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Aug 27 2023, 21:21:31 Der Tod Und Die Landsknechte - Wir Fürchten Weder Tod Noch Teufel (2023)
With (former) musicians from Absurd, Wolfsburg, Halgadom, Camulos, Leichenzug, Heldentum etc. Yeah...the definitition of a nazi band. Especially with that lyrics. Rule 7 doesn't exist anymore eh? smile1.gif
EDIT: "Legion Werwolf (S.W.)"...S.W. = Satanic Warmaster Cover.
(1) Carcharoth,
Aug 20 2023, 21:36:50 Todverhexen - Verbotene Hexerei (2023)
Astwind, Teufelsberg, Todverhexen...can band names get more ridiculous? And this bands shall be "Black Metal" bands? LOL normal_Homerdisgust3.png
(1) blackestdesire,
Jul 19 2023, 19:15:17 Misotheist - For The Glory Of Your Redeemer (2021)
QUOTE(LuciferianFire @ Mar 15 2022, 10:28:03) *
Anyone have a CD Rip of this CD? Format - flac, cue, log and scans)?

Nope, but a jacket.

(1) Occultas,
May 5 2023, 18:27:55 Lumsk - Fremmede Toner (2023)
Not that it's here the first or only time, but why are the tags on sites like this so often different and wrong? Are uploaders mostly dislexics or so? I'm just curious, because it's like they are doing twice the work as necessary.

(1) Aamiinaa,
Mar 6 2023, 10:55:44 Raum - Cursed By The Crown (2023)
You should correct the band name, since it's wrong (as can be seen on the front cover bandcamp and everywhere else): https://www.metal-archives.com/bands/R%C3%A4um/3540521326
(1) isvili,
Feb 2 2023, 20:52:41 Skratte - Akt II: Des Wolfes Klagen (2023)
Just wanted to share another fast and simple hoster you may like to use:
(4) Carcharoth, Ostinato, witchfinder, Yorker,
Jan 25 2023, 17:34:22 ...And Oceans - As In Gardens, So In Tombs (2023)
Since there seems to be no difference i would like to know if this is just a Youtube rip like on the other sites and if so, if someone can do a Bandcamp flac rip...thanks in advance.
(1) Occultas,
Jan 11 2023, 20:40:22 Crom - The Era Of Darkness (2023)
Why is no one writing anywhere when a song is a cover version. "The Last Unicorn" here from Crom and "Mourning Palace" from Walg aren't the first songs where it's neither here nor in the tags of the MP3s named. Are you mass uploaders expecting us downloaders to suggest?
(1) BladeOvDarkness,
Dec 14 2022, 22:40:37 Bezwering - Dodenkroning (2022)
(1) vasiljev_sergej,
Oct 29 2022, 17:25:46 Nephilim - Kakōn (2022)
Wanna bet in 10+ years full length albums will be only 20 minutes short? smile1.gif
(2) Samaritianin, ShadowHunter,
Oct 29 2022, 17:22:05 Ametropie - The Unknown (1998)
Very nice addition to my collection, thanks for both albums.
(1) Carcharoth,
Oct 28 2022, 19:31:39 Timor Et Tremor - For Cold Shades (2016)

(4) Kaphiel, Olrak, sunska, Авел,
Oct 28 2022, 18:03:44 Aschenglas - Nirgends Ist Ein Seelenheil [demo] (2006)
FLAC re-upload of the first 3 demos:

(2) Carcharoth, kimkayoung,
Aug 24 2022, 17:35:26 Hexis - Aeternum (2022)
Whoever calls this Black Metal has never listened to Black Metal in his / her life for sure.
(1) Storky,
Aug 18 2022, 20:51:01 Myrsky - Tuonelalle (2022)
I don't get it with the genres here. Symphonic Black Metal gets tagged as Melodic Black Metal, Melodic Black Metal gets tagged as Black Metal, NSBM gets tagged as Pagan / Black or just Black Metal... Do you people even listen to what or know what you're uploading here? Because i'm highly doubting it and I'm even doubting that you care about it.
(1) ShadowHunter,
Jul 10 2022, 11:52:26 Ahnenerbe - Sigvater (2022)
Why did you mention the lyrical themes in the extended info, as if it's needed to be mention or something's there to hide? I mean since it's very uncommon here to do so in general it makes everything suspicious. So here you got it, because lyrics mean nothing anymore, if the band and / or musician(s) are well known in the nazi scene:https://www.metal-archives.com/bands/Ahnenerbe/3540455191

So yeah, fuck lyrics and stop hiding and complaining. Be at least honest and not an embarassment. We all know so or so very well what nazi music is and what not you stupid idiots!
(1) Mencae77,
Jun 13 2022, 21:23:49 Dalriada - Őszelő (2021)
All albums in 320 CBR quality in one fine sorted and tagged package. Enjoy.

(1) quarantine,
Jun 5 2022, 21:49:14 -S- - Dom, W Którym Mieszkał Wąż (A House Where Dwelled A Snake) (2022)
QUOTE(Mencae77 @ Jun 4 2022, 11:33:27) *
How to label this? Jazz, Dark, Ambient, Black... hmm.gif

Just simply Avantgarde / Experimental Black Metal...it's even tagged as Experimental Black Metal on their Bandcamp site. So why questioning?
(2) JantoHadez, thenecromancer,
May 14 2022, 18:29:43 Heldenasche - Der Abgesang (2022)
QUOTE(Mach1naePerson4 @ May 14 2022, 09:21:06) *
Another faceless copycat. Damn, how I miss the times when germany had fantastic Black Metal bands like Lunar Aurora, Nagelfar, and others.

How ridiculous to compare a nazi band like this here (don't start complaining, Hammerbund is a well known nazi label) with bands like you named. What comes next, comparing Mystic Circle with Nordreich? 15.gif
(2) Carcharoth, ingram,
Oct 2 2021, 14:12:29 Majesty Of Silence - Die Schöpfung Tohuwabohu (2021)
A worthless teaser and an eleven years old video...if you can't post a proper pre-listening, then don't do it. Damnit.


(2) Metalass, Old Vyaine,
Sep 11 2021, 22:28:45 Wiking1940 - Nur: Ancient Culter Of Boes And Pyros (2021)
Vocalist Nameless also "Guest in Via dolorosa". Via Dolorosa is also a funny nazi band with a stupid "2082" theory: "2082 (about)… the end of this corrupted epoch! The purifying fire born from the end of the Kali Yuga will bring us to a new era of prosperity… billions of people will die during this phase… but what does it matter in the end? The body is only a casing to give material shape to the spirit… only the best ones will go further. If we’ll be worthy we’ll see again in the Satya Yuga."
(1) Vitald,
Aug 24 2021, 18:23:43 Wheel - Resident Human (2021) (1) Ostinato,
Aug 22 2021, 20:36:40 Deafheaven - Infinite Granite (2021)
Couldn't have lesser Black Metal elements. smile1.gif But i like it, could have even none Black Metal elements for my taste.
(1) Angeldemon617,
Jun 27 2021, 14:48:31 Tronje - Zerfall (2021)
Aah the band who released the album "Deutschtum" (where on the front cover can be read "Mein Black Metal Kampf") with songs like "Deutscher Soldat" or "Auf Kameraden". Also very liked by the RAC and NSBM scene: https://rac-forum.org/forum/showthread.php?t=36063. Of course people here will say that it's not NSBM and so on. No no, this isn't a right winged band...for those who are blind on the right eye.
(2) El_Chibo, ingram,
Jun 9 2021, 16:46:45 Lantlôs - Melting Sun (2014)
Bonus song including.

(2) blaskhyrk, brunodiaz,

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