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Sep 16 2023, 17:12:48 Mayhem - Daemonic Rites [live] (2023)
When it's flaaac and when it's lossless
the "bandcamp bitrate" can obsess you
(2) Faust_Vulkan_16, Occultas,
Jul 8 2023, 21:29:05 Łza Zeschniętej Róży - Majestat Mgieł Nocnych (1997)
Reissue 2013
(1) BlackTroll,
Jun 29 2023, 21:38:23 Slavland - Dziedzictwo (2022)
try 123
(1) sacrvm_bellvm,
Jun 15 2023, 18:33:58 Selbstmord - WarSign (2023)
Original uncensored cover atr/booklet please
(1) Occultas,
Jun 5 2023, 19:42:17 Today Needed (1) Occultas,
May 22 2023, 17:02:44 Serpent Of The Black Forest - Starlight Over Winterscape
Give someone a little bit of power if you want to check what kind of person he is
Discogs begin to form their private totalitarian e-state,typical of a corporations
They forgot that we don't need them,they need us
everything will fix itself when they start earning less
stupidity and absurdity will be cancelled
but for now, stupidity pays off because people allow it
so, Discogs consistently climbs to next level of idiocy
(2) Occultas, rickzammuto,
May 22 2023, 09:26:54 Today Needed (1) Occultas,
May 18 2023, 11:52:50 Jerk - Scream Against Walls (1995)

low quaguilty smile2.gif
(2) hell_armageddon, thenecromancer,
Apr 26 2023, 10:57:23 Life Of Agony - River Runs Red (1993)
Life Of Agony Discography 320kb

(1) blackestdesire,
Apr 25 2023, 10:02:10 Marxthrone - Total Dialectics (2023)
Iosif Doom Occultaszwili
(3) Chasm, nsk2008, Winterdark,
Apr 25 2023, 09:13:16 Marxthrone - Total Dialectics (2023)
What next,Stalinicon - Dark CCCP Times?
Lennintal - Battles in the Europe
Emputin - In The UE Eclipse
...Marxhem - De Mysteriis Ortodoxy (with Anonymous on keyboard)

True Inner CCCircle ,can't wait popcorn.gif
(4) Chasm, Hexenmeister, Kaphiel, nsk2008,
Apr 23 2023, 09:40:21 Life Of Agony - River Runs Red (1993)
QUOTE(empire13 @ Jan 1 2022, 15:10:58) *
please re-up @320

(2) Ingvar, kimkayoung,
Apr 21 2023, 18:04:07 Argenthorns - The Ravening (2023)
and Rhapsody smile1.gif
(1) Winterdark,
Apr 15 2023, 14:57:47 Новости Black-направления
(2) maxxxy, sabr,
Apr 13 2023, 18:08:34 Tsjuder - Gods Of Black Blood [studio clip] (2023)
QUOTE(vosmidesijatye @ Apr 13 2023, 11:47:29) *
Дядь, смешнее этого клипа во всем блэкушничке ничего нет 15.gif

You haven't seen the very end of the internet yet


(2) Mencae77, Milligan,
Apr 3 2023, 19:47:54 Watain
Are You sure?
"EP featuring a rehearsal recording"
(1) Occultas,
Mar 29 2023, 14:22:56 Goatmoon - Witchking [ep] (2023)
The cover art usually corresponds to lyrical or musical layer
in this case, it's the perfect combination (without potency)
The lyrical subject says about naked truth that he lacks creative potential
(1) Razorbladeswaltz,
Mar 8 2023, 22:04:35 Petit Nuage Noir - Among The Graves (2023)
The real problem is rising power of Islam
digitization of money = liquidation of freedom by erasing the possibility of saving
digitization of personality
and global ignorance and laziness
in exchange for convenience people are giving up freedom

I didn't notice much difference between representatives of so-called normal society
and the metal subculture, especially BM
I'll say more, some from BM circles are even more normal
than typical exemplary citizens

but it is probably the fault of belief in one's elitism and narcissistic disorders
in essence,all are the same, weak and vulnerable to social engineering
slaves criticize the slaves for serving other masters
arguing about whose cage is better
(2) Night, spbfucker,
Mar 4 2023, 17:48:08 Enslaved - Heimdal (2023)
Try 6.Caravans to the Outer Worlds
don't you hear echoes of Hordanes Land?
(1) spbfucker,
Mar 3 2023, 23:03:40 Enslaved - Heimdal (2023)
QUOTE(spbfucker @ Mar 3 2023, 21:24:06) *
Всё так.
Но по идее, им бы стоило сменить бренд. Закончился Hellhammer - начался Celtic Frost. Нагаш захотел поиграть в индастриал - и Covenant превратился в The Kovenant (опустим историю про шведских однофамильцев).
Шульдинер с дебюта тоже менял стиль, и не всегда это было в жилу фэнам. Но не менялся ни дух, ни узнаваемая манера. Таких примеров - сотни, и в каждом случае речь идёт хотя бы о постепенных изменениях (как, к примеру, эффектно Paradise Lost доехали до "Host" - это было забавно, но вполне естественно).
Я вообще не догоняю, с какого перепуга поздний Enslaved описывают как "прог". Где он тут? Это просто мейнстрим с влиянием того и сего. Скучный винегрет, которому не хватает уксуса и перца, а главное - индивидуальности и собственного лица.

Changing band name won't change much in your musical imagination and ideas,
especially if you've been playing in one style for many years
you'll still be playing in your style but under a different name, and so what
and when you play in a band and the line-up is the same under one or another name
what's the point?

They have their vision of music, they always have
I can clearly hear the common element on every Enslaved album
There is only one AC/DC(and Cannibal Corpse) and it is enough 23.gif 1488.gif
(1) Ghostb,
Mar 3 2023, 21:01:31 Enslaved - Heimdal (2023)
Apparently the problem of this band is not that they play badly
or can't play at all
but that they don't play what the audience wants
and that's not a problem
If you don't like it, find something else
(2) Ghostb, sTerLingaz,
Mar 3 2023, 19:47:30 Enslaved - Heimdal (2023)
maybe someone could upload Cinematic Tour 2020 dvd?
(1) Ghostb,
Mar 3 2023, 14:32:36 Enslaved - Heimdal (2023)
Enslaved mean always interesting 20.gif
"Nothing related to Black Metal now" - when they were satanists if NOW they are not?
(3) Ghostb, LadyElvina, sTerLingaz,
Feb 27 2023, 14:38:07 Today Needed
Absu - The Sun Of Tiphareth
25 th anniversary revamped Alternate Stereo Mix Edition
(1) Occultas,
Feb 1 2023, 14:59:00 Today Needed
Niflungar – Rebirth Of Salem
Krajiny Hmly - Cez Ostrie Skál
Geistlicht - Fading Light
(1) Wilczygniew Strzygoń,

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