*Artist: Cerebric Turmoil
*Album: Neural Net Meltdown
*Year: 2015
*Genre: Technical/Brutal Death Metal
*Country: Germany
*Format: mp3@CBR192kbps
*Size: 50MB

01. Introduction
02. Twitching Eye Staccato
03. Secluded Out Of Touch By Avoiding Mankind
04. Metaphysics (Skit)
05. Discordian Equilibrium
06. Grotesque Dreaming
07. Soul Famine
08. Bitstorm
09. Tangled In Trial And Error Scenarios
10. Vile Effect Momentum
Total playing time: 31:30

Extended info
Chris Reese - vocals (Corrupt Moral Altar, Evisorax, ex-Introrectalgestation, ex-Reth, Microsleeper, ex-Dismal)
Marte Auer - guitars (Johnston)
Marcus Klemm - drums (ex-Reprieve, ex-Chaosphere)
Jacob Schmidt - session bass (Defeated Sanity, ex-Reprieve, ex-Chaosphere, ex-Obscura)
Arne Maneke - Guitars (In Demise)
Guest vocals - Nikolas Voynich (ex-Requital)

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