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Posted by: Thiarnan Sep 2 2008, 14:37:27

Death/Black Metal
Lyrical Theme(s):
Battles, Warriors, Gods, Temples, Pagan Legends
Poland (Bialystok)
Formed In:
Current line-up:
Hal - Vocals, Bass (2001-) (Hermh, Via Mistica, Stygmat, Dead Infection, Diseased)
Rob-D - Guitar (2005-) (Cinis, Cinerarium, Changer)
Icanraz - Drums (1998-) (Hermh, Diseased, Via Mistica, Christ Agony, Devilish Impressions, Naumachia)

Session members :
Lukasz Bielem - Guitar (Cinis, Sinful Souls, Altercated)
Vac-V - Keyboards (Crionics (Pol))
Flumen - Keyboards (Hermh, Asgaard)
Former/Past Member(s):
Vocal :
Khopik (1998-1999) (Disembowelled Christ, Stormer)
Zyzio (2001-2002) (Bloodpaint, The Growling Stones)
Guitar :
Lukasz (1998-2002) (Sphere (Pol), Pyorrhoea, Hate (Pol))
Socaris (1998-2005) (Hermh)
Maar (2002-2005, Also Vocals) (Hermh, Via Mistica)
Yanuary (Crionics (Pol), Anal Stench, Thy Disease)
Bass :
Wierzba (1998-1999)
Slawek (1999)
Dracula (1999-2000) (Via Mistica)
Kojot (2000-2001)
Keyboards :
Ghaez (1999-2005, Also Vocals) (Via Mistica)
Additional notes:
the ex guitarist Maar is also in Hermh but not listed as such on Abused Majesty's page.

Abused Majesty - Thee I Worship/Gods Are With Us [best of/compilation] - 2001

Official Site:

Posted by: Groln Dec 25 2009, 07:32:39

Последний альбом намного лучше дебютника

Posted by: Persian Gorgrinder Oct 31 2010, 07:09:45

Abused Majesty - Crusade For Immortality [demo] - 2006 by artscald
Abused Majesty - ...So Man Created God In His Own Image/Worship Gods Of Immortality [best of/compilation] - 2009 by smysl

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