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> Voidcraeft - Derision [ep] (2013), Black Metal
post Nov 19 2013, 02:14:40
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*Artist: Voidcraeft
*Album: Derision [ep]
*Year: 2013
*Genre: Black Metal
*Country: Germany (IMG:http://metalarea.org/forum/style_images/flags/Germany.png)
*Format: mp3@VBR262kbps
*Size: 34MB

1. No Hatred, No Fear 6:54
2. Hear No Command 6:51
3. Love of Life 4:02
Total playing time: 17:47

Extended info
Description from the website:

Voidcraeft is my latest one-man musical endeavour.
Instrumentally and vocally it is somewhat atypical black metal, although I am currently in the process of transitioning to something closer to blackened death metal.
The lyrical themes deal with emptiness, alienation, suffering, violence and the human condition in a rather abstract way.

In my early days I was primarily influenced by raw black metal like Darkthrone (primarily Under a Funeral Moon and perhaps Transilvanian Hunger, they haven't made anything resembling black metal in close to a decade now, though) and Katharsis (of Norma Evangelium Diaboli fame).
In the past ten years the two artists I consumed the most and returned to over and over again are avant-garde black metal legends Deathspell Omega and Australian experimental (blackened) death metal pioneers Portal.
Other bands worth mentioning are Nightbringer, Black Witchery, Diocletian and Antediluvian.

I have been accused of trying to gain publicity by dropping some big names but mind you, I never claimed that my music would appeal to people who are fond of some of the aforementioned artists.
In fact, I feel largely unable to imitate the style of the artists I admire the most (i.e. Deathspell Omega and Portal).
I just think it helps with putting the music into context and gives you some insight into what motivated and inspired an artist in their creative process.

Ideologically and lyrically I would like to distance myself from themes that embrace theism, satanism or other supernatural beliefs in an affirmative way.
As a firm atheist, I disapprove of such content and I will not make my music a vessel for anything like it, despite their prevalence and popularity within the black metal scene.

Derision is a rather discontinuous and short release that coincided with me starting to work full-time, resulting in weeks of physical exhaustion and new time constraints (especially because of the daily two hour commute) that never existed during my six and a half years at university.
I was gone for around eleven hours a day and was struggling to reclaim the recreational activities that previously dominated my life, making music being one of them.
I believe that this release demonstrates that I am still able to do some creative work, despite the lack of time.

As for the music itself, the first two tracks are largely consistent with the style of Ascetic Elite.
In particular No Hatred, No Fear was actually praised by several of my acquaintances that I have review my unreleased material (I thought it was somewhat too melodic, honestly).
Shortly after I recorded Hear No Command I had a brief artistic breakdown during which I repeatedly accused myself of choosing to make rather melodic black metal (not actual melodic black metal, which I despise, mind you) that I do not particularly enjoy and that is also more time-consuming to make.

After that I tried to make something that is closer to blackened death metal, making use of lower registers in riffs and using lower pitched growls.
This resulted in the track Blind to the Earth, which is not part of this release.
It is far too different from the previous material in sound and I felt it would be inconsistent and dishonest to make it part of this release.

At this point I was stuck with two tracks that added up to less than 13 minutes that used a style I resented at this point.
I felt that this was not quite enough for a public release, even for a short one.
In the end I brought myself to make an odd slow filler track to finish off this release.
This is Love of Life.
It feels really out of place and I cannot say I am particularly fond of this one
I made use of at least some low-pitched backing vocals.
One might say that it represents the transition to the future style of this project, which will be closer to blackened death metal in terms of vocals, although not in riffs.


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