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История благодарностей участнику metala ::: Спасибо сказали: 774 раз(а)
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Jan 16 2022, 03:24:55 Кому-то Неймётся, или Переголосовалка Попсачей - Часть 1: 1980 - 1984
Judas Priest - British Steel +1
Black Sabbath - Heaven And Hell +2
Iron Maiden - Iron Maiden +1
Motorhead - Ace Of Spades +1

Accept - Breaker +3
Iron Maiden - Killers +1
Ozzy Osbourne - Diary of a Madman -1
Venom - Welcome To Hell +1

Iron Maiden - The Number Of The Beast +2
Accept - Restless And Wild +2
Judas Priest - Screaming For Vengeance +1

Accept - Balls To The Wall +2
Metallica - Kill'Em All +3
Slayer - Show No Mercy +1
Iron Maiden - Piece Of Mind +2
Dio - Holy Diver +1
Ozzy Osbourne - Bark At The Moon +1

Metallica - Ride The Lighting +2
Judas Priest - Defenders Of The Faith +2
Grave Digger - Heavy Metal Breakdown -1
W.A.S.P - W.A.S.P +2
Iron Maiden - Powerslave +2
Manowar - The Sign of the Hammer +1
Mercyful Fate - Don't Break The Oath +3
Running Wild - Gates To Purgatory +1
Scorpions - Love At First Sting +2
Dio - The Last In Line +1
Sodom - In The Sign Of Evil (EP) -1
Manowar - Hail To England +1
(1) Yarri,
Dec 30 2021, 03:42:52 Solid Faith - Eternal Quest (2020)
solid (no pun intended) dark atmospheric progressive, heavy slow-burning music which comes as a mix between the dramatic riff-patterns of Andromeda and the pensive doomy musings of Communic. Very good attached clean vocals as well
(1) Yarri,
Dec 13 2021, 07:52:05 Thy Rites - Satankorps (2022)
this is mostly a black/death metal mixture; very little thrash here...
(1) Mencae77,
Dec 4 2021, 12:20:32 Todomal - Ultracrepidarian (2021)
slow, atmospheric melodic doom with balladic and epic tendencies; very good near-meditative music with nice clean mid-ranged singing... and a few even better female vocal inclusions
(1) Ice Gnoll,
Oct 20 2021, 14:19:28 Neoplasia - Stirring Clots (2021)
the same whirlwind of technical guitar wizardry as before... fast, relentless, and very intricate, with moments of surreality popping up here and there. Fans of the dazzling brutality movement (Cryptopsy, Suffocation, Yattering, Grotesque, etc.) will be very happy with this.
(1) samokot,
Aug 28 2021, 13:46:37 Dark Arena - Worlds Of Horror (2021)
This album would have appeared earlier if it wasn't for the sad death of the guitar player Paul Konjicija... R.I.P. Fans of the band should love this new outing, the familiar from past recordings blend of progressive, power and some thrash... a few speedy galloping attempts as well. The new vocalist is quite comparable to the old one, a deep clean emotional voice, nicely fitting the dark moderately complex music.
(1) Yarri,
Jul 30 2021, 05:25:30 Brilliant Coldness - The Ultimate Dream. Plan B: Disposal Of Humanity (2021)
the band's sophomore "Poisoned Reality" is a milestone in technical death metal art. The album here is probably not on the same very high level, but is a perfectly acceptable entry into their discography, hectic lively intricate music with a lot of twists and turns, a few nice melodies as well... overall, a welcome return from one of the masters of the tech-death form.
(3) infiltrator, Samaritianin, Нигилист,
Jul 25 2021, 05:00:48 Mordred - The Dark Parade (2021)
starts pretty strong with the first three tracks which are very comparable to their early output, brisk semi-technical thrashers; but loses steam later with longer softer compositions where progressive metal and rock fight for domination with mixed results. Decidedly better than the preceding "Volition" demo and their last full-length "The Next Room", but still far from their finest hour.
(5) amiroo, canadaspaceman, infiltrator, Samaritianin, Yarri,
Jul 16 2021, 14:35:51 Mortyfear - My Dystopia (2021)
this is very far from the band's early melo-death/thrash efforts; this is atmospheric extreme progressive metal with doom, industrial, and gothic heard throughout. For fans of later-period Septicflesh, the Norwegians Ram-Zet, more recent Atrocity (Germany)
(1) Old Vyaine,
Jul 16 2021, 14:23:50 Further Beyond - Close Encounters (2021)
this is astounding technical/progressive thrash/death; loads of original decisions, mazey multi-layered stuff that juggles through a lot of riff-patterns. This isn't overtly brutal, but the sudden speedy passages are a wonder to listen to amongst the clever, visionary riff mosaics.
(3) Andrew, infiltrator, Samaritianin,
Jun 30 2021, 16:55:06 Orbital Element - Celestials Damage (2021)
excellent technical death; original decisions and weird angular riffage, think more recent Deeds of Flesh but without too many brutal sections; a few shades of Swedish melo-death on the more straight-forward moments as well
(2) Samaritianin, StabWound,
Jun 27 2021, 10:59:37 Monolito Project - First Principles (2021)
excellent edgy progressive metal, sometimes atmospheric and creepy, sometimes more aggressive with a shade of thrash... there's very little gothic here, though, if any at all. This is more along the lines of Andromeda, and Zero Hour on the more complex sections.
(2) after21allD, mirotvorets,
Jun 25 2021, 10:29:35 Cathexis - Untethered Abyss (2021)
a bit more surreally and atonally executed than the last two efforts, but brilliant stuff nonetheless; outstanding progressive/technical death metal of the psychedelic, at times also quite atmospheric, type
(1) mirotvorets,
Jun 22 2021, 06:34:37 Absolution - Demo 1994 [demo] (1994)
a cool little effort that resembles late-80's/early-90's Fates Warning quite a bit, only more aggressive and more roughly produced. It's more progressive than power, but has both a vibe and an edge.
(2) dimcho0, Proteus_666,
Jun 18 2021, 13:21:12 System Decay - Inbetween All Times [demo] (1990)
excellent progressive thrash with expressive attached female vocals; music-wise this resembles the style of another female-fronted German act, Megace, but the approach here is more complex, with longer labyrinthine compositions
(1) Proteus_666,
Jun 18 2021, 05:22:51 Vincent Crowley - Beyond Acheron (2021)
Our favourite satanist has become a classic doom metal provider... pretty cool stuff but not having much to do with the death/black extremities of Acheron
(1) Occultas,
May 31 2021, 01:50:27 Canvas Solaris - Chromosphere (2021)
pretty much another masterpiece... sometimes shreddy, sometimes thrashy, sometimes spacey... but always complex and multi-layered. No unpleasasnt surprises of any kind
(2) infiltrator, Shadowman,
May 28 2021, 16:09:40 Holosade - Anastasis (2021)
an awesome comeback stint from the UK veterans; solid proggy-speed/thrash of the old school, not always similar to their old style. There's a new guitar player in the line-up, and the man is unstoppable, filling in the space with brilliant virtuoso guitar work.
(2) andreikun, Proteus_666,
May 25 2021, 12:12:16 Quasimodo - C.Y.R. (1999)
this is not really heavy metal, at least for most of the time; this is a mixture of thrash and groovy post-thrash, a hesitation between the old and the new school. Strange unusual stuff, with some of the songs combining furious thrashing with calm balladic sections... not so bad
(1) Proteus_666,
May 18 2021, 15:31:55 Faeces - Nihilominus (2021)
I don't understand why this band continue to be flagged around as just death/grindcore hybriders... their music is very technical death metal, complex multi-layered stuff that is easily a highlight even on the very competitive Polish scene.

This new opus is no exception, another intricate hyper-active collection of songs, a delight to fans of Deeds of Flesh, Spawn of Possession, Arsebreed... the Czechs T.O.O.H. as well
(5) AHBAnep, infiltrator, ondrazevsi, samokot, StabWound,
Apr 17 2021, 04:55:30 Destiny Dreaming - Horizons [demo] (1994)
excellent stuff, complex varied progressive with a lot of interesting twists, think a mix of Psychotic Waltz's "A Social Grace", early Canvas Solaris and Sanctuary's "Into the Mirror Black". Very good soulful clean vocals as well
(2) infiltrator, Proteus_666,
Apr 5 2021, 16:06:30 Putrescine - The One Reborn [ep] (2019)
twisted unusual stuff... echoes of Demilich, Cosmic Atrophy, Timeghoul as well (the guys make a cover of the latter on the "Reek of Putrescine" single); atonal arhythmia crossed with more linear intense passages. Interesting, strange music
(1) mirotvorets,
Mar 27 2021, 13:25:37 Cryptosis - Bionic Swarm (2021)
As Distillator the guys were doing a much better job, very intriguing technical old school thrash... here what we have is average modern thrash/death with slight progressive pretensions, think poor man's Darkane. Perfectly skippable
(1) samokot,
Mar 26 2021, 13:50:01 Rapture - Malevolent Demise Incarnation (2021)
Sadus meets Hellwitch... an old school technical and quite aggressive death/thrash hybrid; a bit more complex than the previous two albums, and probably superior
(4) infiltrator, Samaritianin, samokot, SyncestrA,
Mar 21 2021, 12:34:12 Acid Age - Semper Pessimus (2021)
much more diverse than previous recordings... there's thrash, but there's also progressive, doom, power, speed, death, psychedelia... an interesting, unusual combination that will take a few listens in order to sink in. Great leads all around, though; the lead guitarist is the absolute star of the show.
(4) CTPEMLEHIE, Samaritianin, StabWound, WOLAND,

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