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Jan 16 2012, 15:20:18 Form - I Choose My Own (1995)
Reuploded )

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Jan 11 2012, 22:51:58 Kristendom - Awakening The Chaos (2005)
Reuploaded )))

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Jan 11 2012, 22:50:23 Kristendom - Operator Dead... Post Abandon (1999)
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Oct 13 2011, 13:08:22 The Rays Of The Sun - Waiting (2000)
(1) Dark_Mind,
Sep 16 2011, 15:00:27 Endless Agony - In An Agony Of Fear (2003)
(2) BRUTAL06, zuskr,
Sep 4 2011, 14:04:51 The Ancients Rebirth - Damnated Hell's Arrival [ep] (1998)
(2) Ildjarn, infiltrator,
Sep 3 2011, 11:59:44 Corpset - Ruins (2011)

*Artist: Corpset
*Album: Ruins
*Year: 2011
*Genre: Melodic Death/Groove Metal
*Country: Finland
*Format: mp3@CBR320kbps
*Size: 82MB

01. The Light Divine 03:49
02. Castrate 02:45
03. Blair 03:57
04. Moment of Clarity 03:42
05. Into the Light 04:38
06. Give & Go 02:19
07. World Hate Center 04:18
08. Behind the Sauna 03:51
09. V.P.O. 03:42
10. Ceasar's Palace 02:22
Total playing time: 35:23

[more=Extended info]Corpset is a 5-piece metal band from Finland who will release their debut album “Ruins” via Violent Journey Records on April 27. According to their bio, they recorded this album in several different locations that includes professional studios and a horse ranch in the Finnish countryside. Ummm, nothing says metal like the sweet stench of horse manure. Other than this tidbit of information, I know very little of the band. So without further ado, lets jump right into the songs on this release.

If I had to classify this band, I would call it melodic death metal with hints of old school thrash. There is tons of melody and harmonics throughout this album. The guitar tone has a very old school bay area thrash sound to it. Think “Ultra Violence” from Death Angel or “Forbidden Evil” by Forbidden. It is obvious while listening to this album that both of the guitarists for Corpset are accomplished musicians. Filled with hooks and solid solos that not only complement the music but add an extra element to the songs. There is enough energy and aggression within each song to maintain an element of potency that a lot of the new school bands lack. This being said, not all songs are winners on this release; first song that comes to mind is “Into The Light”. Basically this song goes nowhere, almost comes across Pantera like.

I can’t put my finger on it, but I have this funny feeling that with the right distribution and promotion that Corpset can do big things here in the US. They could be the perfect launching pad band for kids just getting into extreme metal. What I mean by this is that the band are able to construct quality and heavy songs, all the while maintaining a sense of melody with hooks o’ plenty. For a young lad just stepping into the extreme metal pool this would be perfect, like hanging out in the 4 ft. section of the pool before jumping into the deep end.

Strong songs are “The Light Divine”, with its mid-paced marching riff with a killer harmonic riff over the top and sweet sounding solo. The vocals are where I consider them to be a quasi death metal band, as the vocalist has a powerful and deep delivery. The quick, tight and incredibly thrash ridden riff of the second song “Castrate” is definitely a highlight. “Moment of Clarity” reeks of old school thrash and that is a good thing. They have a video of this song, which I don’t recommend watching if your drunk as you too will vomit blood as someone does in the video.

Not reinventing the wheel, but writing quality thrash monger tunes is what is available by Corpset. These Finnish lads will do some damage within the metal community given the right promotion and distribution. I for one hope that they will continue to forge ahead and engage the metal masses with their brand of Finnish metal.

© Brewfella /www.fucktheunderground.com/

Antti Murtonen - Vocals
Timo Hanhijoki - Drums
Petri Palonkoski - Bass
Jami Heikkala - Guitars
Jari Kelloniemi - Guitars

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Aug 16 2011, 13:33:27 Suffer In Silence - Brutal Realities (2009)

*Artist: Suffer In Silence
*Album: Brutal Realities
*Year: 2009
*Genre: Melodic Death/Thrash Metal
*Country: Italy
*Format: mp3@CBR320kbps
*Size: 76MB

01. Perceptions 01:03
02. Absurd Humanity 03:43
03. The Brutal Reality (of life) 05:13
04. All The Evil Of The World 02:57
05. Killer Thoughts 04:17
06. Lament 04:16
07. Without Gods 04:24
08. Eatshit! 01:39
09. Delete 03:56
10. Suffering In Silence 01:18
Total playing time: 32:46

[more=Extended info]Sometimes well-tuned melodic death metal is the simply the best remedy to keep your ears warm. Sometimes you just don't need those technicalities, progressive touches or deathcore wankery. Sometimes all you want is melodic death metal to the bone. Well, Brutal Realitiesis that kind of blunt force trauma album. In fact, it's an album you may want for Christmas (this includes you Scar Symmetry).

As the name implies, Brutal Realities is as hard-hitting as the fist of the angry god of your choice. Relentless like a gorilla on steroids but with enough feeling for melody and memorability, Suffer In Silence are ramming eight (not counting the immensely superfluous intro and outro) barefaced punches of melodic death metal down your throat. Suffer In Silence's approach is just thunderous, though the band also tries to keep an eye on the consistency and continuity of the songs at all times. Much appreciated!

Suffer In Silence sure don't lag far behind their times either. Modern sounding influences are incorporated from all sides. And because of that healthy portion of melody the degree of accessibility of Brutal Realities is fairly high. Sure thing, Suffer In Silence tastes sharp yet sweet at the same time. In any way the combination is painfully effective, like a cocktail of razor blades and lemon juice. Brutal Realities sounds indeed simultaneously rousingly brutal and brutally arousing. Just like the moaning of a 22-year-old blonde who dropped out of college to become a professional camwhore.

While I appreciate what Suffer In Silence are doing on their debut, the song patterns and melodic twists are sometimes a bit too clear-cut. I won't say it's becomes an over-the-top affair after a while. But there are certain moments (not coincidentally during the couple of middle of the road songs) where the top is not that far away.

Anyway, by debut album standards Suffer In Silence sure nailed it! Even the Romans who crucified Jesus couldn't have done it better. I am not disappoint.

(c) Thryce /www.metalstorm.net/

Patrick - Vocals, Guitars
Christian - Guitars, Programming
Alek - Bass
Ciko - Drums

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Aug 15 2011, 18:00:10 Shadowsphere - Hellbound Heart (2006)
Нормальный рипачек для желающих smile3.gif)

(6) aGoo, princeshr, raw, slavabog, VALERY, wanderer73,
Aug 14 2011, 12:18:09 Mistweaver - Tales From The Grave (2010)
Вниманию всех желающих предлагается нормальный рип.

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Aug 12 2011, 17:22:32 System Shock - Urban Rage (2008)

(5) green7272, jagdpanzer, Nonconformist, sadmannn, wanderer73,
Aug 12 2011, 17:17:44 System Shock - Escape (2006)

(3) green7272, Nonconformist, wanderer73,
Aug 12 2011, 17:13:20 System Shock - Arctic Inside (2004)

(4) Deze, green7272, Nonconformist, wanderer73,
Aug 8 2011, 12:02:34 Better Left Unsaid - The Fight Within (2008)

*Artist: Better Left Unsaid
*Album: The Fight Within
*Year: 2008
*Genre: Melodic Death Metal/Metalcore
*Country: United States
*Format: mp3@CBR320kbps
*Size: 84MB

01. Mourn For No One 00:58
02. Testify 03:15
03. Repletion 04:04
04. The Fight Within 03:28
05. Under My Skin 02:52
06. Dedicated 03:36
07. Impurity 03:15
08. Never Again 03:36
09. Far Too Long 03:31
10. Marla 04:24
11. No Regret 03:22
Total playing time: 36:21

[more=Extended info]Sound: The sound of this album is strongly routed in the formula of melodic metalcore. The album is stuck so firmly in the formula of a melodic metalcore album that in the song structure department is where the album falls down for me personally, aside from the opening instrumental which has become quite common within melodic metalcore almost every song opens with a riff, which then goes to the verse, then to the chorus, back into a verse, one more chorus and then a breakdown, and possible interludes and transitions between each section when they are first introduced makes each song very predictable. While listening to the album I realized that their guitarists have skills, but unfortunatly they rarely get a chance to display it. For example the song "Far to Long" guitarists use sweep picking very well but their songs don't feature a good display of their skills, however the lack of them showing off does not take away from the songs in any way, it allows the songs to be short sweet and to the point. The proof that they have the ability to write good solos are laid throughout the album though, on the songs "Marla" there is a short solo as soon as the song finishes and there is a wah heavy solo in "Dedicated" and one last noteworth solo is on "No Regret". It is overall a good album, however the band doesn't bring anything new to the table, but listening to the album you can't deny that they wrote a solid, albeit simplistic, melodic metalcore album. // 7

Lyrics and Singing: Lyrically Speaking this album is not much, the lyrics are usually hollow, see through, and the lead singer usually repeat the song title 50 or so times through out the course of the song (such as "testify"). As with the sound, the lead singer follows the formula for a melodic metalcore album almost to a tee. Growling in the verse, clean sung chorus, and more growiling in almost all the breakdowns on the album. The one time that the lead singer does not utilize growling in the breakdown is during the song "Far Too Long" where he actually just sings. While lyrically the songs are very shallow the saving grace is the skill of the lead singer. His metalcore screaming and clean vocals are quite impressive. He sometimes reminded me of howard jones of Killswitch Engage, as his singing seemed very refined and controlled. // 6

Impression: This album is a strong melodic metalcore album, as I have stated, but I believe this band could be much more, they have the skill there to introduce more interesting song structure, but they just kept to the simple melodic metalcore formula. When I first heard them I was reminded of All That Remains, Killswitch Engage, and Triviums early work, which is why I bought the album. I got into this band after hearing "Testify", but after owning the whole album, I would have to say their best song by far is the title track "The Fight Within" which is probably the best song the band has at this point. This album shows that this band has potential, hopefully on their next album they will get flush out their skills more, instead of sticking to a tried and true method, and branch out and experiment, I believe they will find a sound all their own, beacause as they are now they sound like every other melodic metalcore album. // 7

© F8iscruel /www.ultimate-guitar.com/

Jason Eick - Guitars
Adam Armstrong - Bass
Rob Fernandez - Guitars
Adam Raffety - Vocals
Brent Terry - Drums

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(7) aGoo, chon, Deathtractor, gwynnbleid, todeskampf, VALERY, zhol,
Aug 6 2011, 12:17:27 Taraxacum - Spirit Of Freedom (2001)

(1) ancientlair,
May 18 2011, 08:50:17 Skullview - Consequences Of Failure (2001)

*Artist: Skullview
*Album: Consequences Of Failure
*Year: 2001
*Genre: Heavy/Power Metal
*Country: United States
*Format: mp3@CBR320kbps
*Size: 141MB

01. Time For Violence 05:33
02. Skullview (Warrior) 06:28
03. Palace Of The Boundless Cold 09:04
04. Wrath Of The Sorcerer 06:57
05. Armed With An Axe 03:59
06. The Archmage 02:27
07. Seek The Old Man For Knowledge 07:55
08. Leviticus 06:37
09. Power Of The Gleam Of The Skull (Part 3 - Back From Whence It Came) 08:36
10. Digital Bitch (Black Sabbath cover) 03:41
Total playing time: 1:01:17

[more=Extended info]Line-up:
'Earthquake' Quimby Lewis - Vocals
Dean Tavernier - Guitar
Dave Hillegonds - Guitar
Joe Garavalia - Drums
Peter Clemens - Bass

Кому нужен полный комплект сканов с фирменного СД - подбираем здесь - размер 43 Mb.[/more]

(9) AHBAnep, avather, aviacademy, BladeOfDarkness, garretje, green7272, MetalW, oldvarg, senecazm,
Apr 17 2011, 20:41:16 Baal - Passages To Eternity (2006)

(4) -=Lion=-, cesarkiss, June, VALERY,
Apr 17 2011, 20:35:49 Spazmosity - Welcome Death (2010)

(5) andreikun, Gnoy, June, satanas189, sperminator,
Apr 17 2011, 20:30:51 Amortez - Anno Diabolica (2009)

(1) pain,
Apr 13 2011, 17:37:19 Souldeceiver - Mankind's Mistakes (2009)

*Artist: Souldeceiver
*Album: Mankind's Mistakes
*Year: 2009
*Genre: Progressive Death/Thrash Metal
*Country: Italy
*Format: mp3@CBR320kbps
*Size: 93MB

01. Memories of Centuries 04:42
02. Cold Eternity 03:34
03. The Other Side 04:50
04. Automa X 03:41
05. Awakening in Reality 04:29
06. Alchemical 02:57
07. Predominant 04:56
08. Doomed 04:35
09. Terror Of Knowledge 06:13
Total playing time: 39:57

[more=Extended info]
Francesco Meo - Vocals
Luca Mosti - Guitar
Alessio Rossano - Guitar
Federico Crovetti - Bass
Federico Cecchini - Drums

Кому нужен полный комплект сканов с фирменного СД - подбираем здесь - размер 22 Mb.[/more]

(25) aesteticvice, AHBAnep, analbleeding, CRUNCH, cynik, Endymion, Illogicist, kamdeath, KVRT, mad, metala, MMMMM, msk1147, qzmit4, realexxx75, SatanicPanzer, sperminator, Stringer, SyncestrA, Typhoid, VALERY, Vincent, Луч, Нигилист, Язва,
Apr 8 2011, 15:20:39 Guardians Of Time - Machines Of Mental Design (2004)
(2) Foneg, savaman,
Apr 8 2011, 15:15:01 Guardians Of Time - Edge Of Tomorrow (2001)
(2) Foneg, savaman,
Apr 6 2011, 18:06:58 Chaoswave - The White Noise Within (2006)
(1) Tino,
Mar 20 2011, 19:05:35 As Memory Dies - Transmutate (2009)

(2) ShmiT, SS2998,
Mar 18 2011, 21:37:06 Coram Lethe - ...A Splendid Chaos (2009)

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