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Feb 29 2024, 04:55:04 Fathomless Ritual - Hymns For The Lesser Gods (2024)
brilliant dissonant albeit not very accessible stuff... progressive/technical death with a lot of surreal offbeat moments; not for everyone but should satisfy the original music lovers
(3) ingram, Occultas, suicidalrampage,
Feb 16 2024, 12:36:56 Embryonic Devourment - Prime Specimens [compilation] (2023)
компиляция? Думаю что это новый материал...

упс, да... написали на бандкампе что это "а reworking of older material"
(1) Occultas,
Dec 24 2023, 05:26:35 Anarchÿ - Eyeclöser (2023)
a compilation of the band's EP's, with just a few new tunes, including the 27-min opening opus, which is truly a masterpiece of mazey progressive thrash, probably the band's highest achievement
(1) kimkayoung,
Dec 10 2023, 08:30:06 Wynther - Bloodlines (2023)
an excellent mixture of epic and traditional doom; dark macabre music with very good semi-stoned clean vocals, think more sober and less protracted Ozzy; plus a few death metal-ish growls inserted
(1) Samaritianin,
Dec 5 2023, 14:22:22 Top of the pops 2023 (Death metal)
Necrophthysis “Diminution of Flesh”
Plague Rider “Intensities”
Xoth "Exogalactic"
Blood Oath “Lost in an Eternal Silence”
Fabricant “Drudge to the Thicket”
StaliNO "Seven Voices"
Sarcovore "The Calling"
Contrarian "Sage of Shekhinah"
Abysmal Disarray “Expulsion of Humanity”
Subconscious Terror “Chaotic Diffusion”
(2) hate_eternal, metaljosue,
Nov 28 2023, 07:29:14 Loneshark - ...Or High Water (2023)
diverse progressive death metal with a lot of twists and turns, melody versus brutality the entire time, with nice lead sections and a few surreal touches
(2) Evrom, StabWound,
Nov 3 2023, 18:22:51 Hystory - Final Way [demo] (1993)
a pleasant underground surprise; classic prog-thrash which nicely reminds of other similar heroes from the Canadian scene (Dyoxen, Obliveon, MAD, early Varga). Death metal vocals circle around complex compositions and heavy tight riff-patterns; not too many speedy decisions, though
(1) Proteus_666,
Nov 3 2023, 18:19:12 Eudoxis - Evil God's Fetish (2023)
Sadly, this new opus is a banal tedious tribute to the groovy 90's; save for the first two tracks the rest is boring thick grooves and other unexciting gimmicks, at times sounding like poor man's Pantera and Machine Head
(1) Samaritianin,
Nov 3 2023, 18:16:58 Brainchild - Demo 1992 [demo] (1992)
This is even better than their first demo ("The Dream Becomes Obscure", 1991). Excellent classic technical/progressive thrash with echoes of Deathrow and Coroner; dramatic, mostly mid-paced stuff with great puzzling riffs and unexpected dramatic developments
(1) Proteus_666,
Nov 1 2023, 10:48:35 Eudoxis - Evil God's Fetish (2023)
Wow, another bunch of obscure veterans is back... their only so far album "Open Fire" (1991) was a pretty decent mix of power, progressive and thrash, a cool addition to the prog-thrash wave that was roaming the Canadian underground in the late-80's/early-90's
(2) Genuine Thrashiac, Samaritianin,
Jun 2 2023, 08:08:52 Hellwitch - Annihilational Intercention (2023)
The last three tracks are old, remastered from the "Anthropophagi" demo (1994). The new material is solid retro technical thrash/death, decidedly better than their comeback effort from 14 years ago. Melodic, complex, and brutal... and great. A very nice surprise for sure.
(1) Samaritianin,
Dec 28 2022, 11:09:55 Kossuth - Necronym (2022)
A dynamic eventful album which often violates the laws of melo-death with less regular, more twisted decisions. First-rate lead guitar work and longer progressive-shaped compositions also elevate this effort to higher parametres. There's quite a bit of music thrown here
(2) kimkayoung, StabWound,
Dec 28 2022, 10:03:54 Gorekaust - Ancient Halls Of Emptiness (2022)
Possesses some of those mythical Demilich-esque qualities, but is more straight-forward and generally faster, with frequent blast-beating passages intercepting the technical developments
(1) aesteticvice,
Oct 13 2022, 12:05:30 Conception - Conception [demo] (1990)
Wow, this is absolutely grand... progressive power metal with a strong sniff of doom, way better than the debut. The only drawbacks are the sloppy vocals, this is the band's older singer in action, not Roy Khan; and the muddy sound quality. This shows that the guys were fairly accomplished musicians at this very early stage of their career.
(1) Proteus_666,
Oct 7 2022, 18:20:22 Blind Illusion - Wrath Of The Gods (2022)
decidedly better than "Demon Master", but thousands of miles away from the grand "The Sane Asylum". Classic progressive power with just shades of thrash, it has its interesting moments, but it's not really the band at their best
(1) Balusina,
Oct 2 2022, 14:10:10 Лучшие метал альбомы 2022 // Best 2022 Metal Releases
Zero Hour
(1) Yarri,
Sep 25 2022, 04:14:49 Fatal Opera - Fatal Opera 3 (2022)
songs created in the 90's... the material is quite comparable to the one from the sophomore, quirky progressive metal with shades of more aggressive thrashier behaviour. The songs where the Megadeth guys take part are by far the best, resembling the early Megadeth efforts.
(2) DennyAleshine, Yarri,
Sep 9 2022, 11:26:06 Murder Method - No Regard For Human Life (2022)
excellent twisted technical death; fast hyper-active music with loads of interesting moments, including a few melodic distractions. Early Deeds of Flesh comes to mind, although this stuff here isn't so insistently on the brutal side
(4) aesteticvice, andreikun, Balusina, samokot,
Sep 9 2022, 11:21:04 Arsena - Blood Rusted Mother Earth (2022)
similar to the debut, quite cool classic progressive speed/thrash with long elaborate compositions, resembling Paradox, including in the hoarse semi-clean vocal department
(2) evgenktulu, Samaritianin,
Aug 26 2022, 04:36:42 Phase IV - Phase IV (2022)
atmospheric dissonant music... quiet minimalistic stuff, recalling the Norwegians Virus. Not much metal here but still interesting, with meditative qualities
(3) aesteticvice, Dante_D, mirotvorets,
Jun 17 2022, 15:02:14 Seven Kingdoms - Zenith (2022)
there's no thrash here under any form; this is pure happy-go-lucky power/speed metal
(1) Andrew,
Jun 13 2022, 13:24:44 Paralytic Of... - ...First Demonstration [demo] (1990)
every bit as great as the next two demos; labyrinthine multi-layered progressive thrash of the old school, with nice melodies and sudden speedy passages. "Cruel Child" is one of the greatest instrumental in metal history... no kidding.
(1) Proteus_666,
May 12 2022, 16:56:08 Zero Hour - Agenda 21 (2022)
QUOTE(Yarri @ May 12 2022, 17:59:45) *
A huge 10-year break. Don't forget the second Cynthesis' album (2013).

Упс, да... ну там немного атмосферний прогрессивний рок получился. Совсем другая траектория там следовали... и дет попробoвали в прошлому тоже... вспомни Death Machine
(2) Rhoads, Yarri,
May 12 2022, 13:45:50 Zero Hour - Agenda 21 (2022)
another masterpiece by this superb band... heavy multi-layered, complex dark progressive with overt shades of thrash at times. Fans of the band will instantly recognize their idols. A great return after a huge 12-year break 9.gif
(2) Rhoads, Yarri,
Apr 12 2022, 06:17:09 Neurotoxin - Neurotoxin [demo] (1994)
hey, thanks for this masterpiece. I have the guys' previous three demos, fairly original technical thrash recordings, some of the best on the field ever. This one is another gem, complex labyrinthine music with loads of delightful moments, surreal, fast, very complex, psychedelic... there's so much here served within just 15-min
(2) grinderrr, Proteus_666,

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