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История благодарностей участнику MayheM ::: Спасибо сказали: 20 раз(а)
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Dec 15 2006, 23:07:49 Mastic Scum - Mind (2005)

*Artist: Mastic Scum
*Album: Mind
*Year: 2005
*Genre: Deathcore
*Country: Austria
*Format: mp3@192
*Size: 51 Мб.

1.My Minds Mine 04:24
2.Torn Desire – Twisted Hate 03:02
3.Unrestrained 02:48
4.No Regrets 03:06
5.Mindthril 04:11
6.Devil Inside 03:27
7.To Hell with Good Intentions 02:34
8.Violated with Flowers 00:51
9.Curriculum Vitae 00:51
10.Crawl 03:07
11.In Vain 01:48
12.Soils of Fate 02:08
13.Control? 06:34
Total playing time: 39:57

(9) andreikun, artscald, K-61082, Mersik, nsmetalhead, satanist666, skipirich, vonleeb, vov7609,
Dec 13 2006, 20:45:00 Dark Funeral - The Secrets Of The Black Arts (1996)

*Artist: Dark Funeral
*Album: The Secrets Of The Black Arts
*Year: 1996
*Genre: Black Metal
*Country: Sweden (Stockholm)
*Format: mp3@192
*Size: 54 Мб.

1.The Dark Age Has Arrived (Intro)
2.The Secrets Of The Black Arts
3.My Dark Desires
4.The Dawn No More Rises
5.When Angels Forever Die
6.The Fire Eternal
7.Satan's Mayhem
8.Shadows Over Transylvania
10.Satanic Blood
11.Dark Are The Paths To Eternity
Total playing time: 40:53

Я представляю именно такой старый добрый(злой)=)) дарк фанриал. звук сырой,музыка интересна и в ихнем стиле.

(10) Aresson, bm666l, neket, Philosoph, ptlm, Sanctus, satanas189, Sethan, StabWound, varg-38ru,

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