*Performer: Various
*Title: Milwaukee Metalfest
*Type: Bootleg
*Year: 1992
*Genre: Death/Thrash/heavy/punk Metal
*Country: United States

*Audio: ac3@224kbps
*Video: mpeg1@1411kbps
*Resolution: 352x288
*Size: 867MB
*Length: 01:25:52

Extended info

Thanks to the original ripper and uploader, (t-mag, or Lockjaw blog?)

Milwaukee Metalfest VI
Saturday, July 18, 1992
MECCA Arena, Milwaukee, WI, USA


Bands played in following order:
(first 8 not known),
Demonomacy, Morbid Corpse, Baphomet, Mythic, Macabre, Impetigo, Zoetrope, Stygian, Metal x, Old Skull, Epidemic, Aversion, Exhorder, Hexx, Solitude Aeturnus, Broken Hope, Suffocation, Malevolent Creation, Brutal Truth, Scat Opera, Blitz, Murphys Law, Agnostic Front, Mentors, Dog Star, Cancer, Cannibal Corpse, Obituary, Deicide.

someone uploaded onto youtube with zero information.
It is the same length, so I am guessing he also downloaded this many years ago from the same website I did
I figured out most of the songs, took me a long time.
Got tired, so, you decipher rest of the missing bands/titles.


00:00 ? -
04:22 Mythic -
09:20 Macabre- Zodiac
12:45 Impetigo - Wizard of Gore
17:04 Zoetrope - It's My Life
19:47 Old Skull -
22:20 ? Epidemic -
27:18 Exhorder - Desecrator
34:00 Hexx - Blood Hunter
38:18 Solitude Aeturnus - The Hourglass
43:10 King Diamond introduces Broken Hope
49:36 Broken Hope -
53:21 King Diamond introduces Malevolent Creation
53:43 Malevolent Creation -
1:00: Agnostic Front -
1:03:45 backstage clip of guys hauling away a chick
1:04:01 ? Cancer -
1:09:35 Obituary -
1:13:31 Obituary - Cause of Death
1:19:15 Deicide - Satan Spawn, The Caco-Daemon
1:23:12 Deicide - Dead By Dawn

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