*Artist: Lucifer's Fall
*Album: The Furthest Shore (Live Rehearsal 2019) [single]
*Year: 2019
*Genre: Doom/Heavy Metal
*Country: Australia
*Format: flac
*Size: 42MB

1.The Furthest Shore (Live Rehearsal 2019) 06:17
Total playing time: 6:17

Extended info
Line - up:

Deceiver - Vocals (Solemn Ceremony, Dire Fate, ex-Rote Mare, Zlórtcht, ex-Caprahed)
Cursed Priestess - Bass (ex-Rote Mare, Puritan (Aus))
The Invocator - Guitars (Puritan (Aus))
The Heretic - Guitars (Intellect Devourer, ex-Dirt)
The Hammer - Drums (ex-Biome)

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