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Full Version: maze of roots needs a drummer
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hello, im the guy behind maze of roots. after recording two ep´s i havent made new stuff in a year now, simply because i have no place to play dums at.
thus i turn to you, lurking in the five corners of this forum.

so anyone interested please reply.

working would occur via email, sending tracks, slowly making them into songs.
so ask anything.

You need a Drum Programming ?
I am a drummer of gothic doom band
Working with LOGIC studio

thats a project a project i had running for the last winter, ended up without a drummer in june.
so drummers are hard to find and keep.
to clarify things a bit:
why is this post in the doom metal recomendations section?
simply because, maze of roots has allready been posted on the site.
my sad substitute for m.o.r., carnutian hasnt got that much regognition yet.

and what kind of session drummer do i need?

someone whos willing to record with lo-fi equipment if necessary. im strictly working in a diy way, i dont care how simple or rough the recording methods are as long as the end result sounds like drums, as for skill & techniques go to or search my music from here to see what my low standards are.
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