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Posted by: Persian Gorgrinder Oct 4 2019, 09:03:14

Heavy Metal
Lyrical Theme(s):
Metal Pride, History, Mythology
Canada (Surrey, British Columbia)
Formed In:
Current line-up:
Leighton Holmes Bass, Vocals (backing) (2011-present)
Chris Osterman Guitars (lead), Vocals (lead) (2011-present)
Joey Paul Drums (2015-present)
See also: ex-Abyssion, ex-Foreign Influence
Megan Merrick Guitars (2019-present)
Former/Past Member(s):
Jordan Wright Guitars (rhythm)
Amanda Osterman Drums, Vocals (backing) (2011-2015)
Kenny Kroecher Guitars (lead, rhythm) (2011-2019)
See also: ex-Gatekeeper

Additional notes:

Formed by and (originally as Twisted).

Iron Kingdom - Unleashed At The Kraken (Live In Seattle) [live album] - 2014

Official site:

Iron Kingdom - Curse Of The Voodoo Queen [full-length] - 2011 by necroscum
Iron Kingdom - Gates Of Eternity [full-length] - 2013 by necroscum
Iron Kingdom - Ride For Glory [full-length] - 2015 by necroscum
Iron Kingdom - On The Hunt [full-length] - 2019 by necroscum

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