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Today, 11:25:25 Новости Thrash Metal направления
QUOTE(assonik @ Jun 6 2020, 12:18:20) *

Youtuber crap is back! metaler.gif
(1) wolverine,
Yesterday, 08:21:09 Behemoth - A Forest [ep] (2020)
And the circus goes on.
(3) Ghostb, wolverine, Фо,
Jun 4 2020, 11:17:43 Новости Death Metal направления
(2) biroutios, Decapitated,
Jun 3 2020, 21:13:09 Sabaton - The Attack Of The Dead Men (Live In Moscow - Feat. Radio Tapok) [single] (2020)
QUOTE(wolverine @ Jun 3 2020, 16:15:30) *
Do you really believe we are the same person? facessspalm.png

At least it was a good joke. 1488.gif I'm still laughing. 15.gif

Just a bunch of oysters bye.gif
(1) wolverine,
Jun 3 2020, 14:39:17 Sabaton - The Attack Of The Dead Men (Live In Moscow - Feat. Radio Tapok) [single] (2020)
QUOTE(wolverine @ Jun 3 2020, 15:25:56) *
Sabaton 1488.gif

Melofag warriors.
(2) biroutios, wolverine,
Jun 3 2020, 12:19:35 Sabaton - The Attack Of The Dead Men (Live In Moscow - Feat. Radio Tapok) [single] (2020)
QUOTE(vosmidesijatye @ Jun 3 2020, 10:11:53) *
А это шо за хрень такая ваще?

What else would you expect from this band? bye.gif
(2) biroutios, wolverine,
Jun 2 2020, 20:02:37 Новости Death Metal направления
(2) biroutios, Decapitated,
Jun 2 2020, 15:07:19 Новости Black-направления
QUOTE(Фо @ Jun 2 2020, 14:02:29) *
это же интригантство! так таинственней и загадочней. я вот тыкнул, а там Янтарь! Вроде, прикольный камушек, но цвета мочи с дохлыми мухами внутри.
Для любителей.

(1) biroutios,
May 21 2020, 23:48:34 Esoctrilihum - Eternity Of Shaog (2020)
Thanks for this. Rich and creative.
(3) biroutios, Ghostb, infiltrator,
May 21 2020, 21:49:32 Fátima - Turkish Delights (2020)
Ramadan powa.
(2) biroutios, infiltrator,
May 21 2020, 21:33:14 Revenge - Strike.Smother.Dehumanize (2020)
QUOTE(wolverine @ May 21 2020, 22:28:08) *
James Read is truly the master of intense and brutal drumming, or in this case it's better to say hammering . 9.gif

Don't be fooled, his drumming is very technical but yes he's not one of this techno death barrels caressers for sure.
(3) biroutios, infiltrator, wolverine,
May 21 2020, 21:28:59 Armagedda - Svindeldjup Ättestup (2020)
Their melodies are differing of most of the swedish melofags bands. For this they are deserving some attention. I am not sure they will stand the test of time but I'll give them some spins for this new release.
(4) biroutios, infiltrator, wolverine, Фо,
May 21 2020, 21:23:11 Revenge - Strike.Smother.Dehumanize (2020)
QUOTE(wolverine @ May 21 2020, 22:17:11) *
What a massacre! Revenge is one of the most brutal Black/Death Metal bands, so don't expect any modern shit here. Excellent masterpiece! One of the best albums in this year. 9.gif

Yes excellent. 9.gif
These guys are second to none. And they have the best drummer for the style and Black Death in general, so I won't spit in the soup.
(4) biroutios, infiltrator, RUSP73, wolverine,
May 21 2020, 21:03:12 Revenge - Strike.Smother.Dehumanize (2020)
QUOTE(asog @ May 21 2020, 20:24:44) *
Ну эти как всегда - одна и та же обложка, одно и тоже название, одна и та же песня. Я, как у них выходит альбом, стираю предыдущий, оставляя одну песню для сборничка из прошлых альбомов, и жду следующий, что бы повторить операцию.

I am wondering why people are keeping on listening when they apparently don't understand...
No it's not always the same but for understanding this you need to listen and to be into it which is apparently not the case. 21.gif

What you describe here is what I feel about bands like Vader or Belphegor. The huge difference is that these posers bands haven't got any personnality...
(5) biroutios, Infidel, infiltrator, RUSP73, wolverine,
May 21 2020, 12:00:30 Bleed From Within - Fracture (2020)
QUOTE(vosmidesijatye @ May 21 2020, 12:47:46) *
You read my thoughts bruh. I was thinking exactly the same. But I wonder what`s the point of playing such dull and pseudo angry "metal" genres nowadays. This core bands play all the way the same, dress and look alike. Like 2 pees in a pot 15.gif It`s like chewing a 10 years old bubble gum.

They are eating in everyone's plate: it's not really thrash, it's not really melodeath, it's not really deathcore. At the end it's really crap... and they contributed to dirty what true metalcore was supposed to be.
(1) biroutios,
May 21 2020, 11:44:42 Bleed From Within - Fracture (2020)
I am wondering if there is still a hype around these hollow and plastic bands among the teenagers nowadays. I guess Trivium are still releasing albums...
(2) biroutios, vosmidesijatye,
May 21 2020, 11:29:03 Bâ'a - Deus Qui Non Mentitur (2020)
QUOTE(wolverine @ May 21 2020, 10:06:15) *
I guess you mean his involvement in ''electro metal'' band The CNK or maybe Anorexia Nervosa. Maybe that's why there was this shit with Glaciation... 21.gif

Anorexia Nervosa, but despite of that it was better than most of the competition.
Here I hear nothing interesting so far, as if everything this guy is touching was turning into porridge. Maybe I'm wrong but until now I haven't change my mind about this album.
(2) biroutios, wolverine,
May 20 2020, 19:49:16 Новости Black-направления
QUOTE(wolverine @ May 20 2020, 20:42:43) *
Interview with Stefan Sandström of Armagedda, Ehlder, LIK, Lönndom: http://www.bardomethodology.com/articles/2...edda-interview/

Thanks for bringing quality to us once again mate.
(3) biroutios, infiltrator, wolverine,
May 19 2020, 16:02:03 Bâ'a - Deus Qui Non Mentitur (2020)
A long time ago RMS was a drag queen...
(1) biroutios,
May 19 2020, 09:39:08 Новости Death Metal направления
(4) biroutios, DarkHorde, infiltrator, Occultas,
May 18 2020, 21:16:01 Obnoxious Youth - Mouths Sewn Shut [ep] (2020)
an interesting release

QUOTE(DOKTORBLACK88 @ May 18 2020, 15:11:19) *
Re-up, pls!

links are working
(3) biroutios, infiltrator, wolverine,
May 18 2020, 18:21:03 Новости Death Metal направления
(4) biroutios, infiltrator, Occultas, troll_swamp,
May 18 2020, 10:36:00 Новости Black-направления
(4) biroutios, Daale, infiltrator, wolverine,
May 18 2020, 10:18:02 Новости Death Metal направления
Mercyless are back:

(3) biroutios, infiltrator, troll_swamp,
May 18 2020, 06:20:32 Kreator - Extreme Aggression (1989)
QUOTE(Archy @ May 18 2020, 00:53:01) *
Так, все вірно, згоден. Але на жаль. Почитай правила форуму і все встане на свої місця. Модератори, що хочуть, то творять. Ми тут абсолютно безправні.

I don't care about your opinion... If you like this crap, good for you. Enjoy it. 9.gif
(1) biroutios,

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