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Posted by: MeTaL StOrM Aug 19 2006, 08:49:21

Melodic Black/Symphonic Extreme Metal
Lyrical Theme(s):
Misanthropy, Satan, Anti-Christianity, Rebellion
Norway (Oslo)
Formed In:
Current Line-Up:
Shagrath (Stian Tomt Thoresen) - Vocals (1993-), Keyboards (1996, 2009-), Drums (1993-1995), Guitars (1995-1997, 2005), Bass (2005) (Starkness, Fimbulwinter, Chrome Division, Ragnarok (Nor), Nocturnal Breed, Ov Hell)
Erkekjetter Silenoz (Sven Atle Kopperud) - Guitars (1993-), Vocals (1993-1995, 2003, 2005), Bass (2005) (Nocturnal Breed, Malefic (Nor), Insidious Disease)
Galder (Thomas Rune Andersen Orre) - Guitars (2000-) (Old Man's Child, Requiem (Nor), Dødheimsgard)
Session/Live members:
Daray (Darek Brzozowski) - Drums (2008-) (Vesania (Pol), Neolithic, Pyorrhoea, Sunwheel, Masachist, Black River, Vader, Hunter (Pol), Crionics, Crystal Abyss, Faust (Ita))
Cyrus (Terje Andersen) - Bass (2010-), Guitars (Live 2008) (Old Man's Child, Satyricon, Crownfall, Sensa Anima, Sarke, Susperia)
Brat (Geir Bratland) - Keyboards (2010-) (The Kovenant, Apoptygma Berzerk, Satyricon)
Former/Past Member(s):
Jens Petter (Live 1996-1997)
Astennu (Jamie Stinson) (1997-1999) (Lord Kaos, Covenant (Nor), Stronger Than Hate, Infernal Method, Nocturnal Breed, Carpe Tenebrum)
Archon (2000)
Brynjard Tristan (Ivar Tristan Lundsten) (1993-1996) (Old Man's Child, Angstkrieg)
Nagash (Stian Arnesen) (1996-1999, also backing vocals, keyboards) (The Kovenant, Covenant (Nor), Troll, Carpe Tenebrum, Chrome Division)
ICS Vortex (Simen Hestnæs) (1999-2009, also clean vocals) (Arcturus (Nor), Borknagar, Lamented Souls)
Snowy Shaw (Tommy Helgesson) (2010, also clean vocals) (Notre Dame, King Diamond, Illwill, Mercyful Fate, Memento Mori (Swe), Cans, Dream Evil, XXX, Eyes of Noctum, Therion (Swe))
Tjodalv (Kenneth Åkesson) (1995-1999, also guitars 1993-1995) (Susperia, Old Man's Child, Requiem (Nor), Black Comedy, Nocturnal Breed)
Carl Michael-Eide (Live 1997) (Aura Noir, Cadaver Inc, Dødheimsgard, Infernö, Virus (Nor), Satyricon, Ulver)
Nicholas Howard Barker (1999-2004) (Atrocity, Leaves' Eyes, Lock Up, Catalepsy (Gbr), Monolith (Gbr), Benediction, Driven by Suffering, Testament, Old Man's Child, Brujeria, Ancient (Nor), Anaal Nathrakh, Winter's Thrall, Nightrage, Noctis Imperium, Cradle of Filth, Exodus, Twilight of the Gods)
Reno Hilligsøhe Killerich (Live 2003-2004) (Evil Morgan, Kobeast, 12Gauge, Chthonic, Panzerchrist, Downlord, Exmortem (Dnk), Hate Eternal, Old Man's Child, Strangler, Vile)
Tony Laureano (Live 2004-2005, 2007-2008) (Acheron, Angelcorpse, Astaroth, God Dethroned, Internecine, Malevolent Creation, Nidingr, 1349, Aurora Borealis (USA), Belphegor (Aut), Brujeria, Devolution (USA), Eulogy, Naphobia, Nachtmystium, Nile, Sanctification, The Black Dahlia Murder, Insidious Disease, Kult ov Azazel)
Hellhammer (Jan Axel Blomberg) (Session/Live 2005-2007) (Antestor, Immortal (Nor), Arcturus (Nor), Carnivora, Covenant (Nor), Jørn, Mezzerschmitt, Mortem (Nor), Shining (Swe), The Kovenant, Thorns, Troll, Vidsyn, Winds (Nor), Tritonus, Age of Silence, Umoral, Den Saakaldte, Mayhem (Nor), Emperor, Death of Desire, Eyes of Noctum, Endezzma)
Keyboards, Piano:
Stian Aarstad (1993-1997) (Enthral (Nor), Nocturnal Breed)
Kimberly Goss (Live 1997-1998) (Ancient (Nor), Therion (Swe), Avernus, Warmen, Sinergy)
Mustis (Øyvind Johan Mustaparta) (1998-2009, also violin, panflute) (Seven Sins, Vidder)

Additional notes
Dimmuborgir (note: not Dimmu Borgir, as the band's name) is a place in northern Iceland, where local legends say it is an entrance or gate to hell.
"Dimmu" means dark, and "borgir" can mean city, town, castle, rocky hill or shelter.

In 1994, advance tracks for a MLP called "Tusen Vinters..." were recorded but never released.

Aldrahn and Vicotnik from Dødheimsgard did guest vocals on "For All Tid", with Aldrahn performing all the vocals on the track "Over Bleknede Blåner Til Dommedag" and writing all the lyrics for the album along with Shagrath and Silenoz. Aldrahn also wrote the title track for "Stormblåst".

Tony Laureano (Nile) has performed as a live drummer for Dimmu Borgir twice - the second time filling in for Hellhammer who was recovering from a broken wrist.

Birth dates:
Stian Tomt Thoresen (18th November 1976, Jessheim, Norway)
Sven Atle Kopperud (1976, Norway)
Thomas Rune Andersen (1976, Norway)
Simen Hestnæs (4th March 1974, Oslo, Norway)
Øyvind Johan Mustaparta (10th September 1979, B�rum, Norway)
Jan Axel Blomberg (2nd August 1969, Trysil, Norway)
Stian Arnesen (7th May 1978, Norway)


Dimmu Borgir & Dissection - Gods Of Darkness [dvd] - 1997
Dimmu Borgir - Behind The Player: Dimmu Borgir [dvd] - 2010


Posted by: fenryr Aug 19 2006, 12:36:38

гы... ну раз последний промка, ща забомбим в 320 полный. только не факт, что я его добавлю, а то глюки-с с добавлениями =)

Posted by: MeTaL StOrM Aug 19 2006, 13:03:51

валяй)если два ЦД в 320 не влом заливать)

Posted by: fenryr Aug 19 2006, 13:17:12

у меня один от айронда, аи мне в лом стало в 320- я как обычно в абр срипнул... ну чтоб была полная дискография тут

Posted by: MeTaL StOrM Aug 19 2006, 13:34:48

один так один зна4ит впишем три версии на этот релиз)
у меня два ,заливать пока не собираюсь-тяжко 4тото может потом)

Posted by: fenryr Aug 19 2006, 13:40:28

не, есть у меня и два диска, просто они скачаны из имула, а тут свое, родное, на кровную денюшку купленное. и второй диск- это двд. у меня просто рипнутый звук с него.

Posted by: IronMan Mar 11 2007, 11:24:58

В дискографию добавлено
Dimmu Borgir&Old Man's Child - The Sons Of Satan Gather For Attack (Devil's Path&In The Shades Of Life) [Split] - 1999 _by_BLACK_METAL
Dimmu Borgir - In Sorte Diaboli - 2007 _by_gorg

Posted by: sacrut Mar 30 2007, 12:25:27

Можно еще добавить кое-что:

Posted by: IronMan Mar 30 2007, 15:50:42

В дискографию добавлено
Dimmu Borgir - Rehearsal [Demo] - 1994_by_sacrut
Dimmu Borgir - Live In Brohm (Germany) [Bootleg] - 1995_by_sacrut
Dimmu Borgir - Live At Inferno [Bootleg] - 2002_by_sacrut
Dimmu Borgir - Vredesbyrd [Single] - 2004_by_sacrut

Posted by: Sanctius May 12 2007, 17:01:53

Есть у кого сольник Шаграта STARKNESS?

Posted by: Egoist May 28 2007, 12:47:36

Очень нужен The Serpentine Offering [Single] - 2007, залейте плиз кто может.

Posted by: gorg May 28 2007, 12:51:43

ЦИТАТА(Egoist @ May 28 2007, 15:47:36) *
Очень нужен The Serpentine Offering [Single] - 2007, залейте плиз кто может.

Зачем он тебе сдался. Полноценник уже давно появился.
Хотя для коллекции
1. The Serpentine Offering (album version) 05:09
2. The Serpentine Offering (video edit) 04:42
3. The Serpentine Offering (instrumental version) 04:04
Total playing time 13:53

Posted by: Egoist May 29 2007, 19:29:29

ЦИТАТА(gorg @ May 28 2007, 12:51:43) *
Зачем он тебе сдался. Полноценник уже давно появился.

Знамо что появился, уже имеется. Но нужны ИМЕННО:
"The Serpentine Offering" (Instrumental Version) из European version, и
"The Heretic Hammer" (Instrumental Version) из North American Version.
Как раз для коллекции! ;-)

P.S. Если можно, то только не рапида.

Posted by: SUICIDER Jul 21 2007, 11:42:21

Ну и че это за прикол?!?! По ссылкам переходит на какой-то "Сайт в стадии выдумки идеи"...
Куда вы это все заливали? nyyy.gif

Posted by: Kjemiker Jul 21 2007, 12:15:34

На классный туркменский обменник. Но после ухода Туркменбаши халява прикрылась и Боргиры лишились финансирования.

Posted by: SUICIDER Jul 21 2007, 12:25:11

Не знаю че там у туркменов случилось, но мне очень нужен альбом Бургеров For All Tid в качестве 320 кбвс с двумя бонус-треками в конце. Нашедшему просьба сообщить за вознаграждение smile1.gif

Posted by: SUICIDER Jul 23 2007, 17:33:42

Спасибо всем неравнодушным! 1488.gif
Сам нашел уже... dwarf-1.gif Пиzzдатая вещь, между прочим 27.gif ... Самый трушный, если можно так сказать про Боргиров...

Posted by: Sanc Feb 5 2010, 17:26:52

Когда же новый альбом? С нетерпением жду.

Posted by: mardak666 Aug 20 2010, 16:16:39

Когда же новый сингл Gateways? С нетерпением жду.

Posted by: satanath Jan 22 2012, 11:41:59

All Releases Updated

Posted by: Battaleon Nov 25 2014, 12:46:34

старым пердунам

Posted by: anbe Aug 19 2015, 10:33:10

ЦИТАТА(Battaleon @ Nov 25 2014, 14:46:34) *
старым пердунам

Жесть. Просто жесть

Posted by: thenecromancer May 31 2018, 14:01:21

To be added in the first post's Discography:
Dimmu Borgir - Rehearsal February 1994 [demo] - 1994
Dimmu Borgir - Rehearsal August 1994 [demo] - 1994

Posted by: Veggr Feb 2 2024, 10:05:28

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