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Full Version: Ignorance Of Account Deleting
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I was asking long ago to delete this account and I've received that I shall write through some form to contact the administration which of course was done and my request was completely ignored there I write here again the request to delete this account for good finally which will be useful to me and not ignoring this request anymore, otherwise I will ask all the admins one by one to delete this account so maybe finally one of them will not ignore this request and will do so.

The second is if you don't have a will to do this then it would be practical to give an option of deleting an account to the user that owns it so it can be done directly by him / her.
why deleting account is so important for you?
Simply I will not use it and I am not participating in any matters that concerns this forum nor have anything to do with it or it's content anymore. I do not consider having an account here useful for me anymore so it will be helpful if it will be erased. Nothing more than that.
quitting metal --> on the way to emo/pop
blaskhyrk, please write a PM to IronMan or Arashi. The problem will be solved.
I cannot, it says:

The error returned was:

You are not allowed to use the messenger feature on this board

Could you support this?
As you wish.
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