BESTIAL DEFORM - Ad Leones out TODAY via Satanath Records


Starting way back in 1992, with their Worship To Madness demo BESTIAL DEFORM has continued to deliver the goods when it comes to Brutal, uncompromising Death Metal. Their newest album "Ad Leones" is no different. It's simply a fine representation of the genre with top-notch songwriting, pitch-black atmosphere, and some absolutely wicked guitar work. The blasting, the axe slaughter, the pace change-ups and arrangement variety makes the album that much stronger. "Ad Leones" is just well-written, superbly performed Swedish-style Death Metal, from Russia.
BESTIAL DEFORM "Ad Leones" is scheduled for release March 15th, through Satanath Records. Listen to the track "In Maxillis Bestia" from the album here:


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