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Mar 8 2021, 15:26:15 Pyriphlegethon - Gales Of Atrocious Whispering (2021)
QUOTE(Krosis @ Mar 8 2021, 17:28:32) *
да ради б-га, мне-то что с того.)

You're right this time though. Mediocre album, not even a 3/5
(2) infiltrator, little_raven,
Mar 4 2021, 16:20:09 Koldovstvo - Ни Царя, Ни Бога (2021)
QUOTE(Krosis @ Mar 4 2021, 08:34:33) *
Ни царя, ни бога, ни колдовства, ни очарования... монотонная замыленная стучалка с фоновыми пошрайкиваниями. Одноразово.

23.gif with all due respect, I m gonna have to call bullshit on this one.

This is hands down the single best Atmoblack album from Russia since Walknut back in 2007. Have been listening non-stop since yesterday when it popped up on Youtube.

Just sublime. Didn't expect anything of this caliber from the typically UG Russian BM scene.
Recommended, 5/5.
(1) ingram,
Feb 4 2021, 07:00:39 Antigone's Fate - Fragmente (2021)
QUOTE(ent404 @ Feb 4 2021, 09:37:45) *
инсомниум какой то и иже с ними.
типичный представитель того, за что не обхожу такую музыку стороной.
восторженные рифы. акустика. отчаянные рифы. акустика.
ноль. ноль.

Spot on. 9.gif lackluster effort.
(1) ent404,
Feb 2 2021, 11:30:50 Szivilizs - Ursus Sanguine [ep] (2020)
One of, if not the best BM album of last year. Solemn & hateful medieval feel to it, a stonking good job.
(1) Alexis The Best,
Dec 23 2020, 05:53:41 Dødehender - A Cursed Child Made Careless Mistakes In A Place Laden With Memories [ep] (2020)
4. The record label realized its mistake, forever shutting its doors to these two Dweebs
5. Finally realizing their music is shit, the "Musicians" returned to manual labor
(8) andivi, dagger666, infiltrator, murian, orgondnor, Orkkh, Shadechaser, Storky,
Nov 30 2020, 12:39:55 Old Growth - Mossweaver (2020)
"A breath taking, overwhelming piece of art."

A pretentious, shallow piece of excrement, more like.
(4) infiltrator, Morgoth, orgondnor, Storky,
Nov 29 2020, 21:48:15 Nietzu - Nothing But Emptiness Beyond The Edge (2020)
Seven (!) full lengths in one year... If the guy just sat down and sifted through all his material, he'd have released one very decent EP. Quantity over quality stuff going on. Shame, because there's definitely a potential in him to be very good.
That said, credit where it's due: sublime cover art.
(2) fragment, Storky,
Nov 27 2020, 23:02:31 Urfaust - Teufelsgeist (2020)
First two tracks are good, perhaps not on par with the Einsiedler era, but good. The rest is just ritual ambient. Lacks inspiration, anger, schizophrenia - everything that made Urfaust unique. Oh well. Still better that what WITTR did to themselves.
(2) infiltrator, murian,
Nov 18 2020, 13:46:35 Thromos - Satan (2019)
It's 2020, I d take Satan over Corona any day of the week.
(2) infiltrator, Moldavite,
Nov 16 2020, 23:40:43 Etoile Filante - Magnum Opus Caelestis (2020)
This needs to decide what it wants to be - synth ambient or your average French Black Metal. Not exactly bad per se, but isnt anything special either.
(1) sabr,
Nov 16 2020, 23:20:59 Old Sorcery - Sorrowcrown (2020)
Atmo Black, this.
(1) featb,
Nov 13 2020, 19:53:44 Völur - Death Cult (2020)
Let's see.

This here is the standout song of the album. Starts well, builds up the atmosphere, clean vocals tie in lovely. Then abruptly follows a completely unnecessary 3 minute part that even a deaf baboon would have left on the cutting floor. Then it gets better again. Then messes it up once more. This song would be a blast if trimmed down to 6 minutes. Same can be said for the rest of the album too. When they do hit the sweet spot, it's amazing. So it's hit and miss, sure, but uninteresting? I'd not say so. The good parts are really fucking good, especially those jazzy interludes, hence the recommendation.
(3) M7000, skidnik, Un4given,
Nov 13 2020, 11:39:41 Völur - Death Cult (2020)
Didn't expect much based on band & song names, but was pleasantly surprised. Reminded me of Sig:Ar:Tyr a bit.

P.s. Oh and there are some jazz-y parts too, if that's your thing.
(2) BandR75, Сварог Барг,
Nov 10 2020, 21:31:20 Sentiero Dei Principi - Amore [ep] (2020)
Rawness for rawness' sake, the ambient part is pretty good.
(1) stub888,
Nov 10 2020, 21:27:49 Sepulchre By The Sea - Conqueror Worm (2020)
Uninspired crap.
(1) stub888,
Aug 13 2014, 15:04:45 Bereavement - Verses Of Decay (2013)
QUOTE(Fess @ Jul 1 2014, 12:31:23) *
В общем-то, альбом неплохой. Добротный БМ, так сказать, но самое интересное то, что кроме угрожающих названий альбом больше ничем особым и не выделяется. Довольно ровная музыка и лично я слушал без особого воодушевления.

You just went full retard, son. Never go full retard.
(1) 6666666,
Dec 30 2012, 19:57:39 Draìocht - Summer Will Come [demo] (2012)
This is actually very good, has been long since I've heard anything this powerful. And for a first demo it's just plain brilliant.
And oh, hello you guys. long time no see.
(1) featb,
Jun 30 2012, 12:09:01 Strange Angels - Where Men Are Worth More Than Gold (2012)
Sounds a lot like Those Poor Bastards, with some real good ABM here and there. in one word: brilliant.
5/5. Highly recommended for ABM and Cascadian BM fans.
(2) aesteticvice, kuz40666,
Jun 26 2012, 20:11:41 Mare Cognitum - An Extraconscious Lucidity (2012)
mirror it please i cannt download from russian servers
thx in advance guys
*hugs&kisses, maria and stuff*
(1) Grinder88,
Jun 7 2012, 14:28:08 Entartung - Krypteia (2012)
too long didn't read
:edgar allan poe negodue:

On subject: solid german black metal with hints of atmospheric here and there.
(1) iriktaru,
May 17 2012, 15:57:20 When Woods Make Graves - The Aroma Of Dead Witches (2012)
QUOTE(digit @ May 13 2012, 10:24:13) *
Вот так нифига себе.
Призываю The Hound'a.

What is your will, mortal?

UPD: I concur, this is just awesome.

p.s. AROMA of dead witches? really? Some serious PMS issue here.
(1) fuck3r,
May 10 2012, 19:22:39 Carach Angren - Where The Corpses Sink Forever (2012)
QUOTE(raattent @ May 10 2012, 20:33:33) *
We just want to come up with good ghost-stories. We always will be about ghosts. They say there are ghosts, malevolent spirits and demons. And our ghosts tent to be quite demonic on this album smile3.gif

so cute!!! 11.gif 1488.gif
(1) Night,
May 4 2012, 13:27:01 Grisâtre - Esthaetique (2012)
(1) shitsic,
Apr 27 2012, 21:41:56 Desolate Winds - In Times Of Cold [ep] (2012)
Three releases and none of them shitty, buzzy progressive godknowswut that he usually uploads? aesteticvice, you're one hell of a surprise bag.
(1) aesteticvice,
Apr 27 2012, 21:35:45 Tardigrada - Widrstand [demo] (2012)
No Comments? Seriously, this is fucking awesome!
(2) ALBIGON, Noxius,

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