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May 27 2022, 22:24:59 Новости Black-направления
(1) sabr,
May 27 2022, 21:54:29 Новости Black-направления
(1) thenecromancer,
May 26 2022, 18:52:40 Новости Black-направления

(3) kim666, Premature_Devotion, sabr,
May 18 2022, 21:34:55 Burzum & Varg Vikernes 2010 - ...
QUOTE(SSWolf88 @ May 18 2022, 09:56:17) *
Ну-ну, ещё и по-агглицки обзывается 1488.gif

А если по правде: "богач" Варг против нищебродов из gayhem это Марс против Земли smile3.gif

Maybe it's more like Euronymous introduced Abbath to Black Metal and then Abbath introduced young Kristian Vikernes to Black Metal? So without Euronymous and Mayhem which is for sure an older band, there wouldn't be Count Grishnackh and Burzum anyway. 1488.gif But Count killed his master, burnt some stave churches, became famous, almost like a pop star and turned into a family guy Louis. In the near future he may change his name or nickname into Marine or Vladimir. 1488.gif
(3) Alexis The Best, babanguida, thenecromancer,
May 17 2022, 21:29:07 Mayhem - Wolf's Lair Abyss [ep] (1997)
QUOTE(thenecromancer @ May 17 2022, 21:41:31) *
true_black.gif In my opinion there's no post black here, just (true norwegian) black metal genius.gif

Agree. It's excellent black metal EP and one of the very best releases of Mayhem. true_black.gif
(2) Occultas, thenecromancer,
May 17 2022, 21:16:11 Новости Black-направления
(2) sabr, thenecromancer,
May 16 2022, 20:58:34 Новости Black-направления
(2) Occultas, thenecromancer,
May 15 2022, 11:12:11 Новости Death Metal направления
(1) Occultas,
May 13 2022, 21:19:29 Новости Black-направления
(3) babanguida, Occultas, thenecromancer,
May 13 2022, 21:01:04 Новости Black-направления
(1) sabr,
May 12 2022, 21:17:06 Today Needed (1) thenecromancer,
May 11 2022, 22:23:55 Watain - The Agony & Ecstasy Of Watain (2022)
The new album of Watain is very good! It's in a very similar style to era of ''Sworn to the Dark'', ''Lawless Darkness'' and ''The Wild Hunt''. Black Metal in the vein of Dissection. Melodic, epic, aggressive and very catchy. There are intense and slower parts and everything is perfect. Once again Erik wrote great lyrics and made an impressive artwork. Watain is a very special band which certainly has a Satanic energy and vibe and where everyone and everything has it's own place and contribution. After listening to The Howling for the first time I knew it will be an interesting album and it is. This track is furious, Devilish and catchy, so it quickly became one of my favourites of Watain. Serimosa is slower and calmer, but with the evil message of the destruction of the world by Satan. Actually Leper's Grace and Funeral Winter are among the best tracks here. Aggressive and straightforward Satanic Black Metal. We Remain with excellent guest vocals of Farida Lemouchi (Molasses, ex-The Devil's Blood) and guest guitar solos of Gottfrid Åhman (ex-In Solitude) has the vibe of occult rock influences of mentioned bands. It's similar not only to The Devil's Blood and In Solitude, but also to Watain's very experimental and inspired by rock and heavy metal tracks on ''The Wild Hunt''. Septentrion is very noteworthy, but I think it's not as great closer as on their previous albums.

Highlights: The Howling, Serimosa, Leper's Grace, We Remain, Funeral Winter, Septentrion
(1) Occultas,
May 11 2022, 21:21:54 Новости Black-направления
(3) Occultas, sabr, V_H_H_V,
May 11 2022, 21:20:58 Новости Death Metal направления
(3) obscenity, Occultas, troll_swamp,
May 10 2022, 22:28:47 Новости Black-направления
Track from the upcoming EP 'Spread the Occult', featuring The Magus (Necromantia, Yoth Iria). To be released by Pagan Records on May 27th.

(3) Occultas, sabr, thenecromancer,
May 10 2022, 21:06:01 Новости Black-направления
(3) babanguida, Occultas, Qliphoth,
May 10 2022, 20:55:54 Burzum & Varg Vikernes 2010 - ...
QUOTE(Mencae77 @ May 10 2022, 16:29:25) *
Varg have no screws in his head, only démence, ignorant bastard. Talks a lot about the wrong things with this world then says some neo nacionalist bullshit. Fucking politics bullshit is always behind his words and he knows nothing about the othe "countries" that he'll never visit.
He's a deceptive bastard. Just, another one. One more piece of fuck grounded to this society.

That's how it is when he comes from a rich family and Varg has never had to work. Just comfortable living on social benefits. Yes, he was working with Burzum, but Varg just gained the cult status anyway without doing much. Euronymous did so much for Norwegian Black Metal and without him Varg would have been an unkown death metalhead at best. 1488.gif
(2) Mencae77, neludz,
May 5 2022, 22:29:19 Новости Black-направления
(2) babanguida, thenecromancer,
May 5 2022, 21:04:02 Doedsvangr - Serpents Ov Old (2021)
(1) Occultas,
Apr 26 2022, 20:28:55 Watain
(2) Occultas, WOLAND,
Apr 24 2022, 08:42:47 Новости Black-направления
(1) AnthonyHipHopkins,
Apr 23 2022, 16:20:02 Новости Black-направления
(1) Occultas,
Apr 22 2022, 21:39:07 Новости Black-направления
(6) babanguida, biroutios, Occultas, Qliphoth, thenecromancer, Vidyadharov,
Apr 21 2022, 20:43:53 Новости Black-направления
(2) Occultas, Vidyadharov,
Apr 21 2022, 20:24:55 Новости Black-направления
(5) babanguida, Chasm, Occultas, thenecromancer, Vidyadharov,

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