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Dec 20 2016, 20:44:48 Various Artists - In Mordor Where The Shadows Are - Homage To Summoning [best of/compilation] (2016)
lossless? pray.gif
(1) juanguillermo13,
Jan 9 2016, 10:10:54 Dornenreich - Mein Flugelschlag [demo] (1997)
QUOTE(RunningWild_AT @ Feb 24 2015, 00:31:47) *
There´s much confusion about this demo, because there are some fake rips around.
Therefore I´m very grateful to both NachtWulf and Cartman223 for re-upping their versions.

To make things short:
NachtWulf's re-up is the fake one, Cartman223 re-upped the "Irrlichter" edition (or the reissue respectively).
So this should most likely be the original version posted, although the track lengths won´t fit.

The lengthy version of my analysis:

v1) Re-up by NachtWulf:
  • 01. Leblos regt sich totes Leben  (00:39)
  • 02. Schlaflos träumend  (04:25)
  • 03. Verlorenes gefunden, Gefundenes empfunden  (03:08)
  • 04. Entwaffnet  (01:42)
  • 05. Im flatternden Schleier der Vergänglichkeit  (04:31)
  • 06. In die Nacht  (05:27)
  • 07. Schwingen, Flügel, drückend Reisen  (05:53)
This version could be easily confused with the Original first edition, because of its 7 tracks.
Nevertheless it´s a bad rip of the "Irrlichter" edition or the reissue 2004:
Track 6 (05:27) combines tracks 6+7 and track 07 (05:53) the tracks 8+9. Furthermore the quality is pretty bad (alhough cbr192), mostly because it is fake stereo with duplicated mono channel. You can easily prove this at track 3 (guitars at 01:26-01:29 disappear on the fake stereo version, while they continue on channel 2 of the proper rip).

v2) Re-up by Cartman223:
  • 01.  Leblos regt sich totes Leben  (00:39)
  • 02.  Schlaflos träumend  (04:17)
  • 03.  Verlorenes gefunden, Gefundenes empfunden  (03:01)
  • 04.  Entwaffnet  (01:37)
  • 05.  Im flatternden Schleier der Vergänglichkeit  (04:21)
  • 06.  In die Nacht  (04:15)
  • 07.  Schwingen, Flügel, drückend Reisen  (00:58)
  • 08.  [untitled instrumental Track #08]  (01:34)
  • 09.  [untitled instrumental Track #09]  (04:06)
This is a proper stereo rip of the "Irrlichter" edition.
Everything in place, though different track lenghts compared to the original posted version. But this was probably just a mistake: I suppose tracks 1-7 to be copied from Metal-Archives including the former incorrect play lenghts of the fake version plus manually addition of the 2 bonus tracks.

If anyone has a proper rip of the original first version - please post it!

on RuTracker, there's a lossless rip of the Irrlichter/2004 version (with a bad .cue-file that splits the songs like the "fake" rip more or less - being a few seconds off every time). You can manually split this to the "proper" version.

Also, I am curious to the REAL 1st edition, since that version supposedly has an alternate intro... So I second that request.

Edit: it's possible that track 8 (the first bonus track) is the original intro; it's listed as "intro" on numerous online platforms, though the tracks aren't mentioned on any of the covers/booklets of the reissue/Irrlichter version.
It's also possible that by "a different intro" track 8 was meant originally, not a different (version of) track 1. Read the ambigous liner notes on Discogs, for instance:

"The Irrlichter edition has another intro, a bonus instrumental track, a hand-signed booklet and a small hand-numbered insert made by Cedric Hommel from Irrlichter Records.
(2) RunningWild_AT, thenecromancer,
Apr 10 2014, 23:20:04 Falls Of Rauros
2014 - split with Panopticon
(1) DarkHorde,
Nov 28 2013, 00:24:15 Irminsul - Fäder (2013)
their debut killed. Any chance of a lossless rip? pray.gif
(1) Daecadance,
Jul 10 2013, 18:23:25 Helrunar & Árstíðir Lífsins - Fragments - A Mythological Excavation [split] (2013) (1) Carcharoth,
Jun 29 2013, 08:53:05 Månegarm - Legions Of The North (2013)
iTunes bonus track:
11. Månegarm (04:24)

(1) mardak666,
Apr 10 2013, 13:18:03 Thrawsunblat - "Wanderer on the Continent of Saplings"
Thrawsunblat - Thrawsunblat II: Wanderer On The Continent Of Saplings (2013)

request has been filled. not by me, just posting the link here.
(1) daveofthegrove,
Oct 19 2012, 13:06:19 Wintersun - Time I (2012)
not a bonus track, a hidden track (same as on the ltd. ed. of the first two Ensiferum albums...just a few a capella vocal snippets...)
(2) infiltrator, Militia,
Jul 3 2012, 09:39:13 Drone - For Torch And Crown (2012)
QUOTE(TheThrasher @ Jun 30 2012, 23:36:31) *
О, раз новый альбом, может будут знатоки творчества группы..

different group with the same bandname. Drone (DE) was formed in 2004. How could they have released something in 2000?

I quote from lastFM:
"4) Drone is (was?) an alternative rock band from USA, which released one EP called ‘The Queen Is Our Slave’ and participated in the Soldiers of Anarchy videogame OST."
(1) Genuine Thrashiac,
Apr 26 2012, 07:52:24 Naglfar - An Extension Of His Arm And Will [ep] (2012)
Rip is too slow. Up the RPM and rip it again, please xD
(1) Occultas,
Apr 9 2012, 09:54:12 Naglfar - Téras (2012)
lossless? pray.gif
(1) mardak666,
Feb 10 2012, 11:03:26 Heidevolk - Batavi (2012)
M-A screwed up - the release date for this is March 2nd, not February 2nd.

consider it fixed.

But still, this is a bit too soon to request imho.
(1) kostja,
Dec 11 2011, 11:59:30 Metallica - Beyond Magnetic [ep] (2011)
QUOTE(ShmiT @ Dec 11 2011, 11:08:23) *

1. not a physical release (yet)
2. separate songs released independently don't make an EP
3. Much like Wikipedia, M-A can be wrong

(1) Old Vyaine,
Sep 27 2011, 22:06:30 Enslaved - Thorn (7" EP) (1) Evgundel,
Aug 31 2011, 08:42:34 Enslaved - Thorn (7" EP)
Enslaved - Thorn (7"EP)

release date: 27.08.2011

1. Disintegrator
2. Striker

All help appreciated 9.gif
(4) BBQ, Njal, satanath, Луч,
Aug 19 2011, 16:44:39 Hamnskifte - Födzlepijnan (2010)
FLAC available here:

- just select "download" and on the next screen, choose FLAC from the dropdown =)
(1) Koscheyushka,
Aug 11 2011, 20:08:59 Moonsorrow
dude read the notes:

"Recorded in Candle in June 1996, never released.
Produced, mixed and mastered by Henri Sorvali.

The first demo of Moonsorrow, recorded shortly after the formation of the band, although practically it does not exist because half of the material was accidentally erased during mastering. According to the band, it was the better half too."

So this demo practically doesn't exist - even though it would be awesome to hear it (same goes for this demo http://www.metal-archives.com/albums/Moonsorrow/Promo/24937 - would love to hear that as well...)

But I don't think it will surface any time soon =/ sadly
(1) BBQ,
Mar 23 2011, 20:35:50 Relapse Records 2011 Winter Sampler

That should be it...

(2) Fire_Christ, GloomyDeath,
Mar 18 2011, 14:04:54 Wodensthrone - Loss (2009)
Anyone got the re-mastered Vinyl and/or Candlelight versions?

There should be 3 differently sounding versions of this...
(1) Wormtongue,
Mar 9 2011, 18:41:45 Fen & De Arma - Towards The Shores Of The End [split] (2011)
(1) Undivver,
Mar 5 2011, 15:29:38 Varg - Wolfskult (2011)

what "ideology" do you mean? The bad had a huge ass "Gegen Nazis" banner on their official site. So everyone from Germany who's into pagan/folk stuff is a fascist, according to you?

Also, I don't understand why you have to use 500 images and unrelated quotes per post. 21.gif Just let it rest.
(1) Old Vyaine,
Mar 2 2011, 16:56:24 Various Artists - 'Better Undead Than Alive 2'

1 Davide Tiso – Well
2 Minethorn - Icons ( of the cursed Earth)
3 Davide Tiso - Done!
4 The Axis of perdition - Chained in the Damnation Asylum
5 Davide Tiso - We Have
6 Damned spirits' dance - Abandoned Emptiness
7 Davide Tiso - Been Good
8 Diabolicum - Salvation Through Vengeance
9 Void of Silence - Instrumental Void
10 Davide Tiso - At
11 Herrschaft - Abyssal Wounds
12 Davide Tiso - Holding On
13 The Oath - Abstract Emotion
14 Davide Tiso - It Was
15 The Prophecy - Adrift
16 Davide Tiso - Worth
17 Negura Bunget - Cumpana
18 Davide Tiso – It
19 Fen - Twilight Descends (Eulogy)



feel free to share it here.
(1) Falx,
Feb 23 2011, 15:18:11 Moonsorrow - Varjoina Kuljemme Kuolleiden Maassa (2011)
That's made by Kris Verwimp right? love his artworks!

And I agree that this specific image is "viking" so to speak. But if there are viking-like events depicted on one image, that doesn't make the entire band "viking" per se ;-)

Besides, Finland was conquered by the vikings (quite a lot Finnish place-names are Swedish in the core, for instance - same goes for surnames as Toivonen and Nygеrd to name a few metal-musicians). So there's quite a lot of 'viking' history to be found in Finland. So I am not surprised a lot of people don't understand the difference.

Moonsorrow's depiction of the vikings might be the same as England's depiction of the Normans: that of a conquering tribe/people, at the time seen as oppressors, that eventually becomes a shared historical icon. This is the same reason Turisas made an album about Varangians.

'Vikings' are the Odin-worshipping Germanic people that lived on Iceland, Denmark, Sweden and Norway. Finnic tribes had their own pagan religion (sharing many traits with Odinism, but still) and are Uralic in origin.

To go short: there are indeed parallels, since the borders of modern-day Finland and Sweden are different from the way they were 1000+ years ago, but the Finnish are NOT Vikings even though the differences are only subtle on a first glance.

Voimasta isn't outspokenly Viking and Thor's hammer is seen in Finnish paganism a lot - with a slightly different meaning AND named "Ukko's Hammer" instead - Amorphis also uses it in cover-art etc. - http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ukonvasara - like previously mentioned, both religions share many many traits.
(2) KLASIK, Old Vyaine,
Feb 23 2011, 14:56:19 Moonsorrow - Varjoina Kuljemme Kuolleiden Maassa (2011)
It didn't stop Moonsorrow from putting vikings into album art and making viking-like ( http://www.last.fm/music/Moonsorrow/+images/757 ) promotional photos some time ago.

That argument is void and false.

Finnish paganism is similar to "Norse" paganism, but it's still different. So it can be "viking-like" and still NOT be viking.

There are no vikings in their album art, and those pictures are not really outspoken-viking, now are they? Please stop confusing 'paganism' with 'viking'.

Finnish people are closer related to Hungarians than they are to Norwegians or Swedes.
(2) Old Vyaine, resurgam,
Feb 21 2011, 16:08:59 Leviathan - V (Demo 5)
check your PM, filled? 9.gif
(1) Vertigo,

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