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Metal Area - Extreme Music Portal _ Requests _ Lord Vampyr - Carpathian Tragedies (2009)

Posted by: Harlock May 26 2009, 15:57:55

01. Carpathian Roots
02. Land Of The Dacians
03. Dance Of The Witches
04. Eternal War
05. The Lady And The River – A Ghost Story
06. When The Death Is Not The End
07. The Blind Executioner Part I
08. The Blind Executioner Part Ii
09. Strigoi

I search the new album of Lord Vampyr, ex singer to italian band Theatre Des Vampires

Posted by: reimbril May 28 2009, 16:06:56

I would like this one posted as well

Posted by: Draculina May 28 2009, 17:03:17

Ну что ж, ждём, ищем и предвкушаем 25.gif

Posted by: Fess May 28 2009, 20:32:24

О да, ждём! Ведь предыдущий релиз был очень хороший. Я даже диск купил.

Posted by: Harlock May 28 2009, 23:49:35

Samples of new album is online 25.gif

Posted by: gorg Aug 8 2009, 09:54:37

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