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Full Version: Moi Dix Mois
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Gothic Metal
Lyrical Theme(s):
Death, Life, Love, Hate
Japan (Tokyo)
Formed In:
Current Line-Up:
Mana - Guitar, Keyboards, Programming (2002-) (ex-Malice Mizer)
K - Guitar, Backing Vocals (2004-)
Sugiya - Bass (2006-)
Hayato - Drums (2006-)
Seth - Vocals (2006-) (ex-After Image, Art Cube, ex-Hizaki Grace Project, ex-AC Blandish, ex-Amadeus, ex-Brain Hacker, ex-Buzz)
Former/Past Member(s):
Shadow X - Vocals
Kazuno - Bass (2002-2005) (ex-Lynx, ex-Seventh Sense)
Tohru - Drums (2002-2005)
Juka - Vocals (2002-2005) (ex-Node of Scherzo, Juka, Node of Scherzo, ex-Hizaki Grace Project)
Jun - Live Guitars (2004) (Metal Macbeth, Hisashi Takai, ex-Rommel, ex-魚雷, ex-X Japan, ex-Dementia)
Additional Notes
Mana composes all of Moi dix Mois' music and lyrics, arranges, produces, and designs the stage costumes and acts as overall artistic director.

In contrast to Mana's previous bands, Moi dix Mois is explicitly billed as Mana's solo project; while the project members have input during the performance and recording of the music, Mana essentially determines the band's artistic direction on his own. All of Moi dix Mois' music is released via Mana's own independent record label, Midi:Nette.

Moi dix mois means " I, ten months" in french.

Moi Dix Mois - Voice From Inferno [demo] - 2002
Moi Dix Mois - Dialogue Symphonie [single] - 2002
Moi Dix Mois - Dix Infernal [full-length] - 2003
Moi Dix Mois - Dix Infernal - Scars of Sabbath [dvd] - 2003
Moi Dix Mois - Shadows Temple [single] - 2004
Moi Dix Mois - Nocturnal Opera [full-length] - 2004
Moi Dix Mois - Pageant [single] - 2004
Moi Dix Mois - Invite to Immorality [dvd] - 2005
Moi Dix Mois - Beyond The Gate [ep] - 2006
Moi Dix Mois - Lamentful Miss [single] - 2006
Moi Dix Mois - Dixanadu [full-length] - 2007
Moi Dix Mois - Dixanadu (Limited Edition) [best of/compilation] - 2007
Moi Dix Mois - Dixanadu - Fated "Raison D'Être" [dvd] - 2008
Moi Dix Mois - D+Sect [full-length] - 2010
Moi Dix Mois - Reprise [full-length] - 2012

Official Site:
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