*Artist: Trap Them
*Album: Sleepwell Deconstructor
*Year: 2007
*Genre: Grindcore/Crust
*Country: United States
*Format: mp3@CBR128kbps
*Size: 19MB

1. Day One: Insomniawesome
2. Day Two: They Followed The Scent Of Jihad All The Way To Thieves Paradise
3. Day Three: Instant Circulation
4. Day Four: Collapse And Marathon
5. Day Five: Garlic Breakfast
6. Day Six: Fucked As Punk
7. Day Seven: Digital Dogs With Analog Collars
8. Day Eight: Destructioneer Extraordinaire
9. Day Nine: Hollow Factory
10. Day Ten: Swine Into Silk
11. Day Eleven: Threatnurse
12. Day Twelve: All Hands On The Medic
Total playing time: 21:31

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