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Full Version: About Death Melodic Metal.
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Well I liked to listen to Death Melodic Metal so I would like to know some more bands that play this kind of Music. I think there are people that listen to this kind of music and know some great bands. So any other good bands that I could listen? I would be very thankful to those who would respond.

Wintersun is what I was listening before, but with time I got a bit bored smile1.gif

And sorry, I can't speak in Russian, still I understand a bit smile1.gif
try to find something useful here:
MDM - Melodic Death
Swedish MDM -
German MDM - Немецкий Melodic Death
Finnish MDM -
Dawn of Tears(Amazing stuff), Noumena(Highly recommended) Gates of Ishtar(Classical Guteborg sound) Raintime(Very underrated band but kickass) Insomnium(Pay attention to this band, it is reallly fucking awesome) Blood Stain Child(Good band from Japan that develop their own unique sound) Dispatched(Have no words to describe how awesome their are) Ebony Tears(Nothing special, but they have something that would make you head bang till death), Skymning(first one), try this, very cathy material) The Wake (Band from Finland, check their first album, U will shit your pants) Mercenary(Good shit) Dawn of Relic(Good shit either) Skyfire(Check this out, you will fall in love to that band) Nocturnal Winds(Pure Melodeath, very underrated, that's all I can say) SuidAkrA(Quite a bit reminds me Wintersun, yeah they definitely got something incommon, and more other bands that I couldn't recall at the same moment...
Thanks a lot for the replies smile1.gif
try to listen
In Flames till 1999 /Swe/
Dark Tranquillity /Swe/
Children Of Bodom till 1999 /Fi/
Insomnium /Fi/
Norther /Fi/
Kalmah /Fi/
Arch Enemy /Swe/
kalmah kalmah kalmah
I think the only band that deserve your attention in this kind of music is Archenemy (ex-Carcass, ex-Cathedral members). Perhaps such band as Arsis may be also interested to you.

But I insistently recommend you to listen to technical Death Metal as the advanced kind of death metal music.

There are some bands for a start:

Death, Martyr, Alarum, Burning Inside, Psycroptic, Illogicist 20.gif.
possibly try Breath of the Dying or With Faith or Flames. Though extremely popular, The Black Dahlia Murder is composed of nothing but great musicians and i have nothting but good words for them, as well.
Dark Tranquillity
Scar Symmetry
some of Carcass (it's a bit different kind of melodic death metal though, - no keyboards, too (same goes to Eucharist) - but they are still awesome)
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