In short it's the combined works - especially made for this project - by several ambient/drone/doom bands and molded into one massive 8h+ track. Released by Chilean label FunerART and of course free to download.

Here is the press release :

FA 035-1 La Última Frontera - The Last Border - La Dernière Frontiere - Die letzte Grenze – Uma última Fronteira


It's time to break the limits and see what exists on the other side of the Last Frontier!

With visionary masters from Chile, Mexico, Belgium & Brazil

Maybe you know of them, if not, here is some of their amazing work in other personal projects and bands :

Bicho from Mexico is one of the first Droner's that decided to follow the line of the South American band of Chile F.I.N. (Funeral Inconscientemente Natural) on his porposse of postmodernist doom making some derivate for his project called (O), who have a great list of splits, Eps, Singles and one Lp sold out on our label. Bicho also worked in bands as TEMPLVM DOMINI, Cantenebra and Winds Devouring Me

Alexis Brantes from Chlie is a visionary man that worked on the postmodernist doom project F.I.N. and made amazing work on diverses bands as The Sad Darkness of thy Love, A.b.o.u.t.T.h.e.l.i.g.h.t., Dios Incandescente, Templvm Domini and a fair amount of work as a invited artist in projects and bands as Funeral Memories, Frustration Emotions and N.O.N. (Negative or Nothing) He's who dreamed of this project and started with contacting with his friend and us to be the official label for this release and make a free download possible for the world.

Stijn Van Cauter from Belgium doesn't need introduction, because he's a master and has influenced so many people in this genre. He accepted to be part of it without trouble. He worked on great bands such as Until Death Overtakes Me, In The Mist, I Dream No More, Fall of the Grey Winged-One among other great projects.

Malakias is another chilean visionary man from bands and projects that maybe you know from our releases. He worked on the Black Funeral Doomk Band Fliegend as well as in other projects like Valdrikk and A.b.o.u.t.T.h.e.l.i.g.h.t.

Outro is the man behind Abismo, an amazing solo project from Brazil. Influenced by the Monolithic Drone sound, he made a very dark final piece that closes this first part of this project.

It's the longest track for humanity: 8:57:46 in only one track!

You can download it here :