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Yesterday, 22:04:28 Новости Black-направления

Today, NUCLEAR BLAST RECORDS are proud to announce the signing of notorious Swedish black metal collective WATAIN. The band has now entered Necromorbus Studios, located inside of a church north of their hometown Uppsala, to record a new album and follow-up to the ferocious 2018 opus "Trident Wolf Eclipse". The new full-length is scheduled for a release through Nuclear Blast in the Spring of 2022.

The band states:
"Ladies and gentlemen, it is with great reverence and infernal hunger alike that we now stand before the next chapter of Watain. Armed with the faith, force and fire accumulated during the Trident Wolf Eclipse era we are now entering terra incognita, to again face our inner selves and the ever expanding abyss that roars within. A few months of hard noble work lay ahead, and we could not be more ready for it. We are most eagerly looking forward to sharing the result with you all in the wild times to come. Until then: stay hungry, stay deviant, stay free and fuck the world!" - WATAIN, Uppsala 2021

Jens Prüter, Head of A&R Europe at Nuclear Blast, comments:
"I have always been fascinated how Watain build their own cosmos based on their primordial fire of will. It's more than just music. It's an universal experience of darkness and light. I first started working with Watain in 2013 and was thrilled to contribute then to their success and highest chart entries the band has ever had. It's a pleasure to welcome them now to Nuclear Blast Records to continue accompanying their path - wherever it will take us because the path is the goal."

WATAIN recording line-up MMXXI:
E. Danielsson
P. Forsberg
A. Lillo
H. Eriksson
E. Forcas

(1) biroutios,
Aug 4 2021, 22:26:26 Новости Black-направления
(2) babanguida, infiltrator,
Aug 3 2021, 10:56:51 Новости Black-направления
The fire of Sunwheel is burning as bright now as it was 22 years ago when the band was founded. The scene has changed much in the intervening period, but there are still those who remain ever faithful and are keeping the flame of the real black metal underground ablaze.

Our new album is now ready to be unleashed, and marks the dawn of a new era for the band, both musically and conceptually. As always our music remains spiritual at its core, and full of the ancestral heritage forever dwelling in our hearts and minds. Our purpose is to awaken that heritage in the souls of those who partake in our art.

Remember your forefathers and what they died for. Reject the modern world and stay true to your roots, culture and values.

With an invigorated line up we are preparing to meet all our friends and supporters at live events across Europe in the near future.

The old banners are being raised up high again. The war is far from over and we will be victorious.

(5) Hexer, infiltrator, mondblut, Occultas, thenecromancer,
Jul 28 2021, 21:13:33 Новости Black-направления
Deathcult - Bestial Recordings

(5) Chasm, infiltrator, Kristaliar, Occultas, thenecromancer,
Jul 28 2021, 11:04:14 Новости Black-направления
(2) infiltrator, Occultas,
Jul 28 2021, 08:56:28 Новости Black-направления
(5) ent404, infiltrator, nadin85, Occultas, Qliphoth,
Jul 24 2021, 10:47:21 Новости Black-направления
New album of Kataxu will be released soon.

(5) infiltrator, Kazoth, Premature_Devotion, thenecromancer, vovenom,
Jul 22 2021, 21:42:41 Новости DOOM Metal
(1) thenecromancer,
Jul 15 2021, 21:13:59 Новости DOOM Metal
(1) thenecromancer,
Jul 6 2021, 22:04:37 Новости Black-направления
(4) andivi, infiltrator, Occultas, Qliphoth,
Jul 5 2021, 21:00:43 Новости Black-направления
(5) Alexis The Best, energo68, infiltrator, Occultas, sabr,
Jun 28 2021, 22:37:30 Новости Black-направления
(5) babanguida, infiltrator, Occultas, technoboy69, thenecromancer,
Jun 25 2021, 21:13:41 Новости Black-направления
(5) babanguida, energo68, infiltrator, rimfrost, Valdmaar,
Jun 25 2021, 20:54:56 Darkthrone - Eternal Hails...... (2021)
QUOTE(babanguida @ Jun 24 2021, 21:29:57) *
Heavy/Doom/Black Metal 21.gif

Unnecessary tags, but it sounds very Doom and indeed old school.
I wouldn't say that this album is great or a masterpiece, but still I like it. smile3.gif
(2) babanguida, infiltrator,
Jun 24 2021, 10:55:40 Новости Black-направления (4) babanguida, infiltrator, Occultas, thenecromancer,
Jun 23 2021, 21:53:57 Новости Black-направления
(2) infiltrator, thenecromancer,
Jun 22 2021, 21:15:33 Новости Black-направления
Formed by members/ex-members of Old Leshy and Kataxu.

(3) infiltrator, Occultas, thenecromancer,
Jun 21 2021, 21:03:19 Новости Black-направления
(3) infiltrator, Occultas, Qliphoth,
Jun 17 2021, 22:18:01 Новости Black-направления
(2) infiltrator, Occultas,
Jun 8 2021, 19:35:03 Новости Black-направления
(5) babanguida, biroutios, energo68, infiltrator, thenecromancer,
Jun 5 2021, 10:11:46 Новости Black-направления
(1) Vardlokkur,
Jun 4 2021, 22:51:51 Новости Death Metal направления
(1) biroutios,
Jun 4 2021, 19:50:13 Today Needed
Hemlock - Lust For Fire (1999) <--- reuploaded by death77 (thanks!)
(2) infiltrator, Veggr,
Jun 3 2021, 21:11:22 Новости Black-направления
QUOTE(babanguida @ Jun 3 2021, 19:42:20) *
Darkthrone are Black Metal by essence

Approved. true_black.gif
(3) babanguida, biroutios, Occultas,
May 28 2021, 17:29:26 Новости Black-направления
(5) babanguida, infiltrator, Kristaliar, Occultas, thenecromancer,

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