Former Abbath guitarist and Vredehammer vocalist/guitarist Per Valla launches new project! VALLA and releases new track entitled "Oceans"

Here is Valla's new song “Oceans”, Enjoy!

In April 2015, it was announced that Abbath ex-Immortal frontman, had recruited members to the band, specifically King Ov Hell from God Seed and drummer Creature to participate in the band. He also recruited Vredehammer guitarist and vocalist Per Valla to tour with the band as lead guitarist. However, in December of 2015 it was announced that the Norwegian session member Per Valla had left the band for personal reasons.
Sitting on many songs and riffs of his own Per Valla decided to launch his new project, simply titled VALLA. With this new project Per Valla reveals his talent in mixing Scandinavian Black Metal filled with poise, imagination, and craft with haunting atmospheric passages throughout.If you’re looking for a monumental, atmospheric, appealing and unique Black Metal act, you should certainly keep your attention directed at this great project. VALLA will be releasing tracks and songs periodically throughout the coming days. To keep up to date on new tracks and updates on VALLA make sure to visit his Facebook page here:

What VALLA says about the future of the band:
“The plan is to do this project a little against the current. The music business is just so messed up today and because of that I will record at home and release this on YouTube. If anyone wants to buy the music, they can download it directly from me for 1 euro per song. This way I don`t have to give 99% of everything to Spotify or other services. It`s just not fair!”

Listen to VALLA's other song "Under Ravnens Vinger" here: