After releasing his „Bearer of the Crimson Flame“ last summer, SVARTTHRON didn‘t tumble into stagnation, but almost all year long nursed his new creation. The main founder of the band Tomhet made some essential changes in process of the band and invited some musicians known from other bands to join the new creation stage. New album will be called „Kraujo Estetika“ (transl. Blood Aesthetics) in which vocals are done by Levas (ANDAJA). At the very beginning it was clear, that there will be no programed drums in this release, so the seek for the live drummer who would like to colaborate with the album began. The search didn‘t went too long and drummer [k] (ARGHARUS) took the drum duties. Drum recordings were done in „Unitedzeros“ studio. Furthermore the album „speaks“ lithuanian – all lyrics are done exceptionaly in Lithuanian language. Tomhet didn‘t limit himself only to these changes and invited Kommander L (LUCTUS, FUCK OFF AND DIE!) to do some vocal parts in the album. It can be said that all the variations brought in novelty and freshness. Different sound and variety are guaranteed.
Despite all the member changes SVARTTHRON will remain a non-concert band.

Two new songs can be found on official SVARTTHRON profile: