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Nov 7 2011, 13:46:21 Undergang - Indhentet Af Døden (2011)
QUOTE(Toxodeth @ Sep 28 2011, 11:28:26) *
this is 2010 dude bye.gif

First run: self-released promo tape 100 copies pressed.
Second run (vinyl; full-length): Release January 16, 2010 by Me Saco Un Ojo Records from London, U.K. 400 copies on black vinyl, 100 copies on brown vinyl .

The CD version was released in Feb 2011 by Xtreem Music.

The track breaks are in the wrong places for tracks 1-3 on the CD version (which is where the track lengths here seem to have come from). The band explained this on the Nuclear War Now forum: "The fuck up on the CD version is that the first track which was supposed to be 'Englemagersken' is only the eerie piano/sample intro, the second track is 'Englemasgersken' and 3/4 of 'Dødshymne', track 3 starts with the remaining part of 'Dødshymne' and then plays the full song 'Opslugt Af Mørket'."

(1) aaron,
Oct 17 2011, 10:47:55 Iced Earth - Dystopia (2011)
Surprisingly good album. Especially the beginning. Only downside, that vocalist tries too much to sound like Barlow, although he is very good on his own.
(1) Deze,
Sep 30 2011, 21:58:42 Machine Head - Unto The Locust (2011)
Special Edition, VBR on ifolder.ru

(2) Jurmagund, necrofag,
Sep 23 2011, 22:37:15 Hematovore - Untitled (2004)
VBR ~227kbps (73MB)
(3) BlackArrow, dimitriusk, Yarri,
Jun 19 2011, 20:42:51 Mustasch - Singles A's & B's [best of/compilation] (2009)
4shared.com / 84MB / VBR

(1) Zigarre,
Jun 18 2011, 09:38:44 Neoandertals - Ebu Gogo Gutting The Child (2011)
Both are real masters of their instruments (WTF is random gay in the center ?). Great band live!

P.S. Piano Metal - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aLesGMA0-rM

P.S.S. Old Neoandertals video clip (2007) - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rx7BRmMWaYQ
(1) Evgundel,
Jun 9 2011, 11:38:36 Dislocation - Sagul (2011)
The same on Megauplaod:

(3) -=Lion=-, metala, MetalW,
Jun 9 2011, 10:47:15 Dislocation - Sagul (2011)

*Artist: Dislocation
*Album: Sagul
*Year: 2011
*Genre: Progressive Metal
*Country: Latvia
*Format: mp3@CBR320kbps
*Size: 85MB

1. S.O.S 02:57
2. Time Sets In Place 04:40
3. Notion I 03:22
4. To Know Your Way 04:55
5. Summary Of Thoughts 04:16
6. Notion II 06:16
7. Spiritual 05:25
8. An Anxiety Of The Only 04:20
Total playing time: 36:11

[more=Extended info]Renat Ragimhanov - drums & percusion. vocals, duduk, management
Kaspars Putniņš - guitars, screams
Oskars Vallis - guitars
Toms Krauklis - bass

Recorded by Dislocation
Engineered / mixed / mastered by Kaspars Putniņš
Produced by Kaspars Putniņš & Renat Ragimhanov

Distributed by P3licanmosh[/more]

(11) -=Lion=-, aesteticvice, Alpha_Prime, Disfigurator, Elfrey, satoryon, Scuns, senecazm, Stringer, varlam4, wreak,
Jun 9 2011, 10:45:05 Solaris - The Truth Can Only Be Learned By Marching Forward (2011)

*Artist: Solaris
*Album: The Truth Can Only Be Learned By Marching Forward
*Year: 2011
*Genre: Post-Rock
*Country: Latvia
*Format: mp3@CBR320kbps
*Size: 158MB

1. Aurora 5000 / Encountering Total Solitude [Instr.] 08:21
2. Through the Forest of Crying Queens [Instr.] 09:43
3. Why do Wolves Howl 1 / Why do Wolves Howl 2 14:12
4. Distant Crusades / From Bloodwaves to Frost 11:28
5. Footprints in the Snow / You As Stones in Me 08:36
6. Last Episode / Humans Shall Fall 15:56
Total playing time: 1:08:16

[more=Extended info]marko rass - voice, synths, modulations
kristians rezņikovs - guitar
toms putniņš - guitar
dāvis kleikalīdis - guitar
zintis roznieks - bass
sandis liass - drums, percusions

recorded at holdila records by Ģirts laumanis.
released in 200 handnumbered copies.

released by p3lican[/more]

(9) AndreFrancis, bka, garretje, gogogor, haldreki, KVRT, nofate, Old Vyaine, Slammer4000,
Jun 1 2011, 08:34:38 Morbid Angel - Illud Divinum Insanus (2011)
I guess, they couldn't find drummer as great as Pete Sandoval, so they took lame drum machine - listened to result and thought: Fuck, this sounds like shit - lets play Industrial and become famous as Rammstein and Merilyn ...
(7) aesteticvice, burn235, DarkHorde, GrimColdSad, kiremet19, M7000, Paatddal,
May 28 2011, 19:38:59 Satan's Host - By The Hands Of The Devil (2011)
GREAT ALBUM ! Much better than latest Jag Panzer.

No one told the drummer, that band is playing Power Metal now :D

The Beatles cover is excelent !

(2) Genuine Thrashiac, SAPOGi,
May 26 2011, 16:19:16 Funeral – To Mourn Is A Virtue
Therefore I prefer movies in original language - something was lost in translation:

''This release is the missing link between the classic albums «Tragedies» (1995) and «In Fields Of Pestilent Grief» (2002). This album is based on unreleased demo-recordings ,and contains nine previously unreleased tracks recorded between 1996 and 2004,remastered in 2010, almost 15 years after the moment they were initially recorded in the studio.''

May 14 2011, 10:26:23 Hell - Human Remains (2011) (3) drbutcher, Lux, SAPOGi,
Mar 24 2011, 22:36:52 Leviathan - At Long Last, Progress Stopped To Follow (2011)
(3) ace73pq, Lugia010719d1, senecazm,
Feb 17 2011, 23:43:17 Visionaire
128kbps smile2.gif

(1) chefo,
Nov 25 2010, 17:30:13 Insanity Reigns Supreme - Prophecy Of Doom (2003)

(5) BioMax, chefo, Mist13Signifier, umnaxtet, VALERY,
Nov 18 2010, 17:00:08 Bombs of Hades - Chambers Of Abominations (2010)
QUOTE(defamer666 @ Nov 18 2010, 14:17:31) *
Спасибо,очень интересно! 9.gif

Не понравилось - довольно примитивно и не интересно,незачто зацепиться...да и вокал не из приятных...


P.S. ''да и вокал не из приятных...'' Hm, it's DEATH metal ...
(2) infiltrator, slack,
Oct 20 2010, 08:37:26 Baptized In Blood - Baptized In Blood (2010)

This is Speed Metal:


P.S. By the way, In Flames is one of the first Folk Metal bands.
(3) aesteticvice, ChrisK, Лицемер,
Oct 18 2010, 10:41:36 Ilium - Ageless Decay (2009)

(1) karpenka,
Oct 9 2010, 17:33:52 Fyrdsman - Forgotten Beneath The Soil [ep] (2010)

(3) artscald, fuck3r, rammstein888,
Oct 7 2010, 09:57:30 Blackmore's Night - Autumn Sky (2010)
VBR ~184kbps, Rapidshare


(2) Moonbiter, SrbijaSrbima,
Sep 21 2010, 15:13:50 Helstar - Glory Of Chaos (2010)
Shitty rip:
192 - 48000 - Lame 3.99 (alpha) - 01-Angels Fall To Hell.Mp3
207 - 44100 - Gogo (before 3.0) - 02-Pandemonium.Mp3
192 - 48000 - Lame 3.99 (alpha) - 03-Monarch Of Bloodshed.Mp3
192 - 48000 - Lame 3.99 (alpha) - 04-Bone Crusher.Mp3
192 - 48000 - Lame 3.99 (alpha) - 05-Summer Of Hate.Mp3
208 - 44100 - Gogo (before 3.0) - 06-Dethtrap.Mp3
208 - 44100 - Gogo (before 3.0) - 07-Anger.Mp3
207 - 44100 - Gogo (before 3.0) - 08-Trinity Of Heresy.Mp3
207 - 44100 - Gogo (before 3.0) - 09-Alma Negra.Mp3
192 - 48000 - Lame 3.99 (alpha) - 10-Zero One.Mp3

(2) Tino, Емельян,
Jul 22 2010, 23:45:22 Frailty - Silence Is Everything ... [ep] (2010)

*Artist: Frailty
*Album: Silence Is Everything ... [ep]
*Year: 2010
*Genre: Doom/Death Metal
*Country: Latvia
*Format: mp3@VBR192kbps
*Size: 52MB

1. Wendigo (4:16)
2. Underwater (5:55)
3. Desolated Moors (13:24)
4. Doomed Halls of Damnation (live @ ''Mulen Ruzas'', LT, 2009) (13:30)
Total playing time: 37:05

[more=Extended info]Martins - vocals
Edmunds - guitar, bleak voice
Gusts - bass
Lauris - drums
Ivita - keyboards

Frailty is a modern doom metal band, from Riga, Latvia, creating and performing dark and disturbing sounds of melancholy and tragedy. Frailty’s music is the reflection of humanity’s sickness, sorrows and coldness expressed through many faced musical approaches starting from influences of early 90ties doom/death metal, slowly evolving into more abstract ambient and ethnic soundscapes. It is a dark journey inside reality’s most unwanted, feared and abhorred aspects, leaving no compromises or hopes. Deeply inspired by mythologies of this world, Frailty tells a story of mystery and tragedy to its ever increasing audience.

The band has released successful debut album “Lost Lifeless Lights” in 2008 under well known Solitude Productions label, specified in doom metal sounds, that got well response all around the world.

Nameless self released EP followed in 2009 – and band got two highest awards on first ever annual Latvian Metal Music Award 2009 – “Best Latvian Metal Band 2009” & “Best Latvian Metal Album 2009”.

One of Frailty’s main goals is to create crushing and memorable live performances – massive and bleak walls of sound from guitars, dark atmospheres from keyboards, crushing drums, bulldozing bass and deep growling vocals sometimes supported by sorrowful and sick cleans.

The stage experience so far is formidable – Frailty acted as support band for Novembre in Vilnius and for Skepticism in Moscow. Frailty’s first album’s presentation was done on Moscow Doom Festival III together with Esoteric, Worship, Comatose Vigil, and Mournful Gust. The band got headline show on The Shadows Doom Festival in Moscow, as well – shared the stage with Dark Tranquillity, Tiamat, Samael, Sepultura, Sinister, Mournful Congregation, Longing for Dawn, Mourning Beloveth, Dark The Suns, Depressed Mode, Soundarcade and many others on local and foreign concerts and festivals.

Currently, Frailty is working on material for their second album, expected to be released somewhere in 2010/2011.
“Silence Is Everything...” is a Promo EP 2010, that shows the way the band is going and what to expect from upcoming album.[/more]

(33) aa144aa, andreikun, BioMax, bka, Blackner, Bloodn Lord, Brutal, chefo, demether, doomTemplar, gusto24191, Jurmagund, Kaphiel, kjemiker, kolar666, Mezdhal, Mikhail1944, Noxius, nsk2008, Old Vyaine, omidalfa, Ondevron, Orgasmik, Paradayz, raattent, Rodriga, satanist666, senecazm, SilentKeeper, thate_topa, VALERY, Vrolok, Xor,
Jul 21 2010, 20:54:26 Dominanz - Agony And Domination [promo] (2010)

*Artist: Dominanz
*Album: Agony And Domination [promo]
*Year: 2010
*Genre: Dark Metal
*Country: Norway
*Format: mp3@VBR226kbps
*Size: 26MB

01-Agony and Domination
02-Eternal Sin
04-From Skin to Heart
Total playing time: 13:46

[more=Extended info]Roy Mathisen - Guitar, Vocals
Jørn Tunsberg - Guitar (Hades Almighty, ex-Immortal, Old Funeral, Amputation)
Rolv Erik - Bass Guitar (Syrach)
Bjørn Nese - Synth, Vocals
Frode Gaustad - Drums (ex-Thy Grief)

Promotional demo for lables from a ten tracks CD called “As I shine”, that Dominanz recorded during the autumn 2009 (September/October). And in this case, Dominanz want to get in touch with a label that will dedicate themselves to release it sometime even in the first half of 2010.

The orchestra Dominanz is a successor of the project called Cult of Deception that was established in 2005 by Roy Nordaas. After a couple of years with composing, and the recordings of “Purge my Pain” and “Infinity”, he found it natural to take his music to a higher level. In the fall of 2008 he joined forces with Frode Gaustad former drummer in the black metal band Thy Grief, and Jørn Tunsberg guitarplayer in the black metal band Hades Almighty, and formerly in the bands Immortal, Old Funeral and Amputation. To achieve the correct, dynamic sound and soundscape two important players were missing, the bass player and a synth player. These roles where taken by Rolv Erik Berge guitarplayer in Syrach, and Bjørn Nese later in the beginning of 2009. Unfortunately Rolv Erik Berge left the band the same year, as he realized he didn't have the time to play two serious bands. We have no plans to replace him at the moment, and Roy has taken his role as bass player.

After intense exercise the first half of 2009, we were ready for our first live performances during the summer and autumn 2009. In September this year Dominanz had their first gig abroad in Olsztyn (PL).

Dominanz plays dark, gloomy Industrial metal, but at the same time trying to do it in an engaging way. There are also elements from genres such as Death and Black metal. The musical expression is a mix between the aforementioned genres, but there are also influences from the 80- Century heavy metal and 1990- and 2000 century electro.



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Jun 27 2010, 18:53:11 Amorbital - Invidia (1999)
Great stuff !

65MB / 320kbps

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