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Mar 19 2022, 10:50:55 Dark Funeral - We Are The Apocalypse (2022)
Boring record, "Where Shadows Forever Reign" is light years ahead.
(2) Mencae77, StabWound,
Feb 26 2022, 16:38:00 Shape Of Despair - Return To The Void (2022)
QUOTE(babanguida @ Feb 26 2022, 12:03:25) *
My non existent musical knowledge is apparently hurting your simple mind. I'm not asking your opinion on my comments and my musical knowledge. They are relevant, like them or not.
Unfortunately you are not having fun here even if you are desperately claiming it. You're just a puppet expressing somebody's frustrations.
Inbred like you and your relatives are funny actually.

Hatesmashing your keyboard won't help ya, comedian. I actually had fun smile1.gif
Feb 26 2022, 12:00:14 Shape Of Despair - Return To The Void (2022)
QUOTE(babanguida @ Feb 26 2022, 11:57:36) *
What's your problem Mister alt? You are only writing on this forum because you are mad and crying.

Alt? 1488.gif

Nah, just here to make the forum clown mad - apparently it works.
I mean, do you even enjoy music at times or are you always analyzing stuff based on your non-existent musical knowledge? This is a great album and the different voices actually fit quite well.
(2) 6666666, WOLAND,
Feb 21 2022, 18:22:40 Nokturnal Mortum - До Лунарної Поезії (2022)
QUOTE(Mencae77 @ Feb 21 2022, 15:48:57) *
This place is looking like the Vatican, they delete the comments whatever... You're erasing history!!! 1488.gif
so I have to type again - boooring album... 21.gif

Imagine not having anything better to do than posting such a dull comment over and over again.
(1) canadaspaceman,
Oct 29 2021, 23:26:33 Lucifer - Lucifer IV (2021)
Oh yes, I'm sure they're swimming in money in a giant pool right in front of a gargantuan palace funded by the fountains of money they made with their music as we speak. Geniuses, you're onto something big, I believe in you! smile1.gif
(1) vosmidesijatye,
Aug 26 2021, 15:55:43 Graveland - Hour Of Ragnarok (2021)
QUOTE(kupiszcze @ Aug 25 2021, 20:26:29) *
320 Only! Anyone?! 9.gif

(1) dalex,
Sep 4 2020, 19:05:00 Cytotoxin - Nuklearth (2020)
QUOTE(babanguida @ Sep 4 2020, 18:47:31) *
You can't hear these elements, your problem. If I am Joker, you are my smelly reject.

I get that you're kinda crossbreed of a somewhat forum "mascot" and a failed troll-attempt, but you certainly didn't talk about elements, you called Cytotoxin "Deathcore" straight away, which is obviously bullshit. Or, to make use of your own vocabulary: It's smelly reject. I really hope I can hold myself back this time and not react to any of your toxic evaporations in the future, but... oh well, you're such an annoying caricature. Either way, I don't wanna ruin your life-sustaining business in here.

It's a decent Technical Death effort with a modern twist. Not the most flashiest of course, but instead of technicality for the sake of people get good songwriting.
(2) Old Vyaine, StabWound,
Sep 4 2020, 14:28:29 Cytotoxin - Nuklearth (2020)
QUOTE(StabWound @ Aug 26 2020, 23:29:11) *

One listen in and I love it.

Brutal fucking shit at light speed with a razor sharp technical backbone that just rips along.

Fuck this band goes off.

Another Excellent TECHNICAL DEATH FUCKING METAL release.

There is not a trace of FUCKING hardcore in sight!

It takes time to really understand releases like these, the last album continues to blow me away, every time, its just fantastic. This one is not as immediately grabbing, it requires a bit more attention.

Its a bigger canvas than they have attempted before, both lyrically and musically. But so far I'm loving it.

i will post another opinion in a few months when I have heard it more.

Cringe. Just like that joker calling it "Deathcore". Some people really have no issue with self-embarassment.
(1) 6666666,
Feb 15 2019, 13:23:18 Rotting Christ - The Heretics (2019)
Jep, confirmed. The first bonus track is "The Sons of Hell" and the second is "Phobos". You can even hear Sakis whispering the word Phobos in that track.
(2) infiltrator, Occultas,

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