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Mar 16 2020, 11:43:51 Testament - Titans Of Creation (2020)
QUOTE(BleedingSun @ Mar 15 2020, 21:42:10) *
He's a Woman - She's a Man - припев. И правда похоже. Ну зато запоминается, сам хожу напеваю теперь: Dreeeeeeam Deeesiever crazy.gif Альбом топовый, наслушаться не могу. Даже, наверное покруче прошлого, который мне тоже очень понравился.

Ха ха, точно! Странно почему не заметил раньше... ну "He's a Woman She's A Man" более брутальная, ето
самый ранный спид/треш. Dream Deceiver тоже звучит как power/thrash-евый материал из "The Ritual"
(2) BleedingSun, infiltrator,
Mar 15 2020, 07:24:09 My Dying Bride - The Ghost Of Orion (2020)
I like this stuff... but am not sure if I like it because it sounds very similar to the previous albums, which I also like, or because this is indeed high quality music... it's difficult to say what the reason is. If you have a band you like, you secretly hope they don't change the style much on the next album... but if they produce exactly the same music, you start wondering if this new album is as good as the older ones, and if you will continue to like the band if they continue to play the same kind of music in the future.

For example, "34.788%... Complete" was a brave experiment which worked very well, not very different but still a change; however, the Brides seldom try such experiments... and this new album is definitely not one of them. Again good stuff, not any glaring flaws.
(2) infiltrator, Язва,
Mar 15 2020, 07:14:14 Testament - Titans Of Creation (2020)
hm... what to say here... a pretty average album... not good, not bad; don't remember much after first listen cause I've heard such music so many times before, modernly produced retro power/thrash. But I will rememebr "Dream Deceiver", of course, which will be the new hit on MTV soon, I guarantee. It will "Rock You Like a Hurricane" for sure...
(2) infiltrator, Shadowman,
Mar 8 2020, 18:29:28 Subconscious Terror - Reprogramming (2020)
I gave the debut a listen just now, and discovered similarities with the tracks here. Actually, the last three songs are taken from there, only the first 4 tracks are new.
(3) infiltrator, Samaritianin, StabWound,
Mar 8 2020, 06:07:44 Subconscious Terror - Reprogramming (2020)
A fairly cool album, not far style-wise from the debut. "Brutal death metal" not really except on a few isolated passages, but death metal has clearly taken over, with just a couple of vigorous thrashy sections inserted here and there. A lot of high quality music: technical shreds, dissonant moments, straight-ahead mosh, progressive intricacies... a mixture of the old and the new school. Again, a surprise, a really pleasant one.
(6) infiltrator, judaz, mirotvorets, Samaritianin, StabWound, wn129aa,
Mar 8 2020, 05:20:57 Subconscious Terror - Reprogramming (2020)
Wow, that's some kind of a surprise... the guys' last effort was the 1996 full-length "Invisible" which was a delightful slab of intricate technical death metal with gushes of thrash... I wonder what they have cooked after such a huge absence...
(1) StabWound,
Feb 26 2020, 11:10:43 Лучший советчик МА - Часть 6 (Хеви) - Тур 1, Общий сбор
Excalibur (UK)- "One Strange Night" (1990)
(3) Deze, infiltrator, Yarri,
Feb 13 2020, 06:03:15 Psychotic Waltz - The God-Shaped Void (2020)
hm... didn't like it... at all... ultimately ordinary progressive with dark overtones. Pretty much a continuation of the Deadsoul Tribe efforts. More dramatic moments from "Bleeding" are present here and there, but overall this is too meek for a band of such a calibre. By no means expect "A Social Grace 2"... because this isn't.
(3) DennyAleshine, Ghostb, infiltrator,
Jan 20 2020, 14:02:27 Лучший советчик МА - Часть 5 (Прог) - Тур 2, Рейтингование
House Of Spirits - Turn Of The Tide 1
Vauxdvihl - To Dimension Logic 1

Kobong - Kobong 3 (знаком ранее)

Annon Vin - A New Gate 3 (знаком ранее, конечно...)
End Zone - Thalatta et Thanatos 2
Ens Cogitans - Heart of the Way 1

Sync - Variations About Themes of Evil (EP)

Korova - Dead Like an Angel 2
Magnitude 9 - Chaos To Control 2
Seer's Tear - Precious 2

Ebonylake - On The Eve Of The Grimly Inventive 1

Forgotten Silence - KaBaAch 1
Koyaanisqatsy - From The Yearning To Burst

Hourglass - The Journey Into 1
Ring Of Fire - Dreamtower 1

John Arch - A Twist Of Fate (EP) 1

Equirhodont - Black Crystal 1

NewBreed - Child Of The Sun 1
Sepia Dreamer - The Sublime 1
Step Into Liquid (post-Megace) - Traffic in My Head 2

Another Life - Memories From Nothing
Ansur - Warring Factions
Dekadent - The Deliverance Of The Fall 1
Janvs - Vega
Kurai - Mantra

Odd Logic - Legends Of Monta: Part II 1
Psychostatus - Chains Of Life 1
Stormy Atmosphere - Color Blind

Dreyelands - Rooms Of Revelation
Look To Windward - Fortunes Haze
Sole Remedy - Apoptosis
The Shadow Theory - Behind The Black Veil 2
Whirling - Faceless Phenomena
White Walls - Mad Man Circus

Diapsiquir - A.N.T.I.

Kälter - Ubuntu
The Levitation Hex (post-Alchemist) - The Levitation Hex 2

Theater Of The Absurd - The Myth Of Sisyphus 2

Appearance of Nothing - A New Beginning 1

2015 youtube
Zierler (post-Beyond Twilight) - ESC

Hteththemeth - Best Worst Case Scenario

Hollow - Between Eternities Of Darkness 1

(1) Emm Human,
Jan 17 2020, 07:48:07 Лучший советчик МА - Часть 5 (Прог) - Тур 1, Общий сбор
Annon Vin "A New Gate" (1996)
(2) Deze, infiltrator,
Nov 24 2019, 14:06:30 Bestial Invasion - Monomania (2019)
very intriguing progressive thrash; not a distant departure from what the band have already done earlier, but there's definitely bigger ambition on display. Mekong Delta maybe only here and there, but largely this reminds of the Poles Wolf Spider, another visionary act of the wider, not necessarily thrash-fixated progressive metal roster.
(1) mirotvorets,
Nov 24 2019, 09:07:16 Лучший советчик МА - Часть 3 (Трэш) - Тур 2, Рейтингование
Sacrilege B.C. - Party With God 1
Apocalypse - Apocalypse 2
Blessed Death - Destined For Extinction 1
Blood Feast - Kill for Pleasure 2
Violent Force - Malevolent Assault of Tomorrow 1

Agony - The First Defiance 1
Airdash - Thank God It's Monday 1
Armoros - Pieces 2
Blind Illusion - The Sane Asylum 2
Znowhite - Act of God 2

Drifter - Nowhere To Hide 2
LWS Inc. - Welcome To The Asylum 1
Shah - Beware 2
The Mist - Phantasmagoria 2
Wrathchild America 0

Meliah Rage - Solitary Solitude 0
Wrath - Insane Society 2

Attomica - Disturbing The Noise 2
Megace - Human Errors 3 (очень давно знаком; абсолютный шедевр; слушаю почти каждую неделю)
Poltergeist - Behind My Mask 2

Decision D - Razon de la Muerte 2
Depressive Age - First Depression 3 (ну что можно сказать здесь; несравненный; сигнальщик 90-ого десятилетия)
Despair - Beyond All Reason 2
Thought Industry - Songs for Insects 2

Аспид - Кровоизлияние 2
Depressive Age - Lying in Wait 2

Yosh - Metaphors 1

Testor - Ruiny 1

Трупный Яд - Время убивать 0

Punisher - Disillusioned 2

King's Evil - Deletion Of Humanoise 1

Cyst - Concussion Symphony 1

Speed Kill Hate - Acts Of Insanity 0

Wolfpack Unleashed 0

Alkoholizer - Drunk or Dead 1
Cautiva - Human 1

Cruel Force - The Rise Of Satanic Might 0
Musica Diablo 0

Bio-Cancer - Ear Piercing Thrash 1

Fog of War - Here Lies Humanity 1

Korrosiah - The Specter 1
The Conjuring - Tortured Spirits 0
(3) Emm Human, mirotvorets, Yarri,
Nov 19 2019, 09:12:13 (Dolch) - Feuer (2019)
There's no black metal here under any form; this is atmospheric meditative doom along the lines of The Gathering's "Nighttime Birds" and early the Third and the Mortal.
(1) judaz,
Sep 30 2019, 13:53:51 Лучший советчик МА - Часть 2 (Дум) - Тур 1, Общий сбор
Mourn- "Mourn" (1995)

Британцы; британка тоже одна там стоит, вокалистка. Только один альбом у них. Lee Dorrian из Cathedral их заметил, но потом испугался что они будут превосходить его собственная группа, и другой шанс их не дал. Педераст...
(3) Deze, infiltrator, Tular,
Sep 28 2019, 04:39:38 Altered State - Altered State (2019)
this is a re-recording of the compilation "Winter Warlock" released in 2012; entirely old material, no new tracks here. a great listen, though; retro progressive power/thrash with the indomitable tenor Ski on vocals
(1) boby9052,
Sep 27 2019, 16:07:15 Acid Reign - The Age Of Entitlement (2019)
a fabulous comeback effort; classic thrash at its best, a great combination of the more straight-forward music from the debut "Moshkinstein" with the more entangled progressive thrashisms from "Obnoxious".

the closer "United Hates" is probably the song of the year, brilliant dramatic progressive thrash with twists and turns galore, a total delight
(2) Samaritianin, slack,
Sep 10 2019, 12:51:10 Лучший советчик МА - Часть 1 (Дэт) - Тур 1
А Mass Psychosis абсолютные шизоидные сумасшедшие гении; я даже написал статью/обзор о них.

Очень рекомендуется для любителей Atheist, Cryptopsy, Vicious Circle, Hellwitch, Crimson Massacre (второй опус), елементы из ранного Carcass-а тоже ("Necroticism...")...

Демo ("Face", 1993) тоже тотальная психо атака; гениальный материал повсюду
(1) mirotvorets,
Sep 9 2019, 13:13:56 Лучший советчик МА - Часть 1 (Дэт) - Тур 1
Гм, сложная, сложная стало жизнь здесь... ну что сейчас поставить сюда? Не техникал, не прогрессив, не порно...

Ну, пусть будет Psychic Pawn- "Decadent Delirium" (1994)

класический, приятный, не много брутальный, вообще не много техничный, и очень далеко от прогрессивной смерти. Хорошая штука из Phoenix, Arizona
(2) Deze, infiltrator,
Sep 9 2019, 09:41:27 Crypt Sermon - The Ruins Of Fading Light (2019)
pure masterpiece of vintage epic doom; nothing more to say
(1) Beazth,
Jun 10 2019, 05:09:29 Альбом 2009 года в жанре technical / progressive death. Тур1
Pestilence “Resurrection Macabre” 2
Serdce “The Alchemy Of Harmony” 2
Expulsion "Wasteworld" 2
Beheaded Zombie “Stastie Dlia Vseh” 2
The Chasm “Farseeing The Paranormal Abysm” 2
Gnostic "Engineering The Rule" 1
Suffocation “Blood Oath” 2
Nile "Those Whom The Gods Detest" 1
Gorod "Process Of A New Decline" 2
Never "Back To The Front" 1
Ulcerate “Everything Is Fire” 1
Mindwork "Into the Swirl" 1
Cebtaurus-A "Side Effects Expected" 1
(2) infiltrator, Язва,
May 19 2019, 09:59:14 Nocturnus A.D. - Paradox (2019)
Absolutely brilliant, nearly as breath-taking as "The Key"; there's no thrash here under any from, this is a smattering slab of technical/progressive death metal mastery, a must-listen.

Wow, just when you've thought that Possessed's comeback opus may as well be the album of the year, comes this unexpected album to make everyone think twice about this year's greatest works...
(8) Beazth, Foneg, infiltrator, raattent, Samaritianin, StabWound, troll_swamp, Vladimir102,
Apr 20 2019, 12:45:19 Альбом 2018 года в жанре technical / progressive death. Финал
Sadist Spellbound

Садисты + Хичкок; самая уникальная комбинация, что можно больше сказать... Я грустный что о красивой "Rebecca" забыли, но музыка очень хорошая, атмосферный прогресивный металл с интересным, неожиданным ходом... дет металлом не так много етоть раз.
(3) Ghostb, infiltrator, mirotvorets,
Apr 4 2019, 10:23:14 Океан Мессиобожателей на Невском, или Голосовалка за лучший альбом 2018 года
Voivod “The Wake”
Riot V “Armor Of Light”
Azusa “Heavy Yoke”
Necrodeath “The Age Of Dead Christ”
Pestilence “Hadeon”
Horrendous "Idol"
Blitzkrieg “Judge Not!"”
Solstice “White Horse Hill”
Insania.11 “D’orrore”
Sacral Rage “Beyond Celestial Echoes”
Unorthodox “Maze Of Existence”
Agony Face “Evolving Discharges”
Dysmorphic “An Illusive Progress”
Impellitteri “The Nature Of The Beast”
Eldritch “Cracksleep”
Sadist “Spellbound”
Dee Snider “For The Love Of Metal”
Manticora “To Kill To Live To Kill”
Fifth Angel “The Third Secret”
In The Woods “Cease The Day”
(2) avkruchinin, infiltrator,
Apr 2 2019, 12:57:29 Альбом 2018 года в жанре technical / progressive death. Тур2
Dysmorphic - An Illusive Progress 2
Gorod — Æthra 1
Pestilence — Hadeon 2
Sadist — Spellbound 2
Unreal Overflows - Latent 1
Will 'O' Wisp — Mot 1
(2) infiltrator, Язва,
Mar 20 2019, 14:00:05 Сатурналии (Антипопсовая голосовалка) Часть 10 - 2015-2017, финал
Barren Earth "On Lonely Towers"

Hail Spirit Noir "Mayhem In Blue"
(3) Exorcist, Illogicist, Whitefish,

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