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Mar 8 2019, 22:02:18 Mägo De Oz - Ira Dei (2019)
A day will come when a Latino band will make a great Folk metal album. But it is not this day! dwarf-1.gif
(3) Genuine Thrashiac, Ghostb, vosmidesijatye,
Mar 4 2019, 13:27:50 Circle Of Grief - Into The Battle (2001)
Reuploaded but sadly I couldnt find the same version so it's 128kbps now.
(1) brunodiaz,
Sep 14 2017, 18:25:52 Ensiferum - Two Paths (2017)
My russian brothers. I don't understand most of what you write but I FEEL, I can FEEL your sadness as well :D This album is shite. Listened to it today.. Just horrible garbage. There were maybe 2-3 MOMENTS in 2 songs that reminded me of the good old days of Ensiferum. But the rest? Just bad.

And the clean vocals guy in the song "Don't You Say".. who is that guy? A 12 year old teenage mutant? Disgusting voice. Amateurish low quality stuff.

Pity for Ensiferum.
(5) dragonhead, Kaphiel, Lucifer, MeatWolf, vosmidesijatye,
May 13 2012, 01:03:58 Vordven - History [best of/compilation] (2003)

Here, re-upped at 13.05.2012. @320kbps with lame 3.99.5 by me smile3.gif
(9) apo1, Darkthronefoad, DowntownGsus, lawronchik, Ludwig Hagen, Torop, Tundra, zargonath, Эмрис,
May 5 2012, 21:30:12 Johnny Cash - The First Complete Discography (HQ)

Riddermark's JC Project

Some time ago while searching for a discography of Johnny Cash, I realized there just isn't one. Not one with good quality, not even a complete one. I thought that is really strange. All I could find were 128kbps/160kbps or even lower quality copies of the more rare albums. Then I read how someone stated that it's IMPOSSIBLE to do this.

Well, I have searched throughout all possible torrent sites, DC hubs, sharing programs, sharing websites and the most obscure places of the internet to find releases in good acceptable quality (meaning over 192kbps) and put them together. This was a very long and painstaking process.

This is what you have here before you.

- Quality range - 192 to 320 kbps (most are 320)
- ALL official albums (no bootlegs) as per Wikipedia and other musical websites.
- ALL* original vinyl rips, cd reissues (sometimes even 2 or 3 per album)
- ALL singles that are not found on the official albums. (songs that are just singles, guest tracks, rarities etc.)

* - Some albums have 3-4 issues. Original vinyl, reissue in 2000, then a few years later. Naturally some of these editions I could not find. But having said that there isn't a bonus track or some other extra missing!

** - I have also not included all compilation albums unless they contain rare or other tracks that can't be found on the regular albums.

What else have I done?

- Renamed all files, folders, images in a uniform way (might not be your way, deal with it)
- Fixed/Re-tagged all titles and songs according to cover images, wikipedia and then other sources if needed.
- Found images for all albums. I'm not fan of embedding pics in mp3s.

The two included htm files...

- Albums Catalog.htm - Detailed account of each album's quality, whether it's an original copy, reissue or something else. Used this as a work file so you can find additional notes there.
- Singles Catalog.htm - Same but having to do with singles and rare tracks.

This project took me several months to complete. I hope that my effort was not in vain. I did it solely for the purpose of keeping this great music alive.

I want to thank everyone who has ever shared a JC album. It's impossible to name all the users from torrent sites, soulseek and elsewhere that contributed to this great collection - but all credit to them for making these available.

Lastly, If you are a Cash fan and you own rare releases, vinyls and such that you can turn into a digital format, please do so. Or if you can contribute a better quality release from the ones here (check the Catalog files for reference) - PM me or leave your contact info.


I'm only human. It is quite possible, nay, almost certain that I've made errors here and there. I'm also sure not everyone will like my way of naming albums and tracks. Nevertheless feel free to contact me, correct me, send me something and help me improve this torrent for the sake of everyone.

I hope you enjoy. Don't forget to Seed because I'm not gonna do it forever.

Please realize that most of these releases are impossible to find even in the quality range I found them in. FLAC versions of ALL of this.. it's not possible. If you are looking for FLAC you can find enough best of's and a handful of other albums re-released. This torrent's idea was never to be a FLAC one. Thank you.
(2) Boozer, zarelli1973,
May 27 2010, 12:02:19 Finsterforst - Urwerk [best of/compilation] (2010)
If you gonna rip, rip properly morons. It's 2 CDs not 1. The demo+album not this unseparable thing. And this track - 4 - Fцrsterhochzeit 03:31 is the bonus track to the whole compilation not the demo as the guy who ripped it thought. So it goes last not 4th.
(1) GrBrZz,
Jan 23 2010, 10:34:18 Avathar - Shadows (2004) (3) graham, Paatddal, Wormtongue,
Oct 31 2009, 00:04:26 Балканджи - Змей (2008)
BlackTroll - here you go:
Балканджи - Awake (2001)
(1) satoryon,
Oct 30 2009, 21:04:47 Балканджи - Змей (2008)
Yes very funny guys :D But this album is one of the very very few worthwile releases in a scene that is practically non-existant in our country. We don't have a halv-decent metal band much less folk ones :D
(2) ANGELUSARCHDAEMON, infiltrator,
Oct 30 2009, 19:09:33 Балканджи - Змей (2008)

*Artist: Балканджи
*Album: Змей
*Year: 2008
*Genre: Folk Metal
*Country: Bulgaria
*Format: mp3@CBR320kbps
*Size: 132MB

01.Извор (Spring - as in water spring)
02.Поглед (Look - as in someone's look in the eyes)
03.Видение (Vision)
04.Молитва за спасение (Prayer for salvation)
05.Девет години (Nine Years)
06.Под камък студен (Under a cold rock)
07.Змей І (Dragon pt.1)
08.Звездица (Little star)
09.Родопа планина (Rhodopa mountain)
10.Сътворение (Creation)
11.Змей ІІ (Dragon pt.2)
Total playing time: 55:42

[more=Extended info]Bulgaria's finest Folk Metal band. A very good album with traditional bulgarian folk music. Enjoy!

The song Видение took part in the Bulgarian finals of Eurovision but failed to win.

Sorry for the crappy translations of the songs, but some had to be explained better while others are just difficult to interpret in english with 100% accuracy..[/more]

(27) AHBAnep, AndreFrancis, ANGELUSARCHDAEMON, Aresson, BlackTroll, Cartman223, Deathtractor, Emhyr var Emreis, eule, Geo_log, gusto24191, infiltrator, Kasper969, Loddfafnir, Mplast, NecrosataN, northerking, old, Old Vyaine, Radek, Rodriga, satoryon, senecazm, shial, TDM, v.v.m, Virgil,
Aug 21 2009, 21:54:49 Ensiferum - From Afar (2009)
Okay.. I have to comment on this album now - note that it's my 1st listen. I will give it more spins and see how this goes.

Firstly the intro is typical but pretty bad compared to previous ones. It's calm and not really or at all building for the next song. When track 2 hits, it blows your speakers out with power, something the intro failed to prepare you for and actually made me look at the tracklist to see if I didn't accidentaly have it on "shuffled" play.

Then the songs go by and nothing impressive comes out, the same old-new Ensiferum with more power metal than usual.

The second part of Stone Cold Metal is good, some cowboy stuff again and a twist - makes it more interesting. And then comes the song that I really liked and stuck in my mind "Smoking Ruins" - now that song is good!

We close the album with the usual epic UND long track and some finnish thrown in the mix. Again nothing spectacular but a good song as you'd expect a finisher to be with few innovations though.

As a whole I'm pretty disappointed with this, I can't see how it justifies the time from the last release. I certainly expected something that would be able to keep my attention the whole 60 minutes. But my attention was caught from 7th track onwards.

As I already said, I'll give it a few more spins and see if there's any improvement :D Thanks for reading! ;D
(5) Blood13, Defunct, lex-reev, MetalAlex, truemetal,
May 3 2009, 16:32:59 Catatonic Schizophrenia - Tumultuous Times (2008) (2) artscald, sidste,
Apr 25 2009, 09:07:24 Hammerheart - Dreamworks (2006)

*Artist: Hammerheart
*Album: Dreamworks
*Year: 2006
*Genre: Heavy/Power Metal
*Country: Slovakia
*Format: mp3@VBR225kbps
*Size: 65MB

1.Back From Serenity
2.Strange Feeling
3.When Dark Dreams Became Reality
4.The Last Twilight
5.The Revival
6.Describe My Fate
8.Wanderings In Flames
Total playing time: 39:20

(6) AHBAnep, avather, MACTEPOK, metala, Rodriga, vir2al,
Apr 24 2009, 18:19:11 Trymheim - Begynnelse(Demo) (2003)
Ifolder for who needs this:
(4) ddarkthrone, RUSP73, v.v.m, Vidsyn,
Apr 24 2009, 16:34:03 Cumulo Nimbus - Stunde Der Wahrheit (2007)

*Artist: Cumulo Nimbus
*Album: Stunde Der Wahrheit
*Year: 2007
*Genre: Folk/Medieval Metal
*Format: mp3@VBR160kbps
*Size: 68MB

2.Komm mit
3.Wilder Reigen
10.In Muro
11.Englischer Tanz
Total playing time: 59:53

(9) bka, Cartman223, diegoroth, gwynnbleid, lex-reev, Mogozoz, Rodriga, SnaP, SS88,
Apr 13 2009, 11:29:16 Dawnfall - Fall Of The Crown [ep] (2009)

*Artist: Dawnfall
*Album: Fall Of The Crown [ep]
*Year: 2009
*Genre: Progressive Power Metal
*Country: Turkey
*Format: mp3@CBR256kbps
*Size: 61MB

1.Shadow Rider
2.Red Dawn
3.Time Runs Fast (Instrumental)
4.Fall of the Crown
Total playing time: 22:54

[more=Extended info]Contains extra images and info[/more]

(4) artscald, gammaray94, Rover, vocik11,
Apr 12 2009, 16:09:20 Týr & Alestorm & Heidevolk - Black Sails Over Europe [split] (2009)

*Artist: Týr & Alestorm & Heidevolk
*Album: Black Sails Over Europe [split]
*Year: 2009
*Genre: Progressive/Folk Metal | Folk/Power Metal | Folk/Viking Metal
*Country: Faroe Islands | United Kingdom | Netherlands
*Format: mp3@CBR192kbps
*Size: 64MB

1. The Northern Lights 01:50
2. Hold The Heathen Hammer High 04:49
3. Northern Gate 04:43
4. That Famous Ol' Spiced 04:47
5. Keelhauled 03:43
6. Wolves of the Sea 03:43
7. Het Bier Zal Weer Vloeien 03:44
8. Saksenland 05:38
9. Wodan Heerst 07:58
10. Naar De Hal Der Gevallenen 02:03
Total playing time: 42:58

[more=Extended info]-- Strictly Limited to 1000 Copies Tour Edition incl. New Tracks from Tyr & Alestorm's upcoming albums, as well as the best Of Heidevolk Exclusively available through Napalm Records.[/more]
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Dec 29 2008, 20:52:17 Тома - Герой (2008)

*Artist: Тома
*Album: Герой
*Year: 2008
*Genre: Heavy Metal / Hard Rock
*Country: Bulgaria
*Format: mp3@CBR192kbps
*Size: 57MB

01.Нямам време (I have no time)
02.Лош (Bad)
03.Герой (Hero)
05.Джентълмен (feat. Дичо) (Gentlemen)
06.Сега си една (Now you are one)
07.Няма място в теб (No place in you)
08.Пластмаса (Plastic)
09.Леден пулс (Ice Pulse)
10.Мога (I Can)
11.Every 1's A Winner
Total playing time: 39:31

[more=Extended info]The debut full-lenght album of the Bulgarian "Music Idol" show winner Toma Zdravkov.[/more]

(5) BRUTAL06, infiltrator, Kasper969, Lugia010719d1, Quadro313,
Nov 14 2008, 22:43:09 Beto Vazquez Infinity - DarkMind (2008)
I'm completely clueless as to how this guy's albums are still being released...
(1) Aresson,
Sep 25 2008, 18:59:12 Irfan - Seraphim (2007)

*Artist: Irfan
*Album: Seraphim
*Year: 2007
*Genre: Neofolk
*Country: Bulgaria
*Format: mp3@VBR192kbps
*Size: 64MB

1.Simurgh 07:11
- Arranged By - Wesselin Karaatanassov
- Bansuri - Yasen Lazarov
- Vielle, Violin - Ana Ivanova
2.Invocatio 01:36
3.Hagia Sophia 06:00
- Lyrics By - Kalin Yordanov
- Vocals [Additional] - Vladislava Todorova
4.Vernal Garden 05:58
- Duduk - Valentin Popov
- Lyrics By - Mawlana Jalal Ad-Din Rumi*
- Vielle, Violin - Ana Ivanova
5.Fei 04:18
- Arranged By [Orchestral Score] - Wesselin Karaatanassov
- Recorder - Emil Mihov
- Vielle, Violin - Ana Ivanova
- Viol [Viola Da Gamba] - Anna Karalasheva
6.Los Ojos De La Mora 03:28
- Cello - Anna Karalasheva
- Vielle, Violin - Ana Ivanova
7.Star Of The Winds 07:35
- Duduk - Valentin Popov
8.Invocatio II 01:40
9.Return To Outremer 07:47
- Duduk - Valentin Popov
Total playing time: 45:33

[more=Extended info]Credits:
Artwork By - Kalin Yordanov , Lyudmila Klasanova , Sabine Adélaïde
Artwork By [Calligraphy] - Lyudmila Klasanova
Cimbalom [Santour] - Kiril Bakardjiev
Goblet Drum [Darbouka], Goblet Drum [Tombak], Tambourine [Riq], Djembe - Petar Todorov*
Mixed By, Mastered By, Programmed By, Keyboards - Ivaylo Petrov* , Wesselin Karaatanassov
Oud, Baglama, Tambura [Cello Tambura], Guitar - Ivaylo Petrov*
Photography - Ana Ivanova , Evgeni Ivanov
Producer - Irfan
Vocals - Denitza Seraphimova
Vocals, Percussion [Daf] - Kalin Yordanov

Limited to 1000 ex.
All tracks recorded at Irfan's Studio, except for Star of the Winds and all of Denitza.
Seraphimova's vocals recorded at AMA Sound Bulgaria.
Mixed at Wess Music.[/more]

(6) artscald, Herzeleid, sarcophagus, Sephiroth 666, WND, Woosad,
Sep 25 2008, 18:50:00 Irfan - Irfan (2003)

*Artist: Irfan
*Album: Irfan
*Year: 2003
*Genre: Neofolk
*Country: Bulgaria
*Format: mp3@CBR320kbps
*Size: 121MB

1.Monsalvato 11:19
2.Salome 04:16
- Percussion, Performer [Tapan, Gaidunitza] - Shtoni Kokoudev
- Performer [Gaidunitza] - Vesselin Mitev
3.Elena 02:36
- Lute [Renaissance], Flute [Block] - Nikolai Tonev
4.Return To Eden 07:36
- Performer [Daf] - Shtoni Kokoudev
5.Otkrovenie 05:59
6.Gospodi Pomilui 04:09
7.Peregrinatio 05:13
8.Outremer 05:18
- Lute [Renaissance], Flute [Block] - Nikolai Tonev
9.Santa Maria 04:45
Total playing time: 51:11

[more=Extended info]Credits:
Artwork By - Sabine Adélaïde
Computer - Ivailo Petrov , Kiril Bakardjiev
Guitar, Baglama - Ivailo Petrov
Keyboards, Santoor - Kiril Bakardjiev
Mastered By - Frédéric Chaplain
Percussion - Ivailo Petrov , Kalin Yordanov , Kiril Bakardjiev
Vocals - Denitza Seraphimova , Kalin Yordanov

Track 6 is an anonymous bulgarian 13th century composition, track 3 is based on a motive of a traditional Bulgarian song.
Recorded and mixed February 2002 to August 2003 at Irfan's Home Studio. Percussions on tracks 2 & 4 recorded August 2003 at Sky Studio.[/more]

(6) artscald, Herzeleid, Kuratsu, mdmoroz, Misanthrofeel, Sephiroth 666,
Sep 25 2008, 16:29:13 Dreamtide - Dream And Deliver (2008)

*Artist: Dreamtide
*Album: Dream And Deliver
*Year: 2008
*Genre: Melodic Metal/Rock
*Country: Germany
*Format: mp3@CBR320kbps
*Size: 162MB

1.A Fools Crusade
2.I Don’t Wanna Wait
3.Same Star
4.Your Beat
5.Dancing When The Night Falls
6.King Of Scum
7.Download A Dream
8.Tell Me How It Feels
10.To Everybody
11.Keep From Falling
12.The Vow
13.Help Me
14.Download A Dream (Reprise)
Total playing time: 1:09:18

[more=Extended info]Helge Engelke - Guitars
C.C Behrens - Drums
Olaf Senkbeil - Vocals
Francis Buchholz - Bass (Ex-SCORPIONS)
Torstein Luederwaldt - Keyboards

One of the best albums of 2008![/more]

(13) AHBAnep, Deroth, Doct, garretje, MaelstromxXx, MetalAlex, Revenant, skepticist, SnaP, Van, vir2al, vonleeb, Woosad,
Sep 15 2008, 17:23:28 Amon Amarth - Twilight Of The Thunder God (2008)
All songs in decent quality? Great :D Thanks!
(1) Aresson,
Aug 24 2008, 09:09:27 Freedom Call - Crystal Empire (2001)
Their best album imho :D thanks
(1) rol416,
Aug 21 2008, 18:21:24 Serenity - Words Untold & Dreams Unlived (2007)

this one works for now :D 21.08.08

ah sorry it was password protected, and the password is: anotherworld.niceboard.com
(2) Death84, Fetus_In_Fetu,

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