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Full Version: Grisly - The Spectral Wars (2018)
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*Artist: Grisly
*Album: The Spectral Wars
*Year: 2018
*Genre: Old School Death Metal
*Country: Sweden
*Format: mp3@CBR128kbps
*Size: 32MB

01. Consumed from Beneath
02. Rot to the Living
03. Parasite Parasite
04. The Casket Eaters
05. Teeth That Rips
06. Bring out the Horrors
07. Supernatural Warfare
08. Sentenced to Armageddon
09. Into Insanity
10. The Spectral Wars
Total playing time: 35:32

Extended info

Technical info

Input File: 02. Rot to the Living.mp3
Channels : 2
Sample Rate : 44100
Precision : 16-bit
Duration : 00:03:30.76 = 9294384 samples = 15806.8 CDDA sectors
File Size : 3.38M
Bit Rate : 128k
Sample Encoding: MPEG audio (layer I, II or III)
Comments :
Title=Rot to the Living
Album=The Spectral Wars
Genre=Death Metal

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1st album by this swedish band leaded by Rogga Johansson that plays a catchy and rotting Death Metal with influences in the vein of AUTOPSY, BENEDICTION, GRAVE, MEMORIAM, ASPHYX...

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GRISLY is the new band coming out from the restless mind of swedish Deathmaster Rogga Johansson. The band has just recorded their debut album "The Spectral Wars" which caught the attention from Xtreem Music which signed them for an immediate release later this summer.

GRISLY emerged in 2014 after bassist Dennis Blomberg left PAGANIZER, but still kept rehearsing with Rogga and a local drummer called Henke Lundgren, with the simple intention of keeping the rotten flame of Death Metal burning.

P.S Опять наш НЕУТОМИМЫЙ решил поразить нас ЕЩЁ одним 1488.gif своим ШЕДЕВРОМ 9.gif

P.S Чуть не ПРОПУСТИЛИ 1488.gif
Ого! Рогга неуемной енергии человек!
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