2011, 11:38:37 Pensées Nocturnes - Ceci Est De La Musique (2011)
BBQ, time to admit it, all PN fans just got trolled by Vaerohn. This album does not exist.
[more=1488.gif ][/more]
(1) BBQ,
Nov 5 2011, 19:41:13 Blasphemophagher - The III Command Of The Absolute Chaos (2011)
вокалит на 5-м треке, если ошибаюсь-правьте

Правлю — на шестом. Не знаю, что у него был за бандос, но вокал у пацана ломовейший.

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