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May 22 2023, 04:59:39 Ilumize - Noise In The Gallery (2023)
QUOTE(AHBAnep @ May 22 2023, 04:45:15) *
i see a lot of posts claiming that lately despite not a shred of black metal in the music other than slightly raised vocal pitch here or there.
when i think blackened i think like Azarath's Blasphemer's Malediction or the band Necrowretch in general instead of just death metal with a scream thrown in for a few words every now and then
(1) Night,
Dec 19 2021, 05:27:21 Diablery - Candles (2021)
27.gif very good
i wouldn't call it symphonic tho. just black metal
(2) nsk2008, Spritznkarli,
Oct 10 2019, 22:07:12 Mortiferum - Disgorged From Psychotic Depths (2019)
QUOTE(FlammenTod666 @ Oct 10 2019, 19:08:02) *
не попросишь - не получишь crazy.gif

sorry english, and at the risk of sounding dumb.
FLACs just a placebo. yes it looks fancier on spectrum viewers and computer graphs but unless you have golden ears you will likely never ever hear a difference vs 320 mp3
(2) infiltrator, Moldavite,
Apr 16 2019, 04:01:36 Envothril - Through Mist And Steam [ep] (2019)
QUOTE(Fuckhead @ Apr 16 2019, 02:45:25) *
Unblack metal is an oxymoron. 1488.gif
indeed unholy sounding music with christian lyrics. that's kind of like having a woman yell bible verses in hardcore porn and calling it christian
(2) dan22, Shadechaser,
Sep 23 2018, 19:41:37 Embra - Abjection (2018)
good and all, but feels like the band digitally slowed down the music (especially vs 2016 demo).
maybe i'm just crazy but open a track in Audacity, click change speed, 33 1/3 to 45 rpm and see for your self
(1) kim666,
Aug 4 2018, 06:00:17 Arkuum - Die Letzte Agonie (2018)
based off the first song, the music is much better than the cover art
(3) infiltrator, Ostinato, Whitefish,
Jun 7 2018, 01:16:17 Black Castle Banshee - Realm Of The Tortured Soul (2018)
This album was recorded in the dungeons of Black Castle aka "MY MOMS BASEMENT"
finally an honest band
(2) DiegoMassakre, infiltrator,
May 31 2018, 20:46:11 Wombbath - The Great Desolation (2018)
QUOTE(babanguida @ May 31 2018, 20:05:57) *
a bit too basic and boring to me so far. nothing outstanding
and here are a few websites that disagree with you. i can also browse youtube, facebook, and random blogs to see tons normal users praising this too.
so feel free to take that very narrow minded music tastes and fail elsewhere as you are clearly wrong.


thanks for the download, good stuff
(2) defamer666, Samaritianin,
May 26 2018, 07:24:18 Deiquisitor - Sword Of Pestilence [ep] (2017)
pretty deep and heavy and all but ... this sounds like a 45 rpm record that was played at 33 rpm.
metal-archives and bandcamp also confirm the shorter time stamps
(3) AHBAnep, Ostinato, Vaesel,
Apr 19 2018, 21:35:42 Sarinvomit - Malignant Thermonuclear Supremacy (2018)
QUOTE(unholydesecration @ Apr 19 2018, 14:20:05) *
genre: black metal.

i know the site doesn't tag like this but just saying War Metal probably works too instead of trying to figure out the % of each black/thrash/death elements
(1) unholydesecration,
Apr 8 2018, 18:53:27 Magnanimus - Storms Of Chaotic Revelations (2006)
does anyone have a working link to the new edition / re-recorded version?
i can only find the original 2006

the newer has some interesting sound
(2) boba, WarmasterChorus,
Feb 9 2018, 06:59:52 Destruktor - Nuclear Storm [ep] (2004)
old school VBR scene rip from 2005 (+scans)
(3) infiltrator, SyncestrA, Wail,
Sep 21 2017, 18:44:16 Deathtiny - Come To Life (2017)
might wanna recheck that genre tag. not even close
(2) Ostinato, umserapenas,
Sep 12 2017, 18:03:05 Throne Ov Extraterrestrials - Necrogenesis (2017)
quote bandcamp "TOE is a three piece Atmospheric Brutal Deathcore internet project."
(2) mittal, neoatheist,
Jan 1 2017, 02:38:59 Новости Black-направления
Ancestral Shadows - 2016 - The Sorrows of Centuries Past
Full stream just went up tonight on Bandcamp.
"2nd lp of Grim, majestic and melancholic New England Black Metal."

01. Forgotten Monuments
02. The Sorrows of Centuries Past
03. Triumph of Iron Will
04. I Reflect in Isolation at Dusk
05. Cry From an Ancient World
06. Tragic Realm of Existence
07. A Burial at Midnight
08. Alone (Goatmoon Cover)

(5) avather, Dmitry1977, Goatrex, infiltrator, suseka,

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