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Jan 30 2007, 04:07:19 Amorphis - Tuonela (1999)
.спасибо за 320
.Morning Star - это что-то...
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Jan 26 2007, 09:27:20 Metallica
Metallica - Kill' Em All (1983)_by_gorg
Metallica - Ride The Lightning (1984)_by_Khayman
Metallica - Master Of Puppets (1986)_by_Khayman
Metallica - Garage Days Re-Visited (1987)_by_Khayman
Metallica - ...And Justice For All (1988)_by_Khayman
Metallica - Black Album (1991)_by_Khayman
Metallica - Live Shit Binge And Purge (1993)_by_Khayman
Metallica - Load (1996)_by_gorg
Metallica - Reload (1997)_by_gorg
Metallica - Garage Inc. (1998)* by gorg
Metallica - S&M (1999)_by_gorg
Metallica - St. Anger (2003)_by_gorg
Jan 26 2007, 09:23:04 Metallica

Thrash Metal (early), Hard Rock/Heavy/Thrash Metal (later)
Lyrical Theme(s):
Corruption, Death, Life, Internal struggles, Anger
United States Location: Los Angeles/San Francisco, California
Formed In:
Current line-up:
Lars Ulrich Drums (1981-present)
James Hetfield Vocals (lead), Guitars (rhythm) (1981-present)
See also: ex-Leather Charm, ex-Obsession, ex-Phantom Lord, ex-Spastik Children
Kirk Hammett Guitars (lead), Vocals (backing) (1983-present)
See also: ex-Exodus, ex-Spastik Children
Robert Trujillo Bass, Vocals (backing) (2003-present)
See also: Infectious Grooves, Mass Mental, ex-Jerry Cantrell, ex-Ozzy Osbourne, ex-Suicidal Tendencies, ex-Black Label Society (live), ex-Fydolla Ho
Former/Past Member(s):
Cliff Burton Bass (1982-1986)
(R.I.P. 1986) See also: ex-Trauma, ex-Agents of Misfortune, ex-EZ-Street, ex-Spastik Children, ex-The Chickenfuckers
Ron McGovney Bass (1982)
See also: ex-Phantasm, ex-Leather Charm, ex-Obsession, ex-Phantom Lord
Dave Mustaine Guitars (lead) (1982-1983)
See also: Megadeth, ex-MD.45, ex-Fallen Angels, ex-Panic
Jason Newsted Bass (1986-2001)
See also: ex-IR8, ex-Newsted, ex-Sexoturica, ex-WhoCares, Would & Steal, ex-Flotsam and Jetsam, ex-Ozzy Osbourne, ex-Voivod, ex-Dogz, ex-Dredlox, ex-Echobrain, ex-Gangster, ex-Papa Wheelie, ex-Paradox, ex-Quarteto de Pinga, ex-Rock Star Supernova, ex-Spastik Children
Live musicians:
Brad Parker Guitars (1982)
See also: ex-Odin
Jeff Warner Guitars (1982)
See also: ex-Black 'n' Blue
Jason Newsted Bass (1986-1987)
See also: ex-IR8, ex-Newsted, ex-Sexoturica, ex-WhoCares, Would & Steal, ex-Flotsam and Jetsam, ex-Ozzy Osbourne, ex-Voivod, ex-Dogz, ex-Dredlox, ex-Echobrain, ex-Gangster, ex-Papa Wheelie, ex-Paradox, ex-Quarteto de Pinga, ex-Rock Star Supernova, ex-Spastik Children
John Marshall Guitars (rhythm) (1986, 1992)
See also: ex-Blind Illusion, ex-Metal Church
Kenny Olson Guitars (rhythm) (2000)
See also: The Twisted Brown Trucker Ban, ex-Kid Rock
Joey Jordison Drums (2004)
See also: Sinsaenum, ex-Modifidious, Vimic, ex-Ministry (live), ex-Satyricon (live), ex-Anal Blast, ex-Hellpig, ex-Murderdolls, ex-Roadrunner United, ex-Scar the Martyr, ex-Slipknot, ex-The Have Nots, ex-Body Pit (live), ex-KoЯn (live), ex-Rob Zombie (live)
Dave Lombardo Drums (2004)
See also: Dead Cross, Fantômas, Suicidal Tendencies, Mr. Bungle (live), ex-Grip Inc., ex-Melvins, ex-Slayer, ex-Testament, ex-Metal Allegiance (live), ex-Voodoocult, ex-Escape, ex-Pap Smear, ex-Philm, ex-Sabotage, ex-Misfits (live)
Flemming Larsen Drums (2004)
[more="Additional notes:"]On top is an old photo of the band from 1984. Left to right: Kirk Hammett, James Hetfield, Lars Ulrich, and Cliff Burton
Pictured below is the band nowadays. Left to right: Kirk Hammett, James Hetfield, Lars Ulrich, and Robert Trujillo

Metallica was formed by Lars Ulrich and James Hetfield in the fall of 1981. Ulrich (who originally went to the US from Denmark to play tennis) had, during that summer, met Brian Slagel of Metal Blade Records and secured an appearance on an upcoming compilation called Metal Massacre, but had no band. He quickly found Hetfield, who was playing in Leather Charm at the time, and one day in December of 1981, they recorded the rhythm tracks to a remake of a Leather Charm song, "Hit the Lights". Hetfield tracked all guitars and bass on this recording, except for one of the solos, which was performed by guitarist Lloyd Grant in January 1982, and the song appeared on Metal Massacre in February.

Permanent guitarist Dave Mustaine (Megadeth) was brought in in February 1982, and a bassist, Ron McGovney, was found. Ron (who also designed the famous Metallica logo) was James's roommate, and James taught him to play bass, so that the band could play live. This line-up re-recorded "Hit the Lights" for the second pressing of Metal Massacre. The first live show was on March 14th at Radio City Music Hall in Anaheim. James did only vocals, and Dave was the single guitarist. The band at this point had several rehearsal tapes floating about, but then in response to one of those being pressed to vinyl by Bongus Loadus Records, decided to record their first demo, with the Grant version of Hit the Lights and two covers. This demo was first given out at the March 27th, 1982 gig at the Whisky, when they opened for Saxon. A vocalist named Sammy Dijon, of the band Ruthless, was in for a few rehearsals but no actual gigs (so do not add him to the former members section!).

Two more studio demos were recorded in 1982, one in April and one in July. On April 23rd, 1982, guitarist "Damien Phillips" (real name: Brad Parker) played one gig, before quitting, because Dave wouldn't let him do duelling leads. James took over as second guitarist live from then on. Extensive live gigging occured, including one show at Lars's high school on May 25th at which the final attendance was zero. On May 28th, Jeff Warner was on vocals, but this show seems to have been a glorified rehearsal. He sang only that one gig. Also, Tygers of Pan Tang vocalist Jesse Cox was considered, but he did not accept.

A live demo was recorded on November 29th, 1982 on a road trip to San Francisco. This road trip would prove useful, as the opener for Metallica on November 29th was a band called Exodus with Kirk Hammett on guitar. Also, Metallica attended a Trauma gig, with Cliff Burton on bass, and immediately tried to convince Cliff to join Metallica.

Cliff was convinced to join, on the condition that Metallica move to San Francisco. Cliff's first gig was March 5th, 1983. Ron McGovney was later seen in Phantasm. Problems between Dave Mustaine and the rest of the band arose in late March on a road trip to the east coast. Dave was given a bus ticket back home and unceremoniously released, while Kirk Hammett flew in and the band did not miss a gig. At this time, the band stayed with Anthrax and from what the band has said, it was very tough living, as all their little money went towards the band.

The first album, Kill 'em All, was recorded for Megaforce Records in the summer of 1983, and after some touring, they cut a four song demo in October. James Hetfield became the vocalist out of necessity and had considered finding a replacement so he could be a full time rhythm guitar player. They contemplated asking vocalist John Bush, vocalist of Armored Saint and later to be vocalist of Anthrax, to join but he declined, deciding to stay with "his buddies band." In the end Hetfield decided to take over vocals once and for all. The second album, Ride the Lightning, came out in the spring of 1984, featuring riffs from Dave Mustaine and also Tom Hunting via Kirk Hammett.

Work on a third album began in the summer of 1985, and the album, Master of Puppets, was released in the spring of 1986. As an early parody of the PMRC's "explicit lyrics" warning labels, many prints of Metallica's '86 release of Master of Puppets featured an octagonal sticker on the front stating:

"The only track you probably won't want to play is Damage, Inc. due to the multiple use of the infamous "F" word. Otherwise, there aren't any Shits, Fucks, Pisses, Cunts, Motherfuckers, or Cocksuckers anywhere on this record".

When James Hetfield broke his arm in a skateboarding accident in July 1986, six weeks of gigs featured roadie John Marshall on rhythm guitar (he would later join Metal Church). On September 25th, James was back. One more gig was played on the 26th, and then on the morning of the 27th, their tour bus hit a patch of black ice and flipped over, killing bassist Cliff Burton. (Morbid aside: he and Kirk had switched bunks just a few hours before.)

The band decided to continue, and began searching for a new bassist. Among those that tried out was Kirk Hammett's friend, bass legend Les Claypool (Blind Illusion, Primus), who was rejected, because he played too well. In the end, Flotsam & Jetsam bassist Jason Newsted was brought in in November, being officially sworn in at a restaurant in Phoenix called Tommy's Joint. The ...and Justice for All album was recorded in 1988, with a serious lack of bass presence, and then a world tour followed in 1989.

In 1989, Metallica was nominated for a Grammy in "Best Heavy Metal Performance of the Year" alongside AC/DC, Iggy Pop, and Jethro Tull. Everybody was expecting for Metallica to take the award, but, surprisingly, the award went to Jethro Tull, who did not even play metal or anything resembling it.

In 1991, the fifth Metallica album was released and this time they had a new producer. Flemming Rasmussen (producer of Pretty Maids, Blind Guardian, etc.), who had produced the previous 3 albums was out, and the new producer was Bob Rock. The new album was self-titled and had a much more commercial feel to it and sold 20 million copies worldwide.

And this time, justice took place as Metallica received a Grammy award for "Best Heavy Metal Performance of the Year". When they received it, Lars Ulrich said: "We wanna thank Jethro Tull for not putting out an album this year."

After extensive touring over the next four years, Metallica returned to the studio in May 1995, and recorded the album Load. The album was less metal-orientated and more laid back, and it still divides fans to this day. The follow up to Load, Reload, was released in 1997, and consisted of outtakes from Load.

The next album was released only a year later. Garage Inc. was a collection of B-Sides and the long out of print Garage Days Re-Revisited EP, along with a second disc consisting of brand new covers of songs from bands such as Mercyful Fate, Misfits, Nick Cave & the Bad Seeds, and Lynyrd Skynyrd, among others.

After a year of touring, the next Metallica project was entitled S&M a collaboration of sorts with the San Fransisco Symphony Orchestra. This consisted of two live shows, with Metallica playing some of their songs with a full Orchestral Backing.
S&M was released on cassette, CD, VHS, and DVD formats in November 1999. Metallica then won a grammy for "Rock Instrumental Performance" with "The Call of the Ktulu" taken from the S&M album.

The next few years would see a lot of upheaval within Metallica. In 2000 Metallica sued the file-sharing service Napster, with the claim that Napster "encourages and enables visitors to its website to unlawfully exchange with others copyrighted songs and sound recordings without the knowledge or permission of Metallica." This move, while ultimately successful, alienated a significant portion of Metallica's fans. Next, in January 2001, Jason Newstead, who had been Metallica's bassist for 14 years, quit "due to private and personal reasons, and the physical damage that [he had] done to [him]self over the years." This was followed by James going to rehab in July 2001.

Over the next few years Metallica were quite close to splitting up, as was documented in their DVD Some Kind of Monster However, they managed to overcome their differences, and by July 2003 they had Rob Trujillo as their new bassist and had released their eighth studio album, St. Anger

On April 4th, 2009 Metallica was inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.

On November 30th, 2012, Metallica launched their own label, Blackened Recordings and took ownership of all of their master recordings from the Warner Music Group.

In late 2013, the band won a Guinness world record for playing in all continents (Antarctica included) in less than one year.

Compilation appearances:
- "Hit the Lights" on Metal Massacre (Metal Blade, 1982).
- "Metal Militia" on Hell on Earth (Music For Nations, 1983).
- "Motorbreath" on Metal Hammer (Metal Hammer/Roadrunner, 1984).
- "Whiplash" on Metal Treasures and Vinyl Heavies (Action Replay, 1984).
- "Creeping Death" on Hell Comes to Your House (Music For Nations, 1984).
- "Hit the Lights" on Giants of Steel (Roadrunner, 1984).
- "Trapped Under Ice" on Metal Concussion (Bandit, 1985).
- "Creeping Death" on Banzai Axe (Banzai, 1985).
- "Disposable Heroes" on Mad Trax II - Beyond Metal Zone (Music For Nations, 1986).
- "Creeping Death" on Mad Trax II - Beyond Metal Zone (PGP RTB/Music For Nations, 1987, Yugoslavian press).
- "Sad But True", "Enter Sandman" and "Nothing Else Matters" on Metal Attack (On Tour, 1993).
- "For Whom the Bell Tolls (The Irony of it All)" (w/ D.J. Spooky) on the Spawn soundtrack (Epic, 1997).
- "Seek and Destroy (live)" on Metal Shock (CGD, 1988).
- "Remember Tomorrow" on Maiden Heaven, Kerrang! magazine's Iron Maiden tribute album.[/more]

Metallica - No Life Til Leather [demo] - 1982
Metallica - Kill' Em All [full-length] - 1983
Metallica - Whiplash [single] - 1983
Metallica - Jump In The Fire [single] - 1984
Metallica - Ride The Lightning [full-length] - 1984
Metallica - Creeping Death [single] - 1984
Metallica - Master Of Puppets [full-length] - 1986
Metallica - Master Of Puppets [single] - 1986
Metallica - The $5.98 Ep - Garage Days Re-revisited [ep] - 1987
Metallica - Cliff 'em All! [video] - 1987
Metallica - Harvester Of Sorrow [single] - 1988
Metallica - ...And Justice For All [full-length] - 1988
Metallica - …and Justice For All (Deluxe Box Set) [boxed set] - 2018
Metallica - Eye Of The Beholder [single] - 1988
Metallica - One [single] - 1989
Metallica - 2 Of One [video] - 1989
Metallica - The Good, The Bad And The Live: The 6 1/2 Year Anniversary 12" Collection [compilation] - 1990
Metallica - Enter Sandman [single] - 1991
Metallica - Metallica [full-length] - 1991
Metallica - The Unforgiven [single] - 1991
Metallica - Nothing Else Matters [single] - 1992
Metallica - Live At Wembley Stadium [single] - 1992
Metallica - For Those About To Rock - Monsters In Moscow Split [video] - 1992
Metallica - Wherever I May Roam [single] - 1992
Metallica - A Year And A Half In The Life Of Metallica Part 1 & 2 [video] - 1992
Metallica - Sad But True [single] - 1993
Metallica - Live Shit: Binge & Purge [live album] - 1993
Metallica - One (Live) [single] - 1994
Metallica - Until It Sleeps [video] - 1996
Metallica - Until It Sleeps [single] - 1996
Metallica - Load [full-length] - 1996
Metallica - Hero Of The Day [single] - 1996
Metallica - Hero Of The Day (Part Two) [single] - 1996
Metallica - Hero Of The Day [ep] - 1996
Metallica - Mama Said [single] - 1996
Metallica - King Nothing [single] - 1997
Metallica - The Memory Remains [single] - 1997
Metallica - Reload [full-length] - 1997
Metallica - Live In London - Antipodean Tour Edition [single] - 1998
Metallica - The Unforgiven Ii [single] - 1998
Metallica - Fuel [single] - 1998
Metallica - Turn The Page [single] - 1998
Metallica - Garage Inc. [full-length] - 1998
Metallica - Cunning Stunts [video] - 1998
Metallica - Whiskey In The Jar [single] - 1999
Metallica - Die Die My Darling [single] - 1999
Metallica - Nothing Else Matters (S&M Version) [single] - 1999
Metallica - S&m [live album] - 1999
Metallica - No Leaf Clover [single] - 2000
Metallica - I Disappear [single] - 2000
Metallica - Classic Albums: Metallica [video] - 2001
Metallica - St. Anger [full-length] - 2003
Metallica - St. Anger [single] - 2003
Metallica - Frantic [single] - 2003
Metallica - The Unnamed Feeling [single] - 2004
Metallica - Some Kind Of Monster [single] - 2004
Metallica - Vinyl Box Set [boxed set] - 2004
Metallica - The Videos 1989-2004 [video] - 2006
Metallica - Live Earth [live album] - 2007
Metallica - The Day That Never Comes [single] - 2008
Metallica - My Apocalypse [single] - 2008
Metallica - Cyanide [single] - 2008
Metallica - The Judas Kiss [single] - 2008
Metallica - Death Magnetic [full-length] - 2008
Metallica - All Nightmare Long [single] - 2008
Metallica - Broken, Beat & Scarred [single] - 2009
Metallica - The Metallica Collection [boxed set] - 2009
Metallica - Français Pour Une Nuit [live album] - 2009
Metallica - Orgullo, Pasión Y Gloria - Tres Noches En La Ciudad De México [live album] - 2009
Metallica - Frantic / Paranoid [split] - 2010
Metallica - Six Feet Down Under [live album] - 2010
Metallica - The Big 4: Live From Sofia, Bulgaria Split [video] - 2010
Metallica - Six Feet Down Under Part II [live album] - 2010
Metallica - Live At Grimey's [live album] - 2010
Metallica - The View [single] - 2011
Metallica & Lou Reed -Lulu [collaboration] - 2011
Metallica - Beyond Magnetic [ep] - 2011
Metallica - The First 30 Years [single] - 2012
Metallica - Quebec Magnetic [video] - 2012
Metallica - Through The Never (Music From The Motion Picture) [live album] - 2013
Metallica - One (Awards Show Rehearsal Version) [single] - 2014
Metallica - Lords Of Summer (First Pass Version) [single] - 2014
Metallica - Live Metallica: San Juan, Puerto Rico | October 26, 2016 [live album] - 2016
Metallica - Fifth Member Exclusive Deluxe Box Set Sampler [compilation] - 2016
Metallica - Liberté, Égalité, Fraternité, Metallica! [live album] - 2016
Metallica - Live Metallica: Minneapolis, Mn [live album] - 2016
Metallica - Hardwired [single] - 2016
Metallica - Live Metallica: Webster Hall In New York, Ny [live album] - 2016
Metallica - Moth Into Flame [single] - 2016
Metallica - Atlas, Rise! [single] - 2016
Metallica - Live Metallica: House Of Vans In London, United Kingdom [live album] - 2016
Metallica - Hardwired... To Self-destruct [full-length] - 2016
Metallica - Live Metallica: Seoul, South Korea - January 11, 2017 [live album] - 2017
Metallica - Live Metallica: Shanghai, China - January 15, 2017 [live album] - 2017
Metallica - Live At The Festival Hall, Osaka, Japan - November 18th, 1986 [live album] - 2017
Metallica - Helping Hands... Live & Acoustic At The Masonic [live album] - 2019

Official site:

Live Metallica
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Jan 23 2007, 04:04:02 Metallica - Reload (1997)
.всегда считал металистов высокоинтелектуальными личностями..
.обосрать можно что угодно, даже невзъебеннотруевое...попробуйте найти в этом альбоме чтонить хорошее..
.да стиль сменили, но и все...от этого техника исполнения не пострадала..
(1) Emm Human,
Jan 22 2007, 06:27:14 Metallica - Metallica (1991)

*Artist: Metallica
*Album: Metallica
*Year: 1991
*Genre: Thrash Metal
*Country: USA
*Format: mp3@320
*Size: 141 Мб.

1. Enter Sandman
2. Sad But True
3. Holier Than Thou
4. The Unforgiven
5. Wherever I May Roam
6. Don't Tread On Me
7. Through The Never
8. Nothing Else Matters
9. Of Wolf And Man
10. The God That Failed
11. My Friend Of Misery
12. The Struggle Within
Total playing time: 62:33

[more=Extended info]Альбом, по моему скромному мнению, на котором стоило остановится Метле, но найдутся и те, кто считает, что стоило остановится на Повелителе Кукол. [/more]
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Jan 22 2007, 06:21:48 Metallica - Garage Days Re-visited (1987)

*Artist: Metallica
*Album: Garage Days Re-Visited
*Year: 1987
*Genre: Thrash Metal
*Country: USA
*Format: mp3@320
*Size: 155 Мб.

1 Helpless 06:39
2 The Small Hours 06:43
3 The Wait 04:54
4 Crash Course In Brain Surgery 03:11
5 Last Caress 03:31
6 Prince 04:28
7 Am I Evil ? 07:53
8 Blitzkrieg 03:38
9 Killing Time 03:07
10 Stone Gold Crazy 02:20
11 So What 03:10
12 Breadfan 14:22
13 One (edit) 05:04
14 Nothing Else Matters (elevator version) 06:35
15 Last Caress (Live) 02:25

Total playing time: 69:22

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Jan 22 2007, 06:16:10 Metallica - Master Of Puppets (1986)

*Artist: Metallica
*Album: Master Of Puppets
*Year: 1986
*Genre: Thrash Metal
*Country: United States Of America (Los Angeles/San Francisco, California)
*Format: mp3@CBR320kbps
*Size: 132MB

1. Battery 05:12
2. Master of Puppets 08:35
3. The Thing That Should Not Be 06:36
4. Welcome Home (Sanitarium) 06:27
5. Disposable Heroes 08:16
6. Leper Messiah 05:40
7. Orion 08:27
8. Damage, Inc. 05:32
Total playing time: 54:45


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Jan 19 2007, 04:51:05 Metallica - Live Shit: Binge And Purge [live] (1993)

*Artist: Metallica
*Album: Live Shit: Binge And Purge [live]
*Year: 1993
*Genre: Speed/Thrash Metal
*Country: USA
*Format: mp3@192
*Size: 255 Мб.

CD 1
1 Enter Sandman 07:29
2 Creeping Death 07:30
3 Harvester Of Sorrow 07:20
4 Welcome Home Santuarium 06:41
5 Sad But True 06:09
6 Of Wolf And Man 06:24
7 The Unforgiven 06:49
8 Justice Medley 09:40
9 Solos Bass Guitar 18:49

CD 2
1 Through The Never 03:49
2 For Whom The Bell Tolls 05:50
3 Fade To Black 07:14
4 Master Of Puppets 04:37
5 Seek And Destroy 18:10
6 Whiplash 05:34

CD 3
1 Nothing Else Matters 06:24
2 Wherever I May Roam 06:34
3 Am I Evil 05:43
4 Last Caress 01:27
5 One 10:28
6 Battery 10:07
7 The Four Horsemen 06:08
8 Motorbreath 03:16
9 Stone Cold Crazy 05:32
Total playing time: 02:57:44

[more=Extended info]Архивы содержат 5% информации для востановления.
Архив разбит на три части.
Просьба, если есть у кого в 320, поделитесь.

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Jan 18 2007, 06:24:17 The Obsessed - The Obsessed (1990)
Альтернативная ссылка
(7) electric lizard, green7272, LadyLamia, mindeater, N.F.F.N.S.N.C., Planewalker, Un4given,
Jan 18 2007, 06:23:19 The Obsessed - Lunar Womb (1991)
Альтернативная ссылка
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Jan 18 2007, 06:22:19 The Obsessed - The Church Within (1994)
Альтернативная ссылка
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Jan 18 2007, 04:57:34 My Dying Bride - Like Gods Of The Sun (1996)

*Artist: My Dying Bride
*Album: Like Gods Of The Sun
*Year: 1996
*Genre: Doom Metal
*Country: GB
*Format: mp3@256
*Size: 100 Мб.

01 Like Gods of the Sun 5:41
02 The Dark Caress 5:58
03 Grace Unhearing 7:19
04 A Kiss to Remember 7:31
05 All Swept Away 4:17
06 For You 6:37
07 It Will Come 4:28
08 Here in the Throat 6:21
09 For My Fallen Angel 5:55
Total playing time: 54:07

*На iFolder'е лежит zip
*На Megaupload'е лежит rar с 5% информации для востановления

This album has been uploaded by request of eldarovich88

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Jan 16 2007, 10:13:20 Beyond Black Void - Desolate (2002)

*Artist: Beyond Black Void
*Album: Desolate
*Year: 2002
*Genre: Funeral Doom
*Country: Belgium
*Format: mp3@320
*Size: 156 Мб.

1. Desolate 23:24
2. Storm Over Jupiter 31:36
3. EverVoid 14:47
Total playing time: 69:47

Пресс релиз к альбому.
Автор (Stijn Van Cauter) характеризует стиль BEYOND BLACK VOID как massive nihilistic funeral doom и пишет:
Первый трек ("Desolate") рисует саму картину опустошения при помощи гитарных тем, подобных долгому эху среди массивных фрагментов funeral doom-а.
"Storm Over Jupiter", самый длинный трек на альбоме, пытается показать один короткий момент просвета между бесконечными бурями на Юпитере, обозначая неизбежный конец. Самый тяжёлый трек на "Desolate", бесконечная droning-буря.
"EverVoid" , третий трек, – погребальная песнь подобная оде пустоте – стирание жизни и памяти, врата к бесконечности за пределами жизни.
Эти три трека составляют первый и пока единственный альбом BEYOND BLACK VOID, длящийся более часа и признанный самымы тяжёлым и нигилистичным в drone/funeral/ambient doom. Ранее реализованный в 2003году, "Desolate" получил несколько позитивных откликов в funeral doom сцене и заинтересовал Marche Funebre Productions. Переиздание включает в себя те же самые 3 массивных трека, но с улучшенным качеством звука и полностью ремастированные.
На мой взгляд наиболее полно характеризует этот альбом рецензия с Metal Library от NoiZZ.
Вне всяких сомнений, здесь мы имеем дело с одним из самых жутких, депрессивных, бесчеловечных и потусторонних актов в истории фьюнерал-дума. Автором этого ужасающего по своему заряду творения является неутомимый бельгиец Стайн Ван Каутер, известный широкой публике (ирония) по таким проектам как Until Death Overtakes Me, The Ethereal, The Fall Of The Grey-Winged One и др. Прямо скажем, любое творение его авторства рассчитано на аудиторию с крепкими нервами и устойчивой психикой, в Beyond Black Void же маэстро в монотонности превзошел сам себя, а в сырой тяжести и болезненной отрешенности – Джона Дель Русси. Музыка запредельно экстремальна и опустошающе медленна. Чтобы сразу очертить стилевой круг, скажу, что в высшей степени приближенно "Desolate" можно описать как уничтожающе апатичный и нигилистичный "пустотный" фьюнерал. Возьми UDOM, оголи структуру, повыбрасывай клавиши, замедли эдак раз в 10, прибавь обволакивающий вакуум Hlidolf, накрой расплющивающим грузом Hierophant и укрась клаустрофобией Catacombs. Лирическая часть этого апокалипсиса предельно лаконична и минималистична – под стать всему творению. Всего лишь несколько отрывистых фраз, брошенных в пустоту...
Все мирские тяготы и невзгоды отступают, сердце начинает биться медленней, члены наливаются свинцовой тяжестью, ты проваливаешься... Безмолвная красотища обезлюдевшей земли, безграничная радость невыносимого страдания, сладостная нега, разливающаяся по всему телу от ласковых и неторопливых прикосновений лезвия, триумф одиночества и пиршество отчаяния, часовой полет в бездну самоотрешенности. Эй, ты жив ещё? ПРИГОВОР: когда гравитации и сил земного тяготения больше нет... а есть лишь боль, ужас и пустота...


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Jan 16 2007, 06:22:37 Последний Рассвет - ...Лишь Пустота (2004)

*Artist: Последний Рассвет
*Album: ...Лишь Пустота
*Year: 2004
*Genre: Funeral Doom
*Country: РФ
*Format: mp3@320
*Size: 151 Мб.

1 В Бреду 20:52
2 Предел Мечтаний 11:42
3 За Гранью Жизни 10:32
4 Иной Мир 13:50
5 То, Чего Нет 07:06
Total playing time: 64:02

Для модератора: Файл на iFolder'e поделен на две части.


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(6) 0x13, artscald, F-F, Lanceatum, squirol, thate_topa,
Jan 15 2007, 05:07:31 Canaan - Blue Fire (1996)

*Artist: Canaan
*Album: Blue Fire
*Year: 1996
*Genre: Doom/Gothic-Doom
*Country: Italy
*Format: mp3@VBR192
*Size: 84 Мб.

1. The Eleventh Shadow
2. Dreamsword
3. Thin Concentric Circle
4. Aranea Tedii
5. Incantesimo D'Autunno
6. Temporal Stasis
7. Noir (Your Coloured Soul)
8. Doloris Charisma
9. Moongod
10. Splendor's Bearer
11. Orien
12. The Luminous Trinity
13. Our Little Hidden Tresures
14. This Grey Enemy
Total playing time: 61:39


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Jan 12 2007, 13:41:18 Canaan - Walk Into My Open Womb (1998)

*Artist: Canaan
*Album: Walk Into My Open Womb
*Year: 1998
*Genre: Doom/Gothic-Doom
*Country: Italy
*Format: mp3@192
*Size: 125 Мб.

1 Codex Void 05:39
2 Left 04:18
3 Heaven 06:38
4 The Rite of Humiliation 02:56
5 Roomaskin 05:12
6 The Orion Conspiracy 05:56
7 A Song for Pain 06:53
8 A New Beginning 03:36
9 Angel Nail 05:25

1 The Kanaanian Dawn 05:36
2 Surrounded 03:48
3 A Magic Farewell 04:49
4 The Glass Shield 02:59
5 The Pride Of Perdition 07:31
6 Aurora Consurgens 05:23
7 Walk Into My Open Womb 07:55
8 Scent Of Anguish 02:21
9 Remembrance 05:33
Total playing time: 1:32:28

*Этот альбом у меня только в 192 кб/с, без оригинала*
*этот альбом более спокойней, атмосферней, на мой взгляд...*

This album has been uploaded by request of BRUTAL06, aesteticvice


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Jan 12 2007, 12:05:41 Canaan - A Calling To Weakness (2002)

*Artist: Canaan
*Album: A Calling To Weakness
*Year: 2002
*Genre: Doom/Gothic-Doom
*Country: Italy
*Format: mp3@256
*Size: 127 Мб.

1. To Those Who Cried
2. Prayer For Nothing
3. Warm Dust
4. Everything You Say
5. Scars
6. Un Ultimo Patetico Addio
7. The Forever Passion
8. Falling Again
9. Grey
10. The Fires In Me
11. Essere Nulla
12. Submission
13. Mercury
14. Chrome Red Overdose
15. The Ghosts Of My Betrayal
16. Frequency Omega
17. A Last Lullaby
Total playing time: 1:11:10

*Со стилем сами определитесь*

This album has been uploaded by request of aesteticvice


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Jan 12 2007, 06:11:00 Count Raven - High On Infinity (1993)

*Artist: Count Raven
*Album: High on infinity
*Year: 1993
*Genre: Doom Metal/Classic Doom-Metal
*Country: Швеция
*Format: mp3@320
*Size: 172 Мб.

1 Jen 06:15
2 Children's Holocaust 06:44
3 In Honour 04:39
4 The Madman from Waco 04:21
5 Masters of All Evil 08:20
6 Ode to Rebecca 02:48
7 High on Infinity 04:54
8 An Ordinary Loser 05:56
9 Traitor 06:48
10 The Dance 01:44
11 The Coming 06:16
12 Lost World 04:12
13 Cosmos 04:03
14 Chrittes Triumph 04:51
Total playing time: 1:11:51


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(22) AHBAnep, AngelSlayerSoul, Ark84, Brann, emperor1971, Fryz, gusto24191, Hellstriker, kjemiker, Leolomb, MeathookSeed, MetalW, muskatnuss, Namestnik Satany, Planewalker, satanath, spd, VALERY, Wolfera, Дерсу Узала, партизан, Язва,
Jan 11 2007, 07:09:28 Canaan - Brand New Babylon (2000)

*Artist: Canaan
*Album: Brand New Babylon
*Year: 2000
*Genre: Doom
*Country: Italy
*Format: mp3@320
*Size: 165 Мб.

1. Theta Division
2. In Un Cielo Di Pece
3. Sperm Like Honey
4. Disintegrate
5. Of Lost Desires
6. Shelter 1
7. La Simmetria Del Delore
8. For A Drowning Soul
9. The Circle Of Waters
10. 7119
11. The Meaning Of Solitude
12. Over Absolute Black
13. Lick My Poison
14. A Descent To Babylon
Total playing time: 1:09:50

*Все архивы содержат 5% информации для востановления


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Jan 10 2007, 07:06:15 Even Vast - Outsleeping (2003)

*Artist: Even Vast
*Album: Outsleeping
*Year: 2003
*Genre: Doom/Gothic-Doom
*Country: Italy (Aosta)
*Format: mp3@320
*Size: 98 Мб.

1. Ordinary Incomprehensions
2. Just because of you
3. She knows
4. Dawning gloom
5. Lost in you
6. After all
7. Defeated
8. Scared for the last time
9. Outsleeper
Total playing time: 41:23

Одна из не многих банд, играющих дум с женским думовым вокалом. Многие относят ее к готик-думу с женским вокалом, откровенно чего я не увидел.


release from metalarea.org
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