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Posted by: Indamage Oct 21 2007, 16:30:20

Raw Black Metal (early), Folk/Black Metal (later)
Lyrical Theme(s):
Hatred, Warriors, Forefathers, Anti-Christianity, NS, Sex
Finland (Helsinki)
Formed In:
Current line-up:
BlackGoat Gravedesecrator Everything
See also: Dreadful Relic, Hammer (live), ex-Usva, Bare Feet Beggar, ex-Uskonrauha, ex-Ride for Revenge (live), ex-Armour, ex-Advocatus Diaboli, ex-Sprinkleri
Former/Past Member(s):
T. Blood Vengeance Drums
Live musicians:
Avenger Drums (2008-2012, 2015-present)
See also: Uskonrauha, ex-Usva, ex-Barathrum, ex-White Death, ex-Advocatus Diaboli
Stormheit Keyboards, Vocals (backing) (2012-2013), Bass (2013-present)
See also: Mooncitadel, Stormheit, Der Stürmer (live), ex-Animal Foreskin, ex-Evil Witch, ex-Wounds, ex-Empire of Tharaphita, ex-Famulus ab Satanas, ex-Uncreation's Dawn, ex-Drowning the Light (live)
Kihti Guitars (acoustic) (2016-2018), Guitars (2018-present)
See also: Beherit, Thy Serpent, ex-Voices of Winds
Emperor Askonen Guitars (?-2009)
See also: ex-Draco
Namkah Drums (2004-2010)
See also: ex-Draco
M.V. Guitars (2004-?), Keyboards (2016-2017)
See also: ex-Usva, ex-White Death (live)
Harald Mentor Bass (2008-2012)
See also: Flooded Church of Asmodeus, Militaris-tic, Ride for Revenge, Uskonrauha, ex-Conjuration, ex-Incriminated, ex-Irritate, Siviilimurha, Will Over Matter, Womb C, ex-Malicious Death, ex-Nailgunner, ex-Katastrofialue, ex-Noise Waste
Raakalainen Guitars (2009-2015)
See also: Azazel, ex-Serenade Deprived, ex-TKNKNTJ, ex-Vihollisen Äänet, ex-Barathrum, ex-Sorrowed, ex-Chaotic Visions Attack, ex-Into the Madness
Werwolf Keyboards (2010)
See also: Gestapo 666, Heavy Cross, Infernal Darkness, Knife, Krüel Kömmando, Orlok, Satanael, Satanic Warmaster, Satanist Terrorist, The True Werwolf, Vritrahn-Werwolf, White Death, Vargrav (live), Warloghe (live), ex-Armour, ex-Blasphemous Evil, ex-Blutrache, ex-Incriminated, ex-Pest, ex-Shatargat, ex-Skullcrusher, ex-Bestial Noise, ex-Vomitfago, ex-Horna, ex-Krieg, ex-Mental Terror
Hammerer Guitars (2011-2015)
See also: Militaris-tic, Ride for Revenge, ex-Crosswrecker, ex-Neutron Hammer, ex-Butcher's Block, ex-Vitsaus (live), ex-Sacrificial Dagger
Skratt Flute (2016-2017)
See also: ex-Pest, ex-Horna
The Unnatural Guitars (2016-2018)
See also: Uskonrauha

Additional notes: has been the driving force of the band. Over the years, he's been accompanied by various session/live musicians in various lineups. Despite some lengthy participations and even musical contributions, none of those musicians are considered full members of the band.

Compilation appearances:
- "Irstauden Alttari" on Metal on Metal III (CD-R, 500 copies. / /, 2009)

Goatmoon - Demo Cd-r 1 [demo] - 2003
Goatmoon - Demo Cd-r 2 [demo] - 2003
Goatmoon - Demo 4 [demo] - 2003
Goatmoon - Demo 5 [demo] - 2003
Goatmoon - Goatmoon / Xenophobic Ejaculation [split] - 2010
Goatmoon - Saturday Night Armageddon Special Vol. Ii Split [video] - 2012
Goatmoon - Live At Manalan Yö Iii [live album] - 2014
Goatmoon - Kansojen Hävittäjä / Crushing The Maccabees [split] - 2016
Goatmoon - Goatmoon / Dark Fury [split] - 2017

Official site:

Posted by: Houwitser Jan 18 2013, 21:23:35

Кто-нибудь знает где можно надыбать проект Bare Feet Beggar ? Или он на столько труе, что только подпольные записи где-то зарыты?

Posted by: mardak666 Nov 20 2021, 11:37:22

Запилите 2021 Silver Serpent.

Posted by: thenecromancer Nov 20 2021, 11:56:40

QUOTE(mardak666 @ Nov 20 2021, 11:37:22) *
Запилите 2021 "Silver Serpent"

Only on YT for moment (it's a dungeon synth album, though...):

Demo 4 uploaded in this post:

Posted by: mardak666 Nov 20 2021, 12:08:11

ЦИТАТА(thenecromancer @ Nov 20 2021, 11:56:40) *
Only on YT for moment (it's a dungeon synth album, though...):

Thnx. Strange pic on YT, not inverted cross? fear.gif

Posted by: Antichrist May 3 2022, 21:29:31

Posted by: INDARKNESS May 3 2022, 21:47:58

2021 Silver Serpent
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Posted by: hex88 Nov 30 2023, 23:17:56

QUOTE(INDARKNESS @ May 3 2022, 22:47:58) *
2021 Silver Serpent

Does anyone have the split Goatmoon/Command? THanks in advance. 9.gif 9.gif 9.gif

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