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Jan 22 2023, 16:27:03 Новости Black-направления
(3) babanguida, Occultas, sabr,
Jan 22 2023, 15:17:20 Новости Black-направления
(4) babanguida, kipelov999, Occultas, sabr,
Jan 13 2023, 22:27:01 Новости Black-направления
(1) sabr,
Jan 6 2023, 16:46:30 Gaerea - Mirage (2022)
QUOTE(babanguida @ Jan 6 2023, 09:39:37) *
just some dumb irritating post black...

A poor copy of Mgła.
(1) babanguida,
Dec 19 2022, 20:59:53 Новости Black-направления
Bloodline - Viva Corruption


(6) babanguida, Daale, Hexenmeister, Nerevar, Occultas, thenecromancer,
Dec 4 2022, 10:25:45 Новости Black-направления
(7) abob, babanguida, biroutios, MAPhilosopher, sabr, suseka, thenecromancer,
Nov 27 2022, 12:18:09 Новости Black-направления
(1) musvital,
Nov 20 2022, 14:59:38 Новости Black-направления
(4) Chasm, Occultas, sabr, thenecromancer,
Nov 11 2022, 22:25:48 Новости Black-направления
Ritual Death - Vermin

One song from the album (“Lunae”) has already been divulged, and today we’re sharing a second one — named “Vermin“.

(5) babanguida, biroutios, MAPhilosopher, Occultas, thenecromancer,
Nov 6 2022, 12:31:12 Abigor - Totschläger (A Saintslayer's Songbook) (2020)
One of the best black metal albums ever released. A perfect one. true_black.gif
(3) babanguida, biroutios, thenecromancer,
Nov 4 2022, 22:28:16 Новости Black-направления
(11) babanguida, Chasm, Daale, energo68, greyhound, Hexenmeister, rimfrost, sabr, Strid, thenecromancer, vovenom,
Nov 1 2022, 17:16:54 Новости Black-направления
Thy Darkened Shade - Liber Lvcifer II: Mahapralaya

Years in the making, Liber Lvcifer II: Mahapralaya is for sure our most difficult-to-be-made album to date and will get unleashed soon on the filthy cosmic plane.
Hymnic yet progressive, exploring the concept of Lucifer's manifestations through religions once more, through real occult practice and experience.
Coming from exactly the same source as Liber Lvcifer I but releasing a totally different expression of it.
After adversity and hardships, we are definitely proud to share it with all of you who are willing to experience a spiritual Black Metal manifestation of the void.
We stared inwards once more, ignoring any outside influences, caring only for reflection, burning totally out everyone involved in it, and getting closer and closer to the source of all.

Creation is destruction
Above is below
Within is without

Official release date by World Terror Committee on the 10th of January 2023
Flyer and cover artwork by Vamperess Imperium

Liber Lvcifer II: Mahapralaya
A Qliphotic Grimoire for the End of All Flesh

Produced by Thy Darkened Shade and V. Santura
Music and lyrics by Semjaza
Recorded at Mordor Sounds Studio and Sitra Ahra Studio
Additional sound assistant: Stamos Koliousis

Mixed and mastered by V. Santura with Semjaza at Woodshed Studio,

The A: Vocals
Semjaza: Vocals, Guitars, Bass, Qliphotic Ambience

Session musicians:
HG: Drums
Herc: Choirs of damnation

Artwork, photography and design by Vamperess Imperium
Sigils by the Order of Promethean Fyre

We raise the chalice of Lucifer upon the few who still consider Black Metal a blessing of the one with all and no names!

(6) acerbus, azarath111, biroutios, Infidel, MorsPulchra, Occultas,
Oct 31 2022, 22:16:39 Новости Death Metal направления
Lucifericon - The Warlock of Da'ath

(3) babanguida, Nerevar, Occultas,
Oct 30 2022, 12:03:52 Новости Black-направления
(3) Occultas, sabr, vovenom,
Oct 28 2022, 22:39:28 Darkthrone - Astral Fortress (2022)
Of course it's still about just old school metal. Some riffs remind me simply about old Darkthrone and old Burzum. Some Norwegian Black Metal at it best, but it sounds too simple here...
New Darkthrone is always noteworthy to check, but unfortunately this album is quite boring, mediocre and very forgettable so far. Almost an uninteresting release...
(2) babanguida, Formaldehyd,
Sep 25 2022, 15:13:35 Новости Black-направления
Witchmaster announces "Kaźń" as the title of its new studio album, set for release on November 25th via Agonia Records.
"Kaźń" was recorded at Wieloślad Studio by Haldor Grunberg. The album was mixed and mastered by Haldor Grunberg and band's drummer & guitarist, Inferno (Azarath, Behemoth).
1. Sound of Crushed Skull / Intro
2. War Metal Haiku
3. Alle Gegen Alle
4. Poison Chalice
5. Zdychaj K**** Nazareńska
6. All-consuming Hate
7. Circle of Bayonets
8. Hostile Declaration
9. Master Knife Sacrifice
10. Like Flies on Scum
11. Rune of Destruction
12. White Madness
13. Trails of Blood
14. Kaźń
"Sipping blood from skulls and gnawing the bones of old gods, we hope to let you down once again," comments the band perversely. Cover artwork by Durda.

(1) thenecromancer,
Sep 25 2022, 13:34:49 Новости Black-направления
(4) azarath111, Occultas, vovenom, Wexmih,
Sep 18 2022, 18:27:00 Новости Black-направления
(6) acerbus, babanguida, Hexenmeister, Occultas, RUDACHUR, thenecromancer,
Sep 9 2022, 21:33:00 Новости Black-направления
(1) apries,
Sep 9 2022, 21:05:37 Новости Black-направления
(4) babanguida, MAPhilosopher, Nerevar, Vidyadharov,
Aug 13 2022, 21:03:32 Новости Black-направления
(1) sabr,
Jul 29 2022, 21:07:02 Новости Black-направления

(3) Emm Human, Occultas, Vidyadharov,
Jul 22 2022, 21:09:42 Новости Black-направления
Shining - Ugly and Cold

(9) Ambercandle, biroutios, Daale, HviteGuden, MAPhilosopher, Ogneslov, sabr, thenecromancer, Vidyadharov,
Jul 7 2022, 10:18:15 Новости Black-направления
(2) AnthonyHipHopkins, MAPhilosopher,
Jun 30 2022, 20:56:03 Новости Black-направления
(2) Occultas, Vidyadharov,

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