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Black Metal
Lyrical Theme(s):
Darkness, Hatred, Anti-Christianity, Drugs
United States of America (DeKalb, Illinois)
Formed In:
Current line-up:
Blake "Azentrius" Judd - Vocals, Guitar, Bass (2000-) (Twilight (USA), Ezurate, Krieg, Helms Deep (USA))
Pat Clancy - Guitar (Malas, CorpseVomiT)
Session/live members:
Andrew "Aamonael" Markuszewski - Bass (2009-) (previously guitars, 2002-2003) (Avichi, Unholy Trinity, Night on Armon, Lord Mantis)
Charlie Fell - Drums (2009-) (Avichi, Lord Mantis, Floating Fantasy)
Sanford Parker - Keyboards, Effects (2008-) (Minsk, Buried at Sea, Behold! The Living Corpse, Twilight (USA), The High Confessions, Circle Of Animals)
Former/Past Member(s):
Zmij (2000-2001) (Zalnik, Unholy Trinity)
Kriglord (2001-2002, also guitars, keyboards) (Hvelvengel Av Helvete, Othendara, Trist Vintry Vandre, Godless Priests)
Mike Le Gros (Disinter (USA), Novembers Doom, Jungle Rot, Hells' Corpse, The Narthex, Earthen, Metallian (USA), Eyegouger, These Are They)
Jeff Wilson (2006-2010) (Dyngyr)
Sinic (on "Instinct: Decay")
Zion "Z. Meger" Meagher (2000-2001) (Disinter (USA), Black XIII, Forest of Impaled, Vital Remains, Metallian (USA), Zalnik, Anti-Human Thesis)
Marcus Kolar (2001-2002) (Forest of Impaled, Kommandant, Krieg, Sarcophagus (USA), Metallian (USA))
Chris Black (also keyboards) (Dawnbringer, Superchrist, Pharaoh, High Spirits)
Gazulmaug (Session, on "Demise")
Neil "Imperial" Jameson (Session, 2005) (Bael (Fra), Devotee (USA), Hidden (USA), Judas Iscariot, March into the Sea, N.I.L., Twilight (USA), Weltmacht, Angelkunt, Abominus, Imperial (USA)/Krieg, The Royal Arch Blaspheme)
Will Lindsay (on "Addicts: Black Meddle, Part II") (Middian, Indian, Wolves in the Throne Room, A Storm of Light)
Jon "Necromancer" Woodring (2008-2009, also backing vocals) (Kommandant, Usurper, Agnosia (USA))
Pat "Noctis" McCormick (2000-2002) (Othendara, Hvelvengel Av Helvete, Virgin Killers, Ezurate, The Crazies, Helms Deep (USA), Trist Vintry Vandre)
David "Grave" Swanson (aka G. Reymond) (2002) (Enforsaken, Veneficum, Unholy Trinity, Unsolemn, Kommandant, Evening Shroud)
Matt "Xaphar" Block (2002-2003) (Avidost, Avichi, Withering Soul, Night on Armon)
Wargoat Obscurum (2003-2006) (Cult of Daath, Krieg, Alioth (USA), Superchrist)
Jean Graffio (Sumeria, Krieg, Demas)
Tony Laureano (Session, 2008-2009) (Acheron (USA), Nile, Angelcorpse, Astaroth (USA), God Dethroned, Internecine, Malevolent Creation, Nidingr, 1349, Aurora Borealis (USA), Belphegor (Aut), Brujeria, Devolution (USA), Dimmu Borgir, Eulogy (USA), Naphobia, Sanctification, The Black Dahlia Murder, Insidious Disease, Kult ov Azazel)
Zack Simmons (Session, 2008-2009) (Goatwhore)
Markus Launsburry (Live, 2009; also guitars on "Instinct: Decay", and live bass, 2006) (Trifog, Blood Of Martyrs, I Klatus, Tub Ring, Vasana, Dementox)
Bob Fouts (Live, 2009) (The Gates of Slumber, Amongst the Swarm, Phantom Witch, Christ Beheaded)
Jeff "Wrest" Whitehead (Session, on "Addicts: Black Meddle, Part II") (Leviathan, Lurker of Chalice, Twilight (USA), Krieg, Von Goat)
Additional notes:
Nachtmystium can be contacted through Battle Kommand Records, Azentrius' label.
Nachtmystium contributed to the Ildjarn Tribute "Gathered Under The Banner Of Strength And Anger" on Pestilence Records (now known as |Target:Earth| Productions) with the tracks "Kronet" (03:00) and "Bak To Lysende Oeyne" (02:40).
The band also participated to the tribute of Judas Iscariot covering the song "Gaze Upon Heaven In Flames."

Nachtmystium - Holocaust Of Eternity [demo] - 2000
Nachtmystium & Zalnik - Nachtmystium/Zalnik [split] - 2001
Nachtmystium - Unholy Terrorist Cult [demo] - 2001
Nachtmystium - Live Onslaught [live] - 2002
Nachtmystium - Reign Of The Malicious [full-length] - 2002
Nachtmystium - Nachtmystium [ep] - 2003
Nachtmystium - Live Blitzkrieg [live] - 2003
Nachtmystium & Xasthur - Nachtmystium/Xasthur [split] - 2004
Nachtmystium - The First Attacks 2000-2001 [best of/compilation] - 2004
Nachtmystium - Demise [full-length] - 2004
Nachtmystium - Reign Of The Malicious + Nachtmystium [best of/compilation] - 2004
Nachtmystium - Eulogy Iv [ep] - 2004
Nachtmystium - Live Onslaught #2 [live] - 2005
Nachtmystium & Krieg - Daze West [split] - 2005
Nachtmystium - Instinct: Decay [full-length] - 2006
Nachtmystium - Worldfall [ep] - 2008
Nachtmystium - Assassins: Black Meddle, Pt. 1 [full-length] - 2008
Nachtmystium - Doomsday Derelicts [ep] - 2009
Nachtmystium - Addicts: Black Meddle Pt. 2 [full-length] - 2010
Nachtmystium - Live At Roadburn [live] - 2011
Nachtmystium & Murmur - I Wait In Hell/Shuttle I [split] - 2011
Nachtmystium - As Made [single] - 2012
Nachtmystium - Silencing Machine [full-length] - 2012
Nachtmystium - The World We Left Behind [full-length] - 2014
Nachtmystium - Resilient [ep] - 2018

Official site:

Lord Of The Siths

Thank you and greetings from Ecuador - South America.

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vrede does anybody have this yet?

Большинство старых ссылок мертво. Кто нибудь из покровителей оживите!
альбома 2018-го года так и нет?
ЦИТАТА(mardak666 @ Nov 30 2018, 17:27:17) *
альбома 2018-го года так и нет?

Был бы - первым сюда бы залили, ты как первый день здеся 1488.gif
ЦИТАТА(vosmidesijatye @ 30th November 2018 - 15:30:06) *
Был бы - первым сюда бы залили, ты как первый день здеся

да блин, но он вроде как летом вышел, странно как-то...
я просто открыл их на метал-архивах, т.к. увидел новый ep, и тут смотрю - был полнометражный новый! normal_Homerdisgust3.png
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